Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary

5 Couple Reels

Here is a list of those Scottish Country Dances which are danced in reel tempo (including any designated as hornpipes), in 5 couple, longwise sets and for which a crib is available on this site.

50th Parallel
96 Ten
Anniversary Celebration Reel
Back To Bach
Badger's Dance
Balgeddie Reel
Beal's Reel
Ben Nevis
Bert McCroskie
Black Black Oil
Black Mountain Reel
Bonnie Dancers
Brackla Hall
Bridge Of Athlone
Burning The Water
Caddam Wood - Progressive by partner.
Capercaillie (Burridge)
Celtic Rover
Centenary Reel
Charlotte's Web
Chasing The Red Dot
Class Of 13
Crossing The Deadly Desert
Cyprus Delight (Jackson)
Don And Dee's Reel
Double Nickels
Dunedin Ruby
Earlstoun Loch
Early In The Morning
Elizabeth's Request
Fair O' Feir
Fanwood Frolic
Far Frae Hame
Farewell To Shawlands
Fast And Furious
Fearsome Fivesome (Emery)
Five O'Clock From Welshpool
Five Times Five Makes Twenty Five
Five Times Through, Thank You, Bobby
Flowers Of Dunbeg
Fly The W
Fortieth Anniversary
Founder's Reel
Froome's Fancy
Fun At Fifty
Fun For The Young
Gairloch Hornpipe
Glenbarry Lad
Golden Moments
Golden Wishes
Great Permian Mass Extinction
Guests At Mairi's Wedding
Gus's Reel
Hal Robinson's Rant
Hamilton Hospitality
Highland Donald
Hoy Head
Iain D MacPhail
If You Ever Get There
In Honour Of Ewan Galloway
In The Twinklin' Of An Eye
Invigilator (Ferguson)
Jennifer's Fancy
Joe's Reel
Joy Be Wi' Ye
Katie In Kingston
Katrina's Kapers
Key To The Door
Kirk's Hornpipe (Mitchell)
Kuckucksnest Special
Leasowe Castle
Les Ghillies à Crampons
Lieutenant Shortland's Reel
Light On The Waters
Lindisfarne Reel
Luck To Loyne
MacLeod's Wedding
Mairi Carron
Midnight Toil
Miss Johnstone Of Ardrossan
Miss Thompson's Reel
Morrison Measure
Muddle Or Two, I'll Dance With Who?
Münster 1200
Neptune's Staircase
Nighean Donn - Progressive by partner.
One Fine Day
Over The Volcano
Pacific Northwest Picnic
Persian Dance - Also exists in 3-couple and 4-couple versions.
Pickaquoy Reel
Piper's Wedding (Johnstone)
Plantation Reel
Polharrow Burn
Posting Round The World
Preston Mill
Quarry Bank Weavers
Radyr Welcome
Raising The Anchor
Ranald's Rum
Recumbent Stone
Reel For Alice
Reel Friends - Progressive by partner.
Reel Of The 51st Division (5-Couple Version)
River Ness
Road To Auchnafree
Ruth Jappy's Delight
Rye Twist
Sawney Bean's Reel
Sea Caves
Seeing Stars
Sgurr Alasdair
Shake The Pudding Down
Silver Celebrations
Silver Dancers
Small Gym Romp
Sorting Hat
St Jerome's Reel
Stafford Five-Oh
Staircase In Styria
Stirling At 90
Tak Tent
Take 10
Three And Two Is Five
Tour Of The Backs
Trinity Tensome
Trip To Ravenscar
Turnberry Tensome
Two-Inch Race
Unfancy Bean Shee
Ute And Tris
Wasatch Mountain Reel
Water Of Dryfe
We've Nae Electric
Win's Dance
Witch's Rant

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