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1 Fine Day
1 For All
1 For The Millennium
1 For The Road
1 More Time
1 O'Clock Canon
1 Of A Kind
1 Pair Of Hands
1 Set Short Of A Hundred
1 Step Forward
1​s With Twos, Threes And Fours
1​some Reel
1​st February
1​st Foot And Friend
1​st Love (Baker)
1​st Of September (Dix)
1​st Rain Of Spring
1​st Ray Of The Sun
1​st Snowdrops
1​st Try
10 Beach Dancers
10 Ladies Dancing
10 O'Clock Reel
10 Up For Kingston
10 Year Reel
10 Years On
10​/6 In This Style
10​some Reel
10​th Frolic
100 Years
100 Years Behind Us!
1000 Islands Hornpipe
12 1314
12 Coates Crescent
12​some Reel
12​th Night Ball
12​th Night Revels
13​th Of September
14​th Of July
15​th Anniversary Reel
15​th Anniversary Strathspey
16​some Reel
18 Years On
18​! 18!
18​th Anniversary
19​th Of December
1915 Penny
192 Miles Home
1955 And All That
2 And Two
2 Auld Hens
2 Bonnie Lassies
2 By Two
2 Corbies (Boyd)
2 Furlongs
2 Gray Cats
2 Hornpipes
2 In Clover
2 Meenit Reel
2 Of The Best
2 Peas In A Pod
2 PM
2 Rogueish E'en
2 Roses
2 Sparkling Een
2 Thistles
2 To One
2 Towers Reel
2 Up, Two Down
2 Wise Old Owls - Female
2 Wise Old Owls - Male
2​-Inch Race
2​lsome Reel
2​nd City Strathspey
2​'s Company Three's A Crowd
2​some Reel
20 At First
20 Candles For Iberia
20​-20 Vision
20 Years Of The Burdens Of Bude
200 King Street North
2000 A And D
21​st Of September
23 Two Ninety
24 Seven
25​th Reel
27​th Of December
29​th Of June
3 "E"s
3 And One
3 And Two Is Five
3 Bonnie Maidens
3 Cornered Hat
3 Fathom Harbour
3 Feisty Women
3 Js' Jig
3 Kings Of Cullen
3 Oaks
3 Reel Four
3 Rivers Reel
3 Rs
3 Score And Ten (Harriman/Torf)
3 Score And Ten (Sim)
3 Score By Four
3 Score Years And Ten
3 Sheepskins
3 Shires
3 Sisters
3 Sisters Of Glencoe
3 Square Strathspey
3 Squared
3 Wild Lads
3​-Legged Cat
3​rd Man
3​'s A Crowd
3​'s The Charm
3​some Jig
3​some Reel
30 Isnae Enaw
30 Years On
33rd Priest's Street
35 Years And Counting
4 Couples' Pleasure
4 Double Six Six Four Jig
4 Ducks In A Row
4 Leaf Clover
4 Minute Reel
4 Of Diamonds (Glasspool)
4 Score Square
4 Scottish Moons
4 Three Five Three
4​-Hand Star
4​-Handed Reel
4​'s A Score
4​s To The Fore
4​some Reel
4​some Reel And Half Reel Of Tulloch
4​th Bridge
4​th Bridge Jig
4​th Frolics
4​th Railway Bridge Centenary Reel
40 And Counting
40 Merks
40 Pence Wood
40 Shades Of Grey
40 Years Together (Beaney)
40 Years Together (Martlew)
40​th Anniversary
45 Years On
45 Years Together
5 Alive
5 Arrows
5 Couple MacDonald Of The Isles
5 Crossings From Mallaig
5 Penny Ness
5 Row Reel
5 Times Five Makes Twenty Five
5 Times Through, Thank You, Bobby
5 Years On
5​some Reel
50 And A' That
50 Glorious Years
50 Roses For Eva
50 Years On
50​th Parallel
51​st Highland Division
51​st Travellers
52 Summers
6 Belles Of Bon Accord
6 Mile Road From Pitlochry
6​th Of August
60 And Still Going Strong
7 To 7
7​th Wonder
70​th Anniversary Celebration In Dumfries
75 Years On
75 Years Young
75​th Anniversary Medley
75​th Anniversary Reel
8 Men Of Moidart
8 Of Diamonds
8​s All Round
8​some Reel
8​th Battalion-The Royal Scots
80 Not Out
9 Glens Of Antrim
90 Years On
90​th Birthday
96 Ten


A 57
A. B. Paterson's Jig
Aad's Farewell To Delft
Aarhus Festival
Abbot House
Abbot Of Unreason
Abbotsford Lassies
Abbotswell Jig
ABC Jig (Burnell)
ABC Jig (Kowalczik)
Aberdeen Hunt
Abernethy Lassies
About Time
Above The Clouds
Acadian Jig
Achamore House
Achnacarry House
Across Kildonan Hall
Across The Brandywine
Across The Esk
Across The Firth
Across The Tay
Adam Forrester Of Knocksheen's Night Out
Adelaide Strathspey
Adele's Jig
Adelle's Jig
Adieu Mon Ami
Admirable Fred
Admiral John L Worden
Admiral Nelson
Advance But No Retire
After Hours
After Supper
After Supper Sweeper
After The Ball
Age Of Aquarius (Carroll)
