Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

3 Couple Strathspeys

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced in strathspey tempo, in 3 couple, longwise sets and for which a crib is available on this site.

30 Years To Life
96 Bars For Pitlochry
Aberdeenshire Meets Argentina
Across Kildonan Hall
After Supper Sweeper
After Twenty Five Years
Ailsa Craig
Albatrosses And Shearwaters
Alec Hay's Delight
Alex Jappy's Pleasure
Alison Rants
Alison's Strathspey
All Left Moira
All Right Bob
All Shall Be Well
All Together
Alma's Strathspey
Amstel Court
Anderson's Awa'
Annan Gold
Anna's Wedding Cake
Annat Cottage
Anne McArthur
Anne Sheach's Strathspey
Apple Tea
Archduke John Of Austria
As You Wish
Aspen Circle Strathspey
Au Revoir, Betty And Tony
Audrey And Peter's Jubilee
August Strathspey
Autumn Showers
Avis Harrison's Strathspey
Back On Track
Back Road
Ball Gown
Barbara White's Diamond Strathspey
Beach Ballroom
Bees In The Heather (Schoeters)
Bell Rock Strathspey
Between Yews And Willows
Bewitched In Salem
Bill Forbes' Rant
Black Angus
Black Swan
Blue Butterfly
Bob Johnstone
Bob's Assembly
Bond, Lewis Bond
Bonnie Gill Shaw
Border Weavers
Bovaird Strathspey
Brabloch Strathspey
Bracknell Strathspey
Bridge Over The Atlantic
Bridge Over The Glen
Brig O' Dee
Brig O' Doon
Brigs Of Ayr
Bristol Fashion
Brooklyn Bridge
Bruce's Men
Builders Of Wainfleet
Burgie House
Burns Club
Buttermilk Falls
By Dundonald
Bydand (Keppie)
Bye Bye Bluebelle
Byron Strathspey
Ca' Canny
California Dreaming
Cambridge Six
Camserney Strathspey
Canada 150 Eh!
Cardigan Sunsets
Carol's Strathspey
Cate's Conundrum
Cauldshiels Loch
Celebrate Ten And Twenty Years
Chain Walk
Chaos In The Kirkway
Charles And Tomoko
Charly's Strathspey
Chasing The Eclipse
Cherrybank Gardens
Christine's Fancy
City Of Belfast
City Of Wisteria
Clachna Cudain
Clémentine's Strathspey
Cloud Cover - Progressive by partner.
Cocker Spaniel
Cocklemill Burn
Comber Car Park
Concorde Strathspey
Corian Strathspey
Corrie Buidhe
Corrie Sith
Corrie Sneachda
Crail Harbour
Cramond Wedding
Crathes Castle
Cream Tea
Creetown Lassie
Crimson Sari
Crocked But Willing
Croft Castle
Crombie Hall
Cropie's Strathspey
Croydon Eastbourne Weekend
Croydon Jubilee Strathspey
Croydon's Delight
Curia Lazy Weasel
Dagmar's Fancy
Damflask Strathspey
Dance Around Hertford
Dance For Susi
Dance Of Love
Dancer's Dream
Dancing Fiddler
Dancing For Pleasure
Dancing Gentleman
Dancing Master Of Moncton
Dancing Professor
Dark Mile
Dava Way
Davelyn Country Dance
David Queen Strathspey
De Walden Court
Dee In Spring
Deeside Banner
Delta Borderers' 25th
Diamond In Sutton Coldfield
Diamond Plus
Diamonds Are Forever Dancing
Dignity And Grace
Dog Stalker
Donald's Strathspey
Dophei Strathspey
Dr Margaret Underwood's Strathspey
Dr Quarrie's Birthday
Drawing Together
Drumin Castle
Drymen Hall
Duckies In The Bath
Ducking The Wind
Dumbarton Castle
Dumfries Lad
Dundonian Entertainer
Dunfermline To Sarasota
Dunnington Strathspey
Dunnottar Castle (Drewry)
Dunsmuir Strathspey
Dym 180
Easthampstead Park
Edradour Whisky Trail
Eileen Watt's Strathspey
El Camino Real
Elegant Cranes Strathspey
Elegant Hotel
Elephants Don't Forget
Eliza Emily's Reel
Elisabeth Hunter's Strathspey
Elizabeth Thomson Of St Andrews
Ena's Strathspey
Endrick Water
Engagement Ring
Evelyn's Dance
Fain To Follow
Fair Rosamund
Falling Leaves (Prade) - Progressive by partner.
