Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

3 Couple Reels

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced in reel tempo (including any designated as hornpipes), in 3 couple, longwise sets and for which a crib is available on this site.

10/6 In This Style
12th Night Ball
3 Feisty Women
7th Wonder
Adriana In The Gardens Of Curia
Alan Ross's Reel
Albert's Hornpipe
Annan Reel
Auckland Airs
Belfast Hornpipe
Bird In The Hand
Bit On The Side
Bleecker Reel
Brian Johnson Lighthouse Keeper
Calton Hill
Cape Cod Reel
Caper For Priscilla
Captain Henderson's Hornpipe
Celtic Dreaming
Chocolate Bunnies
Corona Virus Reel
Crossing The Line (Drewry)
David Ross
Devil In The Bearpit
Dinna Kittl Me
Dinner For One
Drummer And The Dancer
Easy On The Brain
Eileen Watt's Reel
English Rose
Faerie Pools
Fairbridge Reel
Falls Of Feugh
Ferry Boats On The Mersey
Fiddler's Delight
Figure It Out
Flying Cloud
Frank's Birthday Reel
Gairie Burn
Gimme A Break
Ginzton Frolic
Graham Park
Greencourt Reel
Greetings From St Ninians
Hadrian's Wall (Haynes)
Hank's Dance
He Built A Crooked House
Heidelberg Exchange
Helen's Reel
History In The Making
Ho! Tom Bombadil
Holly, Would You Pick The Music?
Imminent Emminent Vet
In Honour Of Derek Hamilton
Irwin Reel
It's Nearly Christmas (3-Couple Version)
Jacquie's Fankle
Jan Maree
Judith's Wedding
Just For The Fun Of It - Repeated alternately from the top and inverted.
Katie's Birthday
Kings Town Spurtle
Lakeland At Night
Lanes Of Au
Lauraine's Delight
Leaves In Autumn
Let's Have A Swig
Little Donnie In The Pig Pen
Luck To You
MacLeod's Silver Sea
Maggie's Mirror
Mairi's Wedding (3-Couple Version)
March Hare (Bentley)
Meet Your Corners
Miri's Wedding
Miss Erica Jane Scott
Miss Russell's Rant
Modestine's Romp
Moggie And The Fish
Monday Night (Stern)
Montgomeries' Rant (3-Couple Version)
Old Way Of Killiecrankie
Persian Dance - Also exists in 4-couple and 5-couple versions.
Polharrow Burn (3-Couple Version)
Rabbie's Rant
Red Flower
Reel For Jane
Reel For Joy
Reel For My Spouse
Reel Of The 51st Division (3-Couple Version)
Reel Of The 51st Division (Alternative 3-Couple Version)
Reel Of The 88th
Ring Of Kerry
Ronalds' Reel
Ruby Hornpipe
Sailing On Shawnigan Lake
Salute To Bath
Scots Awa
Searching The Archives
Selkirk Settlers
Sheltie Reel
Shupashkar Reel
Sidney's Reel
Silver Penny-Farthing
Skipping Rock Reel
Skye And Sochi
Skylarks Reel
Slante, Austro-Alba
Sound Of Harris
Sparkling Loch
Special Occasion (Brenchley)
Spey In Spate (Haynes)
Spey In Spate (Keppie)
St Patrick
St Valentine's Chase
Step Forth (3-Couple Version)
Strome Ferry
Summer On The Neckar
Tap The Barrel
There And Back
Todlin' Athegither
Topsy Turvy (Thorn)
Track And Trace
Trinity Knot
Trip Around Salt Spring
Trip To Aphrodisia
Trip To Taiwan
Trippit Cantily
Tuther Gait
Virginia Reel (3-Couple Version)
Wandering Drummer
Weaver's Reel
Welcome To Tübingen
Wes Clindinning's Hornpipe
West's Hornpipe (3-Couple Version)
White Storks On The Meadow
Wolf In The Wetsuit

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