Agile Uistman
Aging Gracefully
Agne Hanson's Strathspey
Agnes And Bobby Crowe
Aiken Tree
Aileen's Reel
Ailsa Craig
Ailsa's Jig
Ainster Laddie
Air Of Beloit
Airbus Jig
Aird Of Coigach
Airdrie Lassies
Airie Bennan
Airing Your Oxters
Airs And Graces
Airy Holme Jig
Airyhall Delight
Aku's Jig
Alan J Smith
Alan's Romp
Alasdair's Fancy
Alasdair's Reel
Alastair Fitzmaurice
Alastair Hunter's Reel
Alba Antics
Alba Place
Albatrosses And Shearwaters
Alberta Rose
Albert's Welcome (To Potten End)
Alcanede Strathspey
Alder Burn
Alderwood Knot
Ale Is Dear
Alec Hay
Alec Hay's Delight
Alewife And Her Barrel
Alex Doig's Jig
Alex Jappy's Pleasure
Alex T Queen
Alexander's Castle
Alexandria Reel
Alfie's Team
Algarve Way
Alice And Malcolm's Golden Wedding
Alice Ferguson Of Seaforth
Alice The Camel
Alice's Request
Alice's Strathspey
Ali's Jig
Alison Jane's Jig
Alison Rants
Alison Rose
Alison's Round Reel
Alison's Strathspey
Alister MacLeay
Alister McAlister
Alister's Reel
All Feathers And Fluff
All For Betty
All For Mary
All For Twelve Pounds
All Glint And Glisk
All In
All In The Mind
All Mixed Up
All Roads Lead To York
All Round Will's Mother's
All Rounder
All Saints By The Sea
All Shall Be Well
All The Eights
All The King's Men
All The Lads They Smile At Me
All Together
Allan Nixon's Reel
Allemande Round
Allemande To Go
Alley Cat
Allingham Strathspey
Allison Kay
Allison's Invention
Allison's Jig
'Allo 'Allo
Alloway Kirk Rant
Allt An Duin
Alma's Strathspey
Almo Rant
Aloha 'Oe
Al's Fiddle
Altamont Fair
Always Welcome
Alyth Burn
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace Strathspey
Ambassadors' Reel
Amber's Reel
Amethyst (Boehmer)
Amethyst (Charlton)
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle
Amisfield Dancie
Amisfield Tower
Amstel Court
An Gearasdan
An Niseag
An' 'T Were Na For The Lasses
An' Thou Wert My Only Dear
An Tigh Mòr
An Tri Daraich
An T-Uibhisteach Tapaidh
Anchors Aweigh
Ancient Gordon
And For The Young Ones
And Happy Meet Again
And Now We Are Twenty Five
And The Ladies Wore Red
And They Lived Happily Ever After
Anderson's Awa'
Anderson's Rant
Andrew And Gordon's Jig
Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Gillies' Strathspey
Andrew's Dance
Andrew's Shield
Angel Bank
Angel Mounds Reel
Angela And The Swan
Angela's Jig
Angus MacKinnon's Hornpipe
Angus MacLeod
Angus Reel
Animals Lit Up Two By Two
Ann Arbor
Ann Gibb's Strathspey
Ann Lindsey's Strathspey
Ann MacDonald Of Drumuie
Ann Nisbet's Strathspey
Ann Of Gleneagles
Ann Of Scotia
Ann Skipper's Reel
Anna Holden's Strathspey
Anna Maria Strathspey
Anna Marshall's Strathspey
Annan Gold
Annan Reel
Annan Welcome
Anna's Heading West
Anna's Homecoming
Anna's Reel
Anna's Strathspey
Anna's Wedding Cake
Anne And Donald's Jig
Anne And Five Partners
Anne Archdeacon Reel
Anne Duchess Of Waltham
Anne Grant's Reel
Anne McArthur
Anne Munro Of Portree
Anne Of Portsoy
Anne Sheach's Strathspey
Anne Smyth
Anne Tuft's Strathspey
Anne's Dancing Duster
Anne's Heather Jig
Annette Musker's Hornpipe
Annie Shand Scott's Strathspey
Anniversary Caper
Anniversary Medley
Anniversary Reel (Muir)
Anniversary Strathspey (Bell)
Anniversary Tensome
Ann's Heather Jig
Annual Basic Cleaning Jig
Another Covid-19 Dance
Another Edinburgh Fancy
Another Piece Of Silver
Another Trip Around The Sun
Another Woodland Wander
Ansey Strathspey
Antarctica Bound
Antje Erben's Reel
Anya's Dance
Aon's A Dha
Apple Tea
Apple Tree (Drewry)
Apple Turnover
Applecross Strathspey
'Appy Dance
April Fool (Anderson)
April Fool (McKinnell)
April In The Algarve
April Sky
April Snow On Mull
Arboreal Lace
Arbroath 700
Arbroath Abbey
Archbishop Sharp's Jig
Arches And Angles
Archie's Clootie Dumpling
Arctic Circle
Ard Choille
Ardailly Mill
Ardbrae Friendships
Are You Sleeping?