Fare Thee Well
Farewell To Benbecula
Farewell To Perth
Fee Fi Foh
Filoli Gardens
Fiona's Strathspey
First Try
Flaff Roon
Flirt In Isolation
Flodigarry Strathspey
Flower Lady
Flower Of Glasgow
Flower Of Portencross
Flower Of Yarrow
Flowering Heather
Fly Fishers' Strathspey
Follow The Knowes
Follow Your Love
Fond Memories
Ford Strathspey
Foreoars Lilt
Forget Me Knot (Ibbotson)
Forget Me Knot (Youngman)
Forth Bridge (Mitchell)
Forty Years On (Joubert)
Frazers Of Strathkinness
Frimley Hall
From Ochtertyre To Amulree
Frozen In Scarborough
Furth O' Clyde
Gardeners' Fantasia
Georgian Earrings
Gifts (van Maarseveen)
Glen Lyon
Glendalough Strathspey
Golden Annings
Golden Chain
Golden Gala Tangle
Golden Hill Fort
Golden Hind
Golden Memories
Gordon Strathspey
Gordonian Strathspey
Grand MacNish
Granny Knot (Drewry)
Great Rider
Green Street
Greyfriar's Bobby
Guinea Pigs
Gypsy Glen
Hadrian's Wall Strathspey
Hallowe'en Shadows
Hand Sanitizer Strathspey
Heather On The Mountain
Helen Rose's Strathspey
Herstmonceux Castle
Hertford Exchange
Highways And Byways
Hillbrook House
Hogmanay Strathspey
Holywood Production
Home To Whitsome
Hope Little's Strathspey
How Many Are There Tonight, David?
Ian And Joan McKenzie's Strathspey
If At First...
I'm Doun For Lak O' Johnnie
Inn On The Moor
'Inn' Strathspey
Irene's Strathspey
Irish Maid
Isla's Fancy
Isle Of Man Strathspey
Isles Of The Sea
Jacarandas Of Buenos Aires
Jack's The Lad
Jacqui Watson's Strathspey
Jane And Alice Have A Birthday
Janeil Strathspey
Jean Martin Of Aberdeen
Jenny's Well
Jim Dougal Of Eyemouth
Jim The Dancing Janny
John Duncanson Of Falmouth
John Of Dumbarton
John Of Montrose
John Stephen
Johnsonville Gold
José Soleras Farewell To Aberdeen
Joyous Celebration
Kathy's Garden
Katie Bairdie
Keep Smiling
Keep Your Distance
Keith Rose Of Felmersham
Kentish Gold
Kildonan Sands
Kilmarnock Lad
King's Strathspey (Astle)
Kissing Gates
Kyleside Belvedere
Ladies And Gentle-hobbits
Ladies Of Banffshire
Lady Diana Reel
Lady Hamilton's Strathspey
Laird Of Atherton
Laird's Levity
Lands Of Haddo
Langholm Fair
Last But One
Last Day Of Summer
Lawson's Lady
Le Phare De Cordouan
Lindsay's Strathspey
Loch Linnhe
Loch Spynie
Lochindorb Strathspey
Look No Hands (Johnston)
Lord Brownlow's Strathspey
Lord Lyndoch
Lord Of Islay
Lost Ship
Love Spoon
Love To Lois
Lucky Strathspey
Lucy Helen's Strathspey
Lydia's Magic Garden
M And M's Fancy
MacDonald Of The Eastern Isles
MacDonald Of The Isles
MacDonald's Double Diamond
Maggie O' The Dales
Magic Of Mary Ross
Many Thanks
March Hare (Robertson)
Margaret Carson's Strathspey
Marian Anderson's Strathspey
Marjory's Birthday Strathspey
Mary Come Of Age
Mary Queen's Strathspey
Mary's Garden
Mathilde Is A Delight
May Day
McMarley's Cross
Meikleour Beeches
Memories (Goldring)
Memories Of Mary Ann
Mercat Cross (Dickson)
Michelle's Strathspey
Millmead Strathspey
Mince And Tatties
Minister On The Loch
Miss Agnes Lowden - Progression requires 6 repeats.
Miss Catherine Ann
Miss Dorothy Hamilton
Miss Kirkpatrick
Miss Margaret Bryson
Miss McBurnie's Wedding
Miss Nidra Aitken
Miss Sara Churchill
Missing Friends
Mistress Mary (MacDonald)
Moikei Gold
Morag Hutton's Strathspey
Moray Rant
Morgan Lundi
Mount Maxwell Strathspey - Saltspring Island
Mr Donald Davidson
Mr John Wood Of Bedford, Nova Scotia
Mrs Betsey Maxwell
Mrs Doreen Kaye
Mrs Elspeth Sinclairs Strathspey
Mrs Hamilton Of Eaglemount
Mrs Stewart Of Fish Hoek
Muirton Bank
Muse Cottage (Goldring)
Neidpath Castle
Nethertown Nights
Never Let Go
New Moon Strathspey
Nightingale Strathspey
No Hands!
