Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

1-Bar Figures

These Figures are required to be performed in only one bar of music rather than the standard Time allocation.

for a Standing Couple, this is a common precursor to those Figures such as Allemande, Poussette and Promenade round which Start on the Centre line. When used in this way, the left foot Travelling step should be used except for those rare situations, as for 1st Lady and 2nd Man immediately before the Strathspey half poussette, where they are required to Start that Figure with a left foot Travelling step.
It is also a rare form used by the Dancing couple on bar 29 of A Trip To Bavaria followed by Turn halfway with Both hands on bars 30-31 and Retire on bar 32 While the other Couples Advance and retire normally in 4 bars.

the rare form as in A Trip To Bavaria.

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