Argo Pond
Argyll Assembly
Argyll Delight
Argyll Is My Name
Argyll Ludging
Argyll Square
Argyll Strathspey
Argyll's Bowling Green
Argyll's Fancy
Argyll's Farewell To Stirling
Arizona Welcome
Arkaig Jig
Arkansas Traveler
Arlette's Fancy
Armadale Castle
Armit Wi' A'
Arms Of St Andrews
Armstrongs' Rant
Arniston Glen
Arnold House Medley
Arnside Knott
Aroon Aboot Midnight
Aroon The Clachan Of Dalry
Around About In St George's Hall
Around The Cabot Trail
Around The World To Meet You
Arran Chase
Arrival Of Ian Stewart
Arthur's Seat
Artillery Port
Arun Waters
Arwon's 'Matilda'
As Bees Flee Hame
As The Crow Flies
As The Moon Turns
As Time Will Serve Her
As You Wish
Ashbourne Gingerbread
Ashby Petronella
Ashintully Castle
Ashley And Her Husbands
Ashley In Wonderland
Asilomar Romantic
Ask Miriam
Aspen Circle Strathspey
At The End Of The Day
At The Summit
At The Top Of The Hill
Athelstaneford Medley
Athens Of The North
Atholl Brose
Atholl Reel
Atlantic Crossing
Atsuko's Reel
Atsuko's Wedding
Au Revoir Mes Amis
Auchencairn (Foss)
Auchencairn (Keppie)
Auchindoun Castle
Auchinellan Jig
Auckland Airs
Audrey And Peter's Jubilee
Audrey's Barbed Wire Dress
Auld Acquaintance (Priddey)
Auld Alliance
Auld Davie McClemmet's Fiddle
Auld Friends Meet
Auld Grey Cat (Boyd)
Auld Grey Cat (Mitchell)
Auld Kirk
Auld Koofie
Auld Lang Syne (Sherman)
Auld Lang Syne (Wilson)
Auld Mahoun's Revenge
Auld Red Cat
Auld Reekie Hornpipe
Auld Rigg
Auld Robin Gray
Auld Toon Of Ayr
Aurora Australis
Austin Silver
Australian Laddie
Australian Ladies (Campbell)
Australian Ladies (Hay)
Autumn Beginnings
Autumn Breeze
Autumn Celebration
Autumn In Appin
Autumn In Lakeland
Autumn In Pitlochry
Autumn Leaves (Dempsey)
Autumn Leaves (Hay)
Autumn Leaves (Keppie)
Autumn Leaves (Lataille)
Autumn Posy
Autumn Showers
Autumn Tidings
Autumn Wind
Avalanche Reel
Avis Harrison's Strathspey
Avon Valley Strathspey
Awa' The Noo
Awa' Whigs Awa'
A-Ward Winning Reel
Award Of Excellence
Away Tae Moray
Away To The Coast
Away To The Hills
Axum Reel
Ayers Rock
Ayr Promenade
Ayrshire Craig
Ayrshire Lasses
Ayrshire Wheelie Bin


Babbling Brooke
Back O' Bennachie
Back On Track
Back To Bach
Back To Back
Back To Dundee
Back To School
Back To The Barn
Back To The Fireside
Badgers' Sett
Bailey's Irish Cream
Balance On-Line
Balanced Rock Reel
Baldovan Jig
Baldovan Reel
Baldovan Square
Baldovan Strathspey
Balfron Belle
Balgeddie Reel
Balgowan House
Balgownie Brig
Ballare A Bologna
Ballater Reel
Ballemuir Strathspey
Ballylesson's Ruby Celebrations
Balmae Reel
Balmoral Castle
Balmoral Strathspey
Balmoral Terrace
Balmullo Reel
Balnain House
Balquidder Strathspey
Baltic Voyager
Balvenie Castle
Ban Righ Strathspey
Banchory Reel
Banff Hornpipe
Bangers And Mash
Banjo Patterson
Bank Street Reel
Banks O' Doon
Banks Of Allen
Banks Of Clyde
Banks Of Spey
Banks Of The Devon
Banks Of The Limmat
Banner Bearer
Bannockburn 700
Bannockburn Reel
Bannocks And Brose
Baratte Your Way Home
Barbara McOwen's Ceilidh
Barbara Rae
Barbara's Celebration
Barbara's Littlebeck Scramble
Barbara's Strathspey
Barley Bree
Barley Rigg
Barley Riggs
Barley Twist (Beaumont)
Barley Twist (Hodgson)
Barman's Jig
Barney Duffy's Jig
Baronet Of Nova Scotia
Barop Wedding
Barr None
Barrie Alexander Strathspey
Barr's Wedding Birl
Barry And Doreen's Continental Capers
Barton Barbecue
Barton Chase
Bartons' Reel
Basic Knitting
Battle Creek Breeze
Battle Of The Shirts
Battle Of Trafalgar (Rose)
Bauldy Bain's Fiddle
Bay And Bayan
Bayside Twenty-First
Be My Partner
Be Seeing You
Be True To Yourself
Beach Dancer
Beadbonny Ash
Beal's Reel
Bearsden Jig
Bea's Delight
Beauty Of The North
Beauty Of The South
Because He Was A Bonnie Lad
Beechwood Strathspey
Beekeeper From Skye
Beekeeper's Medley
Bees In The Heather (Schoeters)
Bees Of Maggieknockater
Bees They Are A'Drummin'
Beginner's Luck (Ackerley)
Beginner's Luck (Keppie)
Beinn Edra
Bejant Royal
Bel Fearsed
Belfast Almanac
Belfast City Hall
Belfast Hooley
Belfast Hornpipe
Belgian Folly
