Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

3 Couple Jigs

Here are some Scottish Country Dances which are danced in jig tempo, in 3 couple sets -

This list should provide a good sample of the 3 Couple Jigs available with cribs on this site, and is not likely to be complete.

Airy Holme Jig
All Saints By The Sea
Anne's Heather Jig
At The Top Of The Hill
Barop Wedding
Bottoms Up (Rhodes)
Carrick Farmer
Celtic Gold
Children Of The Forest
City In Bloom
Cool As A Cucumber
Courtney Jane
Dance For Denny
Diamond For Belfast
Down Corkery Road
Down Under
Elusive Muse
Freshwater Bay (Burns)
Hammock Jig
Happy To Meet
Hasten To Your Feet
Hey, Johnny Cope
Huncote Jig
Itchen Abbas
Jack's Jig
Jig To The Music
Joan's Joy
Kelly's Kaper
La Crême De La Crême
Margaret's Jig
Marjorie Stewart's Jig
Misses Cramb Of Linlithgow
Mr David W Mitchell
Newcomers' Jig
Next Dance
Rubislaw Jig
Sally's Army
Short And Very Sweet
Silver Branch
Sixth Of August
Twins' Delight
Wooden Horse

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