Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

3-Bar Figures

These Figures are sometimes required to be performed in three bars of music rather than the more normal Time allocations (four bars or occasionally two bars).

Lead down or Lead up:
these are rare forms which must be combined with another 3-bar and a 2-bar Figure to complete the 8-bar Phrase.

For example, in bars 1-8 of Alex Gray's Scottish Country Dance The Mathematicians:
1s lead down for 3 bars, back to top and cast to 2nd place; (i.e., three bars to Lead down, three bars to Lead up and two bars to Cast to 2nd Place).
Similarly, in bars 25-27 of Jennifer's Jig:
1s followed by 2s lead down; this 3-bar Phrase is followed by Turn, for both Couples, in two bars and Lead up in three bars.

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