Belhaven (Jig)
Belhaven (Reel)
Belhaven (Strathspey)
Bell Rock Reel
Belle Of Bon Accord
Belle Of The Ball (Cotton)
Belle Of The Ball (McKinnell)
Belles Of St Mary's
Bellfield Park
Ben MacDhui
Ben Wyvis
Benarty Bishop
Bend In The River
Beneath The Pines
Benign Presence
Bennets Of Invergloy
Berkhamsted Castle
Bermuda Triangle
Berry Brow
Bert McCroskie
Bervie Braes
Berwick Johnnie
Beryl's Bouquet
Bespoke Taylors
Bessie And Laurie Kemp
Best Man
Best Set In The Hall
Betsy Ross
Better On The Other Side
Betty Burke
Betty From Chester
Betty Grant's Strathspey
Betty Thompson Of Newtonbrook
Betty Wilde's Delight
Betty's Delight
Betty's Fancy
Betty's Jig
Betty's Strathspey
Betty's Wedding
Between Two Lakes
Bev's Delight
Beware The Wheelers
Beyond Ambivalence
Beyond The Black Stump
Bide A Wee
Bide Awhile
Big Bang
Big Mac
Big Tam
Bill And Rajeev's Wedding Jig
Bill Clement MBE
Bill Forbes' Rant
Bill Hendry's Reel
Bill Jacob's Jig
Bill Little's Strathspey
Bill Martin's Strathspey
Bill McIver's Fancy
Bill Meek's Jig
Bill Nauss Of Boulder Bay
Billy's 65th Fling
Birgit Röhricht's Strathspey
Birkie Lads
Birkmyre Park
Birks Of Abergeldie
Birks Of Invermay
Birks Of Lafayette
Birlin' Awa
Birlin' Birkie
Birlin' Sporrans
Birling Dervishes
Birls Allowed
Birthday Birl
Birthday Cake (Pollock)
Birthday Cake (Sherman)
Birthday Dance
Birthday In Vienna
Birthday Offering
Birthday Present (Ayland)
Birthday Present (Fletcher)
Birthday Strathspey
Bishop Of Columbus
Bit O' Birl
Bit Of Both
Bit On The Side
Black Agnes
Black Angus
Black Bear (Galbraith)
Black Bitch Reel
Black Black Oil
Black Burn Reel
Black Cat
Black Chanter Of The MacPhersons
Black Craig Of Dee
Black Dance
Black Donald
Black Douglas
Black Ewe
Black Haired Lassie
Black Horse Medley
Black House
Black Leather Jig
Black Magic
Black Mountain Reel
Black Ness
Black Potts
Black Powder Rifle
Black Swans Of Narrabeen
Black Walnut
Blackadder House
Blackadder Jig
Blackford Jig
Blackland Farm
Blackness Castle
Blacksmith Of Elgin
Blackwater Reel
Blainslie Fancy
Blair Silver Jubilee
Blairgowrie 70
Blanket Preacher Of Yarrow
Blaw Up Your Chanter
Blenheim Gardens
Blervie Castle
Blethering Beth
Blethering Ghillie
Bleu Ribbon
Blin' Jamie
Blind Date To Thistle Dew
Blithe And Cheerie
Blithest Lass That Ever Was Seen
Blooms Of Ben Lawers
Blooms Of Bon Accord
Blooms Of Perth
Blootered In Benidorm
Blossom's Reel
Blue And White Quilt
Blue Bonnets
Blue Butterfly
Blue Eyed Lassie
Blue Footed Boobies
Blue Hatchback
Blue Lights Of Pizza Express
Blue Loch
Blue Mess Jacket
Blue Moon Rendezvous
Blue Ribbon
Blue Shoes
Blue Tartan
Bluebell Flowers
Bluebell Reel
Bluebell Strathspey
Bluebells Of Brownsham
Bluebells Of Scotland
Blythe And Cheerie
Blythest Lilt
Bob Boy
Bob Campbell
Bob Gilmour's Return To Scotland
Bob O' Dowally
Bob Of Fettercairn
Bob Sanders
Bob Shakespeare's Jig
Bobbit Reel
Bobby Brown's Canadian Breakdown
Bobby's Favourite
Bo-Bo's Jig
Bob's Assembly
Bob's Chase
Boggs Chase
Bohemian Reflections
Bon Accord
Bon Viveur
Bon Voyage
Bonded Warehouse
Bonjour - Au Revoir
Bonnie Anne
Bonnie Banchory
Bonnie Beauly Blooms
Bonnie Belinda
Bonnie Benbecula
Bonnie Bernard's B.Day Bash
Bonnie Breist Knots
Bonnie Brux
Bonnie Charlie
Bonnie Charlie's Strathspey
Bonnie Gallowa'
Bonnie Geordie's Wig
Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie
Bonnie Ina Campbell
Bonnie Jean Of Aberdeen
Bonnie Kate Of Aberdeen
Bonnie Kitty
Bonnie Lass
Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord
Bonnie Lassie
Bonnie Links
Bonnie Mally Lee
Bonnie Shira Glen
Bonnie Strathdee
Bonnie Stronshiray
Bonnie Tree
Bonnie Wee Glen
Bonniest Lass In All The World
Bonny Bells Of Heather
Bonny Blue Bride
Bonny Heather
Bonny Jocky
Bonny Lads Of Earley
Bonny Water
Book Of Verse
Books And Maps
Boozle Plant
Bordeaux En Belle
Border Barque
Border Bridge
Border Gordons
Border Jig
Border Lassies
Border Meeting
Border Reel
Border Weavers
Borderland Jig
Borders Revisited
Borders' Traditional
Borders Welcome
Borealis Race
Born To Dance
