Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

1 Couple Round The Room Dances

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced by single couples in Round the Room sets and for which a crib is available on this site. Some are Progressive, by partner of course.

A few are simpler dances from the Old Tyme and Sequence Dancing répertoire which are likely to be found on a Ceilidh programme but relatively unlikely on a more formal Scottish Country Dance programme.

Canadian Barn Dance - Optionally progressive.
Eva Three Step
Gay Gordons
Gay Gordons Two Step
Kramermarkt Reel - Progressive.
Lomond Waltz
Lowland Lilt - Progressive.
Mayflower - Progressive.
Round About Hullachan - Progressive.
Scottish Roulette - Progressive.
Scotian Twasome - Medley.
St Bernard's Waltz
Veleta - Optionally progressive.