Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

2 Couple Reels

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced in reel tempo (including any designated as hornpipes) with a 2-couple repeat in longwise sets and for which a crib and/or a crib diagram is available on this site. Note that, whatever the deviser may have prescribed, dances with a 2-couple repeat may be performed in a set of 2-, 3-, 4- or even more couples.

The list is especially useful to those seeking reels suitable for a group of fewer than six dancers. Note that this list does not include those already shown in either 2 Couple Square Set Dances or 2 Couple Round The Room Dances.

Abernethy Lassies
After Hours
After The Battle
Alewife And Her Barrel
All The King's Men
Aon's A Dha
Ardbrae Bank
Are You Sleeping?
Argyll Reel
Atholl Reel
Auchencairn (Foss)
Back O' Bennachie
Ballater Reel
Barley Riggs
Benarty Bishop
Blenheim Gardens
Bob Of Fettercairn
Bonnie Geordie's Wig
Border Burn
Braid Bonnet
Brechin Fancy
Buchan Gate
Buckshaw Reel
Bus Monitor
Cairdin' O't
Caithness Heart
Caithness Volunteers
Calver Lodge
Canadian Corn Rigs
Captain MacDuff's Delight
Carola's Reel
Cast'n Reel
Castle In The Air (Bänninger)
Cast'n Reel
Celtic Capers
Celtic Reel
Chase 1
Chase Court
Chorlton Reel
Christie McLeod
Churchill Barracks
Clydeside Lassies (Anon)
Coleraine Rant
Come In Out Of The Rain
Contra Temp Reel
Converys Of Clonskeagh
Cork Hornpipe
Corn Rigs
Corrie Cas
Craigtoun Park
Crummy Reel
Culloden's Fancy
Da Fiddle Moves Me
Dan The Dancing Rhino
Dardagny Reel
Davy's Locker
Debbie The Hungarian Lady
Delong Reel
Detasseling The Riggs Of Corn
Drumrunie Forest
Drunken Parson
Duke He Was A Bonnie Beau
Easiest Dance
Easy Peasy
Easy Wee Dance
Edzell Arch
Emerald Isle (Williamson)
Enchanted Isle
Everyone Is Dancing!
Farewell To The Irwell
Fiddler's Delight
Fine Day In March
Fiona Fair
Flakes On The Road
Flirtation Chase
Football Time
For Lack Of Silver
Gadie Reel
Galloway House
Glasgow Regatta
Glen Dochart Reel
Good Humour
Ha! Ha! The Wooin' O' It
Haggis Thrash
Happy Potter
High Road To Wigton
Honeybee Hornpipe
Hurricane Watch
Inver Inn
Inverness Reel
Iron Piper
Jenny Dang The Weaver
Katherine's Birthday
Kelly's Bush
Kingussie Flower
Kirkwhelpington Reel
Knit The Pocky
Lads Of Saltcoats
Lady Belhaven's Delight
Lady Of The Lake
Lass O' Livingston
Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie (Border Book)
Lauderdale Lads
Loch Leven Castle
Lucy Campbell
MacKenzie Reel
Mairrit Man's Favourite
Mairi's Reel
Malcolm Misticot
Maple Dancing
Meg Merrilees
Melville Castle (Gray)
Merry Bee
Miss Brown's Reel
Miss Burns's Reel
Miss E Lyall
Miss Falconer's Fancy
Miss Jacquelyn James
Miss Jessie Dalrymple's Reel
Miss Monaghan's Reel
Mo-Ranch Special
Monifieth Star
Mountain Stream
Mr Watson's Favourite
Mrs Litten's Reel
Neaps An' Haggis
Netherby Hall
Newington Assembly
Noup Of Ness
Oban Reel
Old Man Of Hoy
Oliver's Fifth
On The Quarter Deck
One More Time
Oompah, Oompah, Shove It Up Your Joompah!
Packhorse Rant
Passing Fancy (Watson, Reel)
Persian Dance
Pink Roses
Pluto's Head
Pretty Peggy
Proud And Saucy
Quadrille Country Dance
Queen Victoria
Queen's Welcome
Railway 4 Meeting
Ravelston Rant
Red And Gray
Red House
Red House Revisited
Return To Broadford Bay
Rifleman (Border Book)
Riggs Of Corn
Rigmarole (Keppie)
Rocket Hornpipe
Rocks Of Gibraltar
Rolverdon Reel
Rose Tree
Rovin' Robin
Roxburgh Castle
Royal Albert Country Dance
Ruby Years
Rudha Dubh
Ruth And Carol's Reel
Smoke And Mirrors
Sophie's Sand Castle
Sound Of Harris Ferry
Speedy Thomas
Squashed In The Kitchen With Bonny
Star Petronella
Station X
Steppe Dance For Olga
Summer Meeting (Watson)
Sutters Of Selkirk
Talisker (Eddershaw)
There's Nae Enough Bodies
Three Times Three
Thursday Night Ladies
Thurso Wedding
Torryburn Lassies
Touch Of Disblair
Trip To Applecross
Twenty-Four Seven
Two Bonnie Lads
Uncle Isaac
Wedding Ring (Keppie)
Wee Mousie
Weel's Me On The Birl
Welcome Reel
Westminster Reel
White Rabbit (Boyd)
Winter's Ride
Wright Reel

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