Borrowdale Exchange
Borussia Strathspey
Boston Hospitality
Botany Bay
Bothwell Brig
Bothwellhaugh Jig
Bottle Forest
Bottoms Up (Rhodes)
Bouncing Braids
Bound And Gagged
Bountree Reel
Bouquet For Margaret Tate
Bovaird Strathspey
Bow Belle
Bow Fiddle Rock
Bow Tie Reel
Boxing The Compass
Boyndie Knot
Bracken On Broughton Moor
Brackenbraes Strathspey
Brackla Hall
Bracknell Canter
Bracknell Strathspey
Bracknell's 50th Anniversary
Braes O' Loch Broom
Braes Of Atholl
Braes Of Balluder
Braes Of Balnabeen
Braes Of Balquhidder (18C Dances)
Braes Of Balquhidder (MacNab)
Braes Of Breadalbane
Braes Of Busby
Braes Of Glenshiel
Braes Of Lochaber
Braes Of Mellinish
Braes Of Strathlene
Braes Of Tulliemet
Braiding Reel
Bramble Bush
Bramble Circle
Branches Together
Brandane Reel
Bras d'Or
Bratach Astrailia
Bratach Bàna
Brave Heart (Skelton)
Braveheart (Drewry)
Braveheart (Laidlaw)
Braw Sir John
Braw Twa
Braw Wooer
Breakfast Time Jig
Breakish Postie
Breath Of Spring
Breccan Feile
Brechin Fancy
Brechin Lassies
Brecon In March
Breeks Are Loose
Brendan Brae
Brian Johnson Lighthouse Keeper
Briar Bush
Bricks And Mortar
Bridesmaid's Posy
Bridge City Strathspey
Bridge Of Athlone
Bridge Of Nairn
Bridge Of Sighs
Bridge Over The Atlantic
Bridge Over The Glen
Bridgwater Geordie
Brig Amity
Brig O' Bogendreep
Brig O' Doon
Bright And Breezy
Brightlingsea Belles
Brigs Of Ayr
Brisbane Glen
Brisk Bob
Brisk Young Lad
Bristol Fashion
Britannia Twostep
British Grenadiers
British Immigrant
British Man O' War
Broadford Bay
Broadway Strathspey
Broadway Welcome
Brochan Lom
Brodick Castle Gardens
Brodie Castle
Brodie's Fancy
Broken Promises
Broken Ridge
Broken River Reel
Broken Symmetry
Brooch Of Lorne
Broome Rigg
Broomielaw Reel
Broose Reel
Broun's Reel
Browned Off
Brown-Haired Girl
Brownie Of Blednoch
Brownrigg Reel
Bruce And Margaret Urquhart
Bruce Frazer Of Strathkinness
Bruce Frazer's Jig
Bruce That Was
Bruce's Jig
Bruce's Men
Brudenell Jig
Brunette d'Écosse
Bubble Sort
Bubbles In The Pond
Bubbly And Cake
Buchan Eightsome Reel
Buchan Gate
Buchan Lass
Buchan Strathspey
Buckeye's Reel
Buckie Jig
Buckie Loon
Buck's Reel
Buckshaw Reel
Budapest Birl
Budapest Fun
Bude's Coming Of Age
Bug Hut
Builders Of Wainfleet
Built For Two
Bullers Of Buchan
Bullet Train
Bulling Boots
Bunker Hill
Bunting Bee
Bunty Wilson's Strathspey
Burdens Of Bude
Burgie House
Burn Of Sorrow
Burning Of Paddy's Breeches
Burnaby At Forty
Burning Hearts
Burning The Water
Burns - 250 Years
Burns Bicentenary Strathspey
Burns' Hornpipe
Burns Night
Burntisland Jig
Bus Monitor
Bus Pass
Bus Tour Reel
Busy B
Butter Churn (McKinnell)
Butterchurn (Dempsey)
Butterfly (Collin)
Butterfly (Orr)
Butterfly Bride
Buttermilk Falls
Butterscotch And Honey
Button Boy
By Candlelight
By Courage Not Craft
By Dundonald
By Invitation
By Sea And By Land
By The Way
Bydand (Drewry)
Bydand (Keppie)
Bye Bye, Barbara
Byrnes' Reel
Byron Strathspey


C.J.'s Reel
C.W. Pimlott
Ca' Canny
Ca' The Ewes Tae The Knowes
Cabbages And Kings
Cabot Trail
Caddam Wood
Cadger Of Crief
Cadger's Bridge
Cadgers In The Canongate
Cadies Lady
Caerlaverock Castle
Caerleol Cross
Caernangle Reel
Cairdin' O't
Cairn Edward
Cairn Of The Claise
Cairn Strathspey
Cairngorm Strathspey
Cairnsmore Of Carsphairn
Cairnsmore Of Fleet
Caithness Heart
Cal Tais
Caledon Hills
Caledonian Caper
Caledonian Club Centenary Medley
Caledonian Country Dance
Caledonian Rant (Wilson)
Caley 100
Caley Capers
Calgary 88
Calgary Stampede
Calgary's First Hundred
Call Of The Island
Caller Herrin'
Calm Before Storm (Peart)
Calm Before The Storm (Boyd)
Calmac Strathspey
Calum Dewar's Reel
Calum's Road
Calver Lodge
Calzona Ramble
Cambridge Hornpipe
Cambridge Six
Cambridge Spring Fling
Cambuslang Octogenarian
Cameron Highlanders
Cameronian Rant
Cameronian's Farewell
Camp Of Pleasure
Campbell Of Cawdor
Campbell Of Laphroaig
Campbells Are Coming
Campbell's Caper
Campbell's Frolic
Campbell's Hornpipe
Campbells Of Crannagh
Campbeltown Loch
Campsie Glen
Canada 150 Eh!