Northern Lights
Norwich Assembly
October In Rechberg
O'er The Border
On The Moxley's Deck
One Good Turn Deserves Another
Orage à Lyon
Orange And Blue
Orange To Aotearoa
Orchards Of Co. Armagh
Orwell Lodge Strathspey
Our Compliments To John Renton
Out Of The Blue
Out Of Thin Air
Paisley Weavers
Pat And Chris's Anniversary
Pat's Delight
Paula's Pleasure
Pearces' Gold
Peerie Towers
Peggy And Arnold Strathspey
Peter Elmes' Strathspey
Peter Knight's Strathspey
Phoenix Strathspey
Pitlochry Tryst
Platinum Jubilee
Platinum Strathspey
Pleasures Of The Town
Plessey Woods
Poet And His Lass
Portsoy Links
Prairie Crocus
Primrose Path
Prince Rupert's Fancy
Quaich (Legge)
Quaker (Levy)
Quaker's Daughter
Rachel And Tom Fenwick
Rachel's Strathspey
Rainbow Falls
Rainy Sunday Strathspey
Rambling Rose
Redland Strathspey
Reels Aplenty
Remembering Adelaide
Remembering Marian
Renali Strathspey - Progressive by partner.
Return To Shieldaig
Rhododendron Strathspey
Ribblesdale Strathspey
Rider Hall
Rimes Close
Rita's Ramble - Progressive by partner.
Riverside Walk
Road To Dundee
Romance In St Andrews
Rose Of Dunure
Rosewood JEM
Ross Strathspey
Rothes Glen
Rougemont Castle
Ruby Celebration Strathspey
Ruby Menzies Strathspey
Saga Strathspey
Saltspring Strathspey
Salute To Alison
Salute To Ian Robertson
Salute To Margaret Rae
Sands Of Forvie
Sandy's Scotch Broth
Santa Barbara Strathspey
Scotch Eggs
Scottish Response
Secret Garden
Send Her Victorious
September In Skye
Seven To Seven
Shake Da Foot
Shauchlin Doon
Sheffield Secretary
Shirley's Strathspey
Shortbread Fingers
Silver Grey
Silver Hamer
Silver Thistle Ball
Silver Wedding Strathspey
Simon's Petronella
Singing Sands
Sleekit Beastie
Sleepless In Brentwood
Slowly But Surely
Snow Flurries
Snow White Strathspey
Sonas Le Sith
Sophie's Farewell
Sparrows' Spring Branch
Speyside Way
Sphagnum Moss
Spinkie Den
St Andrew's Chase
St Andrews Links (Finlay)
St Andrew's Salute To Saskatoon
St Columba's Reel (Dickson)
St Mark's Strathspey
Stagger Dream
Stephen's Web
Stonehaven Strathspey
Strathspey For John
Strathspey For Margo
Strathspey For Mervyn
Strathspey For Shelley
Strawberry Blonde
Sum Of All The Parts
Sundays At Gattonside
Sunningdale Strathspey
Sunset Of Your Life
Sunset On The Tay
Sunset Over Connel Bridge
Sunshine In Little Vennel
Surprising Hannah
Swan And The Tay
Swans Of Salt Spring Island
Swinging Braes
Swirling Snow
Swithland Woods
TACbook Scotts
Tandem Two-Step
Tapadh Leibh
Tartan Fling
Tartan Rainbow
Tea Break
Teanlowe Strathspey
Théa's Welcome
There's Something About Thirty
Thirty Years To Life
Thornhill Strathspey
Three Kings Of Cullen
Three Sisters Of Glencoe
Thursday Dram
Time To Spare
Toast To Aberdeen
Toast To Alltshellach
Toll House
Topsy Turvy (Glasspool)
Track And Trace
Triangle Lass
Tribute To Liverpool
Tribute To Mrs McAulay
Tribute To Peter McBryde
Trio (Willitt)
Triple Happiness
Troublesome Threesomes
Tullynessle And Forbes Hall
Turn For The Better
Twine Weel The Plaiden
Two Furlongs
Two's Company Three's A Crowd
Tying The Knot (Keppie)
Unsullied Saltire
Up And Down Ben Nevis
Vale Of Strathmore
Val's Juniper Strathspey
Vintage 53
Virtual Happiness
Vivre à Saint Quay
Waves Of Moray
Wee Butt And Ben For Colleen
Well Kent
Where East Meets West
White Cart
White Rose Of York
Why Knot?
Wild Rose Strathspey
Will, Will You Dance - The 3-couple set version.
Willichan Whirlpools
Windswept Moors
Winter Meeting
Wishing Tree
Wisp Hill
Woodland Wedding
World's End Close
Written Examination
Yet Another Birthday
You Are Not Alone
Ythanside 2
Yvonne's Strathspey

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