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2 Couple Repeat In 2 Couple Set

While the 2 Couple repeat in 4 couple set is quite a common Longwise set format, the 2 Couple repeat in 2 couple set is particularly rare. Marengo Blue is the only example on this site which has Progression and the standard Repeat structure (i.e., danced twice through). The remainder are without Progression and so there is only one Repeat (i.e., danced only once through).

Two of these, the Reel of Tulloch and the Medley, the Foursome Reel, could alternatively be regarded as having a 2 Couple Square set format since the two Couples start with the 1st Lady in 2nd Man's Place, 2nd Lady in 1st Lady's Place and 2nd Man in 2nd Lady's Place, Ladies on Partner's right and Facing the Opposite Man. Note that these are the same as the Starting Places for the Dancers in The Glasgow Highlanders though that dance is performed in the 2 Couple repeat in 4 couple set format and requires a complex Progression when bringing 3rd and 4th Couple into play and when those Dancers about to become Standing couples reach the Top or the Bottom of The set so that they will be in the correct Places ready for the next Repeat.

Note also that there are many 2 Couple dances in the Progressive Round the room format which are categorized as such, not here.

For example, here are some Scottish Country Dances in which the term, 2 Couple set, is used in either the MiniCrib or the MaxiCrib Dance instructions or both -
Marengo Blue
Merry Go Round
Wheel Done

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