Canadian Barn Dance
Canadian Memories
Canberra Bluebell
Canberra Bluebell Logo
Candle For Mary
Can-Do Ceilidh
Candy Floss
Cane Toad Jig
Cannadine Strathspey
Cannock Chase
Cannon Hill Assembly
Canny Tales Fae Aberdeen
Canonbie Ceilidh
Canterbury Cross
Cantily Lilt It
Cape Breton Hornpipe
Cape Breton Island
Cape Spear
Cape Town Wedding
Caper For Priscilla
Capercaillie (Burridge)
Capercaillie (Priddey)
Capering Scarecrows
Capital Jig
Capital Lassie
Capon Tree
Captain Bain's Tribute
Captain Bruce's Jig
Captain Cook's Hornpipe
Captain Donald Johnstone
Captain Henderson's Hornpipe
Captain John Hunter
Captain MacBean's Reel
Captain MacDonald's Fancy
Captain MacDuff's Delight
Captain Mackintosh
Captain McBride's Hornpipe
Captain Ross
Captain White
Captain's House
Captain's Round
Card It Weil
Cardigan Back 80
Cardigan Sunsets
Cardross House
Cardross Jig
Careful, Not Crazy
Cargill's Leap
Cariboo Capers
Caribou Gathering
Carie Corrie
Carisbrooke Castle
Carl Cam' Ower The Croft
Carleton Jig
Carleton Strathspey
Carlin's Cairn
Carlisle Castle
Carlton And Alex
Carmichael Square
Carnoustie Caper
Carol Palmer's Strathspey
Carole Menzies' Reel
Carol's Strathspey
Carolside Jig
Carrick Castles
Carrick Farmer
Carthusian Capers
Caryl's Jig
Cashmere Shawl
Casting Glances
Castle Campbell
Castle Douglas
Castle Grant
Castle In The Air (Bänninger)
Castle Jig
Castle Of Mey
Castle Park Jig
Castle Square
Castle Varrich
Castles In The Air (Foss)
Cast'n Reel
Casual Briefing
Cat Among The Pigeons
Cat And The Fiddle
Cataraqui Woods
Catch As Catch Can
Catch The Wind
Catching Helen
Cate's Conundrum
Catherine Wheels
Catherine's Ceilidh
Catherine's Garden Walk
Cathie Mclaren's Jig
Cath's Crown Of Pennies
Cathy's Wedding
Caton Caprice
Catriona Joan Stewart
Catriona's Wee Audacity
Cat's Cradle
Cats In The Kitchen
Cat's Paw
Cat's Whiskers
Caught By The Wind
Cauld Comfort
Cauld Kail
Caveman Of Culsh
Cayuga Reel
Ceilidh Madness
Ceilidh Reel
Ceiltich Cross
Celebration At Higham
Celebration Jig (Bowlen)
Celebration Jig (Goldring)
Celebration Reel
Celebration Seven
Celebration Strathspey (MacPherson)
Célébrations 2017
Cell Phone Jig
Celtic Bicentenary
Celtic Border
Celtic Braid
Celtic Brooch
Celtic Brooch (Advanced)
Celtic Brooch (Elementary)
Celtic Brooch (Intermediate)
Celtic Capers
Celtic Connection
Celtic Cross (Arrowsmith)
Celtic Cross (Haynes)
Celtic Crossing
Celtic Dreaming
Celtic Gold
Celtic Kiwi
Celtic Reel
Celtic Reel Modified
Celtic Ribbons (Anon)
Celtic Ribbons (Deane)
Celtic Rose
Celtic Rover
Celtic Square
Celtic Wedding
Census Day In Turkey
Centenary Reel
Center Street Assembly
Central Park
Centre One
Ceol Na Mara
Cerebral Vortex
Certificate Pleasure
C'est l'Amour
C'est Pour Vous
C'est Si Bon
Chain Around
Chain Lynx
Chain Sixsome
Chain Walk
Chairman's Chain
Chairman's Jig
Challoner Chase
Chalmers Hall
Champagne Reel
Champion Gold
Change Of Heart
Change Your Shoes Faster
Chaos In The Kirkway
Chapel On The Hill
Chappit Ten
Charles And Tomoko
Charles Ogden's Jig
Charles Stuart
Charles Upton's Obsession
Charlestown Chaser
Charlie's Silver Jubilee
Charlotte And Aileen
Charlotte Clarke's Strathspey
Charlotte Square
Chase Court
Chased Lovers
Chasing A Rainbow
Chasing A Wish
Chasing Butterflies
Chasing Castles
Chasing Dreams
Chasing The Eclipse
Chasing The Wild Goose
Chat Club
Chatsworth House
Chelmsford Lassies
Chequered Court
Chequered Hall
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom Strathspey
Cherry Blossom Time
Cherry Blossoms (Boyd)
Cherry Blossoms (Boyd/Naitoh)
Cherrybank Gardens
Cheshire Cat
Chester Reel Of Gold
Chevy Chase
Chicago Silver
Children Of The Forest
Children's Celebration
Child's Play
Chiltern Chase
Chimney Sweep
Chippy's Rant
Chiswick Jig
Chivalric Celebrations
Chopped Nuts And Chocolate Swirls
Chorlton Reel
Chris Ronald's Strathspey
Chriss Cross
Christie's Strathspey
Christina Lake Jig
Christina McLellan
Christine M Phillips
Christine Miller's Reel
Christine Rayner's Strathspey
Christine's Bannocks
Christine's Diamond Reel
Christine's Fancy
Christmas At The Heath
Christmas Ceilidh
Christmas Fling
Christmas Party Jig
Christmas Tree (Barlow)
Christmas Tree (Roberts)
Christmas Tree (Skelton)
Chrys Greenyer's Jig
Chuckwagon Reel
Ciamar A Tha
Circassian Big Circle
Circassian Circle
Circle Of Cheer
Circle Strathspey
Circle Waltz
Circonstances Particulières
Circuit Of Sedbergh
City Hall Centenary
City In Bloom
City Lights
City Of Belfast
City Of Birmingham
City Of Christchurch
City Of Light
City Of Nairobi Reel
City Of Stirling Reel
City Of The Clyde
City Of Wisteria
City Squirrels
CJ's Reel
Claire Campbell
Clapping With The Neighbours
Clara's Wedding
Clarsach (Blaschke)
Clarsach (Ryer)
Clatterin' Brig
Claudia's Barn Dance
Clean Pease Strae
Clean Sweep
Cleveland Hornpipe
Clever Lad
Clifton Jig
