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1 O'Clock Canon RSCDS Summer School Demonstration 2013
1 Of A Kind RSCDS Kitchener-Waterloo Branch 2013
12 Coates Crescent Upper Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club 2012
12some Reel Frankfurt Scottish Country Dance Club 2010
1314 SCD Group Hong Kong 2009
14:13 Budapest Scottish Dance Club 2014
16some Reel 2013
1st Of September (Dix) Schluechtern Germany 2012
2 Furlongs 2009
2 Gray Cats 2014
20 Candles For Iberia Lisbon Scottish Country Dancing Group 2014
3 Feisty Women Arkansas Scottish Country Dance Society, Little Rock, AR 2011
3 Score And Ten (Harriman/Torf) DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
3 Sisters Schiehallion Roosendaal Class 2009
3 Square Strathspey Video Produced By Iain Hale 2009
4 Minute Reel Abtei Brauweiler 2014
4some Reel And Half Reel Of Tulloch Dunedin Dancers, Edinburgh, Scotland 2011
51st Highland Division London Scottish Country Dance Team 2008
51st Travellers RSCDS Manchester Branch Ball 2010
6 Figured Man DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
60 And Still Going Strong 2010
7 To 7 Austro-Hungarian SCD Weekend 2014
8some Reel RSCDS Twin Cities Branch, St. Paul, Minnesota 2010
92nd Moscow Summer SCD Ball 2009

Abbie's Twizzle RSCDS Conference Weekend, Glasgow 2011
Abbot Of Unreason DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Above The Clouds 2014
Adieu Mon Ami DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Admirable Fred DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Admiral Nelson SCD Group Hong Kong, 2015
Aging Gracefully RSCDS Summer School 2013
Aileens Reel Scottish Flowers At The 11th Highland Gathering In Peine, Germany 2009
Aird Of Coigach SCD Group Hong Kong 2012
Airie Bennan Milton Keynes Ball 2010
Airy Fairy DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Airyhall Delight Airyhall Dancers Display Team 2014
Alan J Smith Carnoustie Wednesday Summer Socials 2008
Alex Doig's Jig 2014
Alexander's Castle DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Alice's Request DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Alison Rose Bluebonnet Scottish Country Dancers 2013
All The Lads They Smile At Me SCD Group Hong Kong 2009
Alloway Kirk Rant DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Alltshellach St Andrews Celtic Society, Newcastle Festival 2008
Alyth Burn Vancouver USA Scottish Country Dancers, Clark County Fair 2008
Amazing Grace Grand Ball 2014
Amazing Grace Strathspey Lisbon Telheiras SCD Group, Benfica, Lisbon 2012
Ambassadors' Reel Social At "De Kam" In Wezembeek-Oppem Near Brussels 2012
An' Thou Wert My Only Dear RSCDS London Branch Demonstration Team 1992
And Happy Meet Again RSCDS Birmingham Branch 2011
Anderson's Rant RSCDS, Toronto 2015
Andrew And Gordons Jig RSCDS Montebello Park 2012
Andrew's Dance Lower Hutt Scottish Country Dance Club 2014
Angus MacLeod Corryvrechan Scottish Dance Team At Kilkenny Castle 2007
Anna Holden's Strathspey Ladies (Alba) Newcastle Festival 2012
Annan Gold RSCDS Manchester 2010
Annan Reel Berlin Hopalots At Karl-August-Platz, Berlin 2012
Anna's Wedding Cake Silver State Scottish Country Dancers 2013
Anne And Five Partners SCD Group Hong Kong 2010
Anniversary Reel Younger Hall Social 2013
Anniversary Tensome Summer Ball In Sterbfritz Near Schluechter, Germany 2008
Antarctica Bound CSCDS youth 2012
Arctic Circle 16 July 2012
Argyll Ludging Newcastle RSCDS Ladies, Newcastle Festival 2014
Argyll Square Singapore St Andrew's Society Girls' Dance Team 1 2009
Argyll Strathspey DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Argyll's Fancy 2013
Around The World To Meet You 2012
As You Wish 2015
Asilomar Romantic Twin Cities Branch Of The RSCDS 2010
At The Summit Pittsburgh Scottish Country Dance Society 2013
Auchindoun Castle Dunedin Dancers, From Edinburgh, Scotland 2011
Auld Davie McClemmet's Fiddle DancieMaetion, Imagination Processing
Auld Friends Meet Victoria BC Canada 2012
Auld Lang Syne Newcastle Festival, International Team Black 2011
Australian Ladies SCD Group Hong Kong 2012
Autumn In Appin Scottish Country Dancers M√ľnster Highland Games Germany 2009
Axum Reel Summer School Demo, 2011
Ayr Promenade Fulford Family Scottish Dance Group 2010
Ayrshire Craig RSCDS Central Germany Branch 2013

Scottish Dancing YouTube Videos Explained

The videos referenced from our Scottish Dance instructions pages are indexed above.

Since our pages all link to YouTube (or, occasionally, Vimeo) dance videos, we have no control over their quality, whether your browser is correctly set up to play them, or even their continued existence. If you have any problem, click Advice On Playing Videos.

Videos are chosen on educational merit, i.e., those which show clearly how to perform at least one Repeat of the whole dance. Nothing is implied by the order on pages with multiple videos.

When a particular dance is embedded among others in a demonstration or some other sequence, we cue it to start at the beginning and to finish at the end of that dance. Choreographers of demonstrations often indulge in artistic licence and so there may be deviation from a strict performance of the dance. Very rarely is a dance video recorded for strictly educational purposes by a professional using highly-experienced dancers; much more commonly, all parties are amateurs (in both senses). However, providing the recording is sufficiently clear, this can sometimes be beneficial; when a dancer is seen to make a mistake or to be a little late in starting a Figure, that can be an important indicator of a part of the dance needing special attention.

Click anywhere on a video to start; click again to pause and again to continue. Sound volume control, picture quality, full screen display and other playing options are available at the bottom of each video.

Each Scottish Country Dance video page has a link at the top and bottom to the written instructions for that dance (when a crib page exists); for a full list of dance instructions, click Dance Instructions - A-Z Dance Cribs or the tab on the right of all pages.

The copyright to these videos and any music played during these performances remains the original property of the recording labels and artists; no infringement is intended.

It is fortunate for the Scottish Country Dancing community at large that amateur recorders of videos produce the material which we can disseminate. If you are planning to produce a YouTube video of a Scottish Country Dance, click here for Advice On Preparing Videos.

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