Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

1 Couple Round The Room Dances

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced by single couples in Round the Room sets and for which some form of instructions (crib, crib diagram or video) is available on this site. Some are Progressive, by partner of course.

A few are simpler dances from the Old Tyme and Sequence Dancing répertoire which are likely to be found on a Ceilidh programme but relatively unlikely on a more formal Scottish Country Dance programme.

Boston Two-Step
Canadian Barn Dance - Optionally progressive.
Eva Three Step
Gay Gordons
Gay Gordons Two Step
Kramermarkt Reel - Progressive.
Lomond Waltz
Lowland Lilt - Progressive.
Mayflower - Progressive.
Pride Of Erin Waltz
Round About Hullachan - Progressive.
Scottish Roulette - Progressive.
Scotian Twasome - Medley.
Spring Chick Waltz Mixer - Progressive.
St Bernard's Waltz (Smith)
Veleta - Optionally progressive.