Climbing Mont Ventoux
Clink The Glass
Clints Of Dromore
Clive Square
Clootie Well
Closeburn Lassies
Clumsy Lover
Clutha Mhòr
Clydebank Strathspey
Clydebuilt 85
Clydeside Lassies (Anon)
Clydeside Lassies (MMM)
Clydeside Reel
Coanwood Stuarts
Coates Crescent
Coats Land
Cobbler's Awl
Cock A Bendie
Cock O' The North
Cocker Spaniel
Cocket Hat
Cockledum Ditt The Feet
Cocks Of Denizli
Cocky Wee Gordon
Code Breaker
Coire Lagan
Cold And Raw
Cold Quarry Jig
Coldingham Sands
Coleraine Rant
Colgrain Fancy
Colin's Delight
Colin's Kilts
Colin's Rebel Rant
College Echoes
College Hornpipe
College Ramble
Collie Law
Collingwood Oaks
Cologne Round The Room
Colonel Anne Of Moy Hall
Colonel Joshua Chamberlain
Colourful Character
Colwyn's Ruby Reel
Comber Car Park
Come Ashore, Jolly Tar
Come In Out Of The Rain
Come Join The Dance
Come Let Us Dance And Sing
Come On Eileen
Come Under My Plaidie
Come Up To The Top
Come What May (Butterfield)
Come What May (Young)
Comeback Jig
Comely Bank
Comely Lass
Coming Of Age
Coming Through The Rye
Committee Meeting
Company At The Manor
Compleat Gardener
Compliments To Jessie Bain
Compliments To The Lawsons
Concorde Strathspey
Confederation Square
Confiture Maison
Conical Chronicles
Connaught Ladies
Connie's Jig
Constant Companions
Consumption Dyke
Cool As A Cucumber
Cooma Highland Reel
Cooper Children
Cooper's Crown
Cooper's Wife (Mitchell)
Cooper's Wife (Mitchell) (3-Couple Version)
Cooper's Wife (Will)
Copenhagen Dragons
Copenhagen Reel
Copenhagen Strathspey
Copy Cat
Copycat Fantasia
Copycat Fugue
Copycat Prelude
Coral Wedding
Corbet's Strathspey
Cordial Jig
Corian Strathspey
Cork Hornpipe
Corn Rigs
Corner After Corner After Corner
Corner Capers
Corner Greeting
Corner House Jig
Corner Meeting
Corners Of Edinburgh
Cornet's Chase
Cornet's Lass
Cornish Hospitality
Corona Dance
Corona Virus Reel
Corrie An Dubh Lochain
Corrie Brochain
Corrie Buidhe
Corrie Cas
Corrie Creagach
Corrie Domhainn
Corrie Gorm
Corrie Na Ciche
Corrie Nan Clach
Corrie Sith
Corrie Sneachda
Corrievrechan (Priddey)
Corrievreckan (Boswell)
Corryvreckan (Frost)
Corstorphine Fair
Corstorphine Park
Corstorphine Road
Cosi Fan Tutte
Cosmos In The Highlands
Cotton Candy
Coulter's Candy
Countess Of Crawford's Reel
Countess Of Dunmore's Reel
Countess Of Elgin
Countess Of Lauderdale's Reel
Countess Of Sutherland's Reel
Couple Of Keepers
Couples Meet
Courage Reel
Courtney Jane
Cousin Jim
Couteraller's Rant
Covenanter's Reel
Covid Lockdown Strathspey
Covid-19 Reel
Cowburn Rant
Crabbit Shona
Cradle Song (Drewry)
Cradle Song (Hay)
Craigellachie Bridge
Craigellachie Lasses
Craigellachie Reel
Craigievar Magic
Craigievar Reel
Craigleith (Goldring)
Craigmin Brig
Crail Harbour
Cramond Bridge
Cramond Island
Cramond Wedding
Cranberry Tart
Crannog Gathering
Crathes Castle
Crathie Bellman
Craven Jig
Craven Reel
Craven Strathspey
Craven Twelvesome
Crawfords Of Kerrera
Creaky Floorboards
Cream Tea
Creetown Lassie
Crème De La Crème
Crescent Moon
Crickets By Moonlight
Crieff Fair
Crieff Jig
Crockett's Victory Garden
Croft Castle
Crom Allt
Cromarties New Rant
Cromartie's Rant
Cromarty's Sundance
Crombie Hall
Cromdel Hill
Crooked Burn
Crooked Spire
Crooket Horned Ewie
Cross And Cast Off
Cross-City Line
Crossing Corrievreckan
Crossing Paths
Crossing The Bay
Crossing The Brook
Crossing The Line
Crossing The Tay
Crossways Capers
Crowcombe And Stogumber
Crown Court
Crown House
Crown Of The Sea
Cruising Emerson Street
Cruives Of Cree
Crummy Reel
Crystal Congratulations
Crystal Jig
Crystal Quaich
Cuckoo Clock
Cuckoo's Nest
Cuddy Alang
Cuillins Of Skye
Culduthel Rant
Culla Bay
Cullen Skink
Culloden Links
Culloden Moor
Culloden's Fancy
Culzean Castle
Cumberland Jig
Cumberland Jig (3-Couple Version)
Cumberland Reel
Cumberland Square
Cumbrae Reel
Cupar Jig
Curia Lazy Weasel
Curia Strathspey
Currie Mountain
Custom Builder
Cutty Sark
CW Pimlott
Cyprus Delight (Jackson)


Da Fiddle Moves Me
Da Rain Dancin'
Da Tushker
Dab Of Gold
Daffodil Jig
Dagda Circle
Dagmar's Fancy
Daily Commute
Dainty Davie
Dainty Duncan
Daisy Chain (Downey)
Daisy Chain (Lavalle-Trente)
Daisy Chain (Robertson)
Daisy's Delight
Dalgarven Mill
Dalkeith's Strathspey
Dalry (Dickson)
Dalry Kirk Reel
Dalston Hall
Dalston Jig
Damaris Reel
Dame Alison Munro
Damflask Strathspey
Dan The Cobbler
Dance Best That Dances Fast
Dance Called Irene
Dance For All The Mackays
Dance For David
Dance For Denny
Dance For Dorothy (Cashmore/Ferrier)
Dance For Dorothy (Thorn)
Dance For Helen Lobb
Dance For Ivy
Dance For Joy
Dance For Mae
Dance For Maisondieu
Dance For Misato
Dance For Susi
Dance Illustrator
Dance In Korea
Dance Lieber
Dance O' Hoochs
Dance O' Lav'rocks
Dance O' Vowels
Dance Of Diamonds
Dance Of Love
Dance Of The Red Moon
Dance She Grac'd
Dance To Say Thank You
Dance With Me?
