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7 Couple Repeat In 7 Couple Set

The 7 Couple repeat in 7 couple set is simply called a 7 Couple set since there is, as yet, no risk of ambiguity with any other Longwise set format.

The Full set requires seven Couples; the dance usually consists of seven Repeats, each involving all seven Couples, with each Couple dancing once through in each Place.

In the relatively simple dance, Christmas at the Heath, 1st and 4th couples are the Dancing couples though, more commonly three Couples, 1st, 3rd couples and 5th couples are the principals. The latter dances are mostly logical derivatives of those Longwise, 5 Couple set dances in which 1st and 3rd couples are the Dancing couples and in which 1st couple Dance Figures with 2nd and 4th couples, only, at the Top of The set While 3rd couple Dance with 4th and 5th couples, only, at the Bottom. Note that this means that a 7 Couple set version can readily be created from any 5 Couple set dance with these characteristics.

The Progression can take many forms: in the first example dance, it is 2 3 5 1 6 7 4; in The Kelpie of Loch Coruisk, it is 7 5 6 3 4 1 2; in those logically derived from 5 Couple set dances, as discussed above, it is 2 4 1 6 3 7 5.

Dances for which cribs (sometimes only a crib diagram) are available on this site and which have the 7 Couple repeat in a 7 couple set format are listed in Alternative Dance Selections. Note that Medleys having this format will only be included in Medley Dances In Longwise Sets which covers all Longwise sets.

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