Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

2 Couple Strathspeys

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced in strathspey tempo with a 2-couple repeat in longwise sets and for which a crib and/or a crib diagram is available on this site. Note that, whatever the deviser may have prescribed, dances with a 2-couple repeat may be performed in a set of 2-, 3-, 4- or even more couples.

The list is especially useful to those seeking strathspeys suitable for a group of fewer than six dancers. Note that this list does not include those already shown in either 2 Couple Square Set Dances or 2 Couple Round The Room Dances.

Air Of Beloit
Amanda Mae's Strathspey
Anna Holden's Strathspey
Au Revoir Mes Amis
Autumn Leaves (Keppie)
Autumn Posy
Bag O' Shells
Bird Table
Birkmyre Park
Black Chanter Of The MacPhersons
Black Ness
Blythe And Cheerie
Bobbit Reel
Botany Bay
Braes Of Mellinish
Burn Of Sorrow
Ca' The Ewes Tae The Knowes
Cailín Rua
Caledonian Country Dance
Camp Of Pleasure
Campbell Of Cawdor
Cantily Lilt It
Casting Glances
Chequered Hall
Cherry Blossoms (Boyd)
Clink And Chase
Clydebank Strathspey
Come And Dance With Me
Comely Bank
Corrie Brochain
Covid Lockdown Strathspey
Craig Mhòr
Dance For Dulcie
Dance She Grac'd
Dancing In Avalon
Dancing In The Park
Dandie Dinmont
Dark Lochnagar
Deil Confound Me
Diamond Rose
Don House
Donald's Midden
Doon The Burn
Drookit Mousie
Duchess Of Atholl's Slipper
Duchess Of Gordon's Fancy
Dunfermline Glen
Dutch Skipper
Earl Of Northampton
Eighty Eight
Fairest Cape
Ferry To The Islands
First Green Of Spring
First Love (Ligtmans)
Friends Forever
Frost And Snow
Gaelic College Strathspey
Gala Water
Glasgow Lasses
Gone Fishing
Granny's Reel
Grant's Reel
Great Spirit's Voice
Grey Daylight
Groundhog Day (Kargapoltsev)
Gypsy Dreams
Haggis Tree
Half And Half (Petyt)
Haughs O' Cromdale
Heather's Strathspey
Hidden Valley
High Time
Highland Gambler
Highland Plaid
Holly Rigg
Hunter Valley Strathspey
Hutchison House
In The Buff
Invershiel Gold
Iron Man (Mitchell)
Jenny Freeman's Strathspey
Jenny's Bawbee
Jessica's Strathspey
Johnsonville Diamond
Katchewanooka Lake
Kathleen Stokoe Of Dundee
Kind Robin (Drewry)
La Famiglia Graziani
Lads Of Tain
Lady Auckland's Reel
Lady Jean Murray's Rant
Lady Mary Ramsay
Lady McGowan's Dream
Lagavulin (Ryer)
Lammermuir Hills
Lassie Wi' The Lint White Locks
Lea Rig
Let's Meet Again (Dewar)
Linktown Strathspey
London Pride (Boyd)
Longhope Strathspey
Lylestone House
Maggie Lauder
Magic Airt O' Gow
Magic Roundabout (Freemantle)
Manchester Caledonians
Marengo Blue
McKenzie Hay
Merry Go Round (McLaughlin)
Meyer Lemon Strathspey
Midsummer Moon
Millbrae Station
Miss Devon's Reel
Miss Heyden
Miss Isabella McLeod
Miss Sarah Smiles
Miss Stevenson's Fancy
Morning After
Mrs Esther Goodfellow
Mrs Hamilton Of Wishaw (Blane And Weller)
Mrs Schneider's Strathspey
Mrs Ward's Fancy
Munro Rant
My Jo
Nethy Bridge (Drewry)
New Abbey
None So Tricky
Nora's Fandango
Nothing In Common
Old And Dangerous
On Tour
Over The Heather (Watson)
Passing Fancy (Watson, Strathspey)
Pat Morrison's Delight
Piper Of Dundee
Pleasure Is Mine
Poor Molly
Quiet And Snug
Rakes Of Auld Reekie
Reel Of Glamis
Reeling In The Annex
Renaissance Dance
Rhinns Of Galloway
Robert Little's Strathspey
Ronda Blue
Rose Garden (Wendell Jorgensen)
Rose Of Kilravock
Sam's Butter Churn
Sandy O'er The Lea
Sauchie Haugh
School At Home
Scott's Plains Reel
Sea Tangle Of Skye
Seann Truibhas Willichan
September Strathspey
Sharon's Strathspey
Sheltered Cove
Smoke Rings In The Night
Snow In October
Something In The Air
Spanish Dance
Spark O' Water
St John Strathspey
Stirling Castle (Thurston)
Strictly Country Dance Strathspey
Stuttgart Strathspey
Susanne's Strathspey
Taigh Mhicleod
Tête à tête In Paris
Theeket Hoose
Trembling String
Trip To Tobermory (Drewry)
Trysting Place
Twirl Of The Kilt
Unjust Incarceration
Village Reel
Walker Strathspey
Walled Garden
Waxing Of The Moon
Wee Walter's Wander
Welcome In Oak Park
Willie Whyte O' Fife
Wishing Well

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