Dance With Mother
Dance With Your Soul
Dance Wizard
Dance Your Heart Intil You Feet
Dance, Dance
Dancer's Brainwave
Dancers Cleekit
Dancers' Companions
Dancer's Dream
Dancers Fae Auchleven
Dancer's Web
Dancers' Wedding
Dancetide Strathspey 2010
Dancing Around
Dancing Bees
Dancing Bells
Dancing Butterflies
Dancing Career
Dancing Chef
Dancing Circle
Dancing Dhonnachaidh
Dancing Diamonds
Dancing Dolphins
Dancing Dominie
Dancing For Pleasure
Dancing Fool
Dancing Forth
Dancing Gentleman
Dancing Girls
Dancing Hands
Dancing In Kirkcudbright
Dancing In The Cuckoo's Nest
Dancing In The Highlands
Dancing In The Street
Dancing Man
Dancing Master
Dancing Master Of Moncton
Dancing On
Dancing On Parnassus
Dancing On The Dole
Dancing On The Green
Dancing On Water (Morris)
Dancing Out Of Habit
Dancing Professor
Dancing Roon The Green
Dancing Shepherds
Dancing Spirit
Dancing Tailor
Dancing The Baby
Dancing With Fyre
Dancing Years
Dandelion Picker
Dandie Dinmont
Dandies Reel
Dandy Ninth
Danelaw Reel
Danger Is Sweet
Dangerous Curves
Dangling After Her
Daniel And Roger's Wedding
Danish Royalties
Daphne's Jig
Dardagny Reel
Dark Island
Dark Lochnagar
Dark Mile
Darlington Dancer
Das Jahrzehnt
Dashing White Sergeant
Daunder In Dovedale
Daunder In The Glen
Dave Macfarlane's Reel
Davelyn Country Dance
Davena's Strathspey
David Queen Strathspey
David Russell Hall
David's Delight
David's Double Trouble
David's Fancy
Davidson's Delight
Davidson's Farewell
Davy Glen's Strathspey
Davy Nick Nack
Davy's Locker
Dawn In The Heather
Dawn Is Breaking
Day After
Day At The Beach
Day Of Dance
Ddraig Goch
De Walden Court
Deacon Of The Weavers
Dean Bridge Of Edinburgh
Deanabh Seasamh
Dear David
Dear Gladys
Dear Green Place
Debbie The Hungarian Lady
Deb's Christmas Cracker
Dee In Spring
De'el's Awa' Wi' The Exciseman
Deep Pool Reel
Deer Friends
Deeside Banner
Deeside Silver
Deeside Wanderer
Deil Amang The Tailors
Deil Confound Me
Delft Delight
Delivery Round
Delong Reel
Delta Borderers' 25th
Delvine Side
Den O' Mains
Denise Cunningham
Denise's Delight
Der Absacker
Derek's Dilemma
Derek's Reel
Dervaig House
Dervaig Ladies Jig
Derwent Strathspey
Désirée And John
Désirée Patterson
Detasseling The Riggs Of Corn
Deuks Dang Ower My Daddie
Deveron Reel
Devil Among The Tailors
Devil In The Bearpit
Devil's Elbow
Devil's In The Detail
Devil's Point
Devil's Staircase
Devil's Water
Devorgilla Reel
Devorgilla's Delight
Dewy Fields
Diagonal Symmetry
Diamond 96
Diamond Anniversary
Diamond Celebration (Cook)
Diamond Celebration (Tucker)
Diamond Celebration (Willitt)
Diamond Celebration Jig
Diamond For Belfast
Diamond For Napier
Diamond For The Ladies
Diamond Girls
Diamond Jig (Haworth)
Diamond Jig (Robson)
Diamond John
Diamond Jubilee
Diamond Jubilee 2012
Diamond Jubilee Medley
Diamond Plus
Diamond Quarrie
Diamond Reel
Diamond Rose
Diamond Set In Silver
Diamond Wedding
Diamond White
Diamonds Are Forever Dancing
Diana's Reel
Diane's Fancy
Dianne Murdoch's Promenade
Dianne's Smile
Dice Dance
Dick's Dram
Didgeridoos Of Dunvegan
Díky Marie
Dillsburg Jig
Dinna Fash
Dinna Gang Aglae
Dinna Haud The Cannle
Dinna Kittl Me
Dinner For One
Director Jim
Dirleton Gate
Distillery Reel
Do Not Stop
Docent's Tour
Dodgem Reel
Dog's Breakfast
Dogs In Heaven
Doing My Own Thing
Domino Five
Don And Dee's Reel
Don House
Donald Bane
Donald Iain Rankine
Donald McLeod
Donald's Gain
Donald's Midden
Donald's Strathspey
Donau Strathspey
Donna's Dancing Shoes
Don's Reel
Donside Reel
Don't Touch The Door Lewie
Don't Worry
Doodling At Dawn
Doon The Brae
Doonhamer Delight
Dophei Strathspey
Dora Connolly's Jig
Doreen's Delight
Dornie Strathspey
Dornoch Links
Dorothy's Wedding Dance
Double Cherry Blossoms
Double Diamond Rant
Double Diamond Strathspey
Double Dose
Double Eights
Double Eightsome Reel
Double Eighty
Double Measure
Double Postie's Jig
Double Scotch
Double Sixsome
Double The Trouble
Double Thirty Five
Double Top Jig
Double Triumph
Double Trouble Triangles
Dougal Of Shandon
Douglas Water
Doune Ferryman
Doune Mill
Dove Cot Chase
Dovecot Park
Dovecote Park
Down But Not Out
Down By The Salley Gardens
Down Corkery Road
Down Unda
Down Under
Downie's Humour
Dowry Bride
Dr Margaret Underwood's Strathspey
Dr McDonald's Jig
Dr Quarrie's Birthday
Dr Robertson
Dr Sally Hayes
Dr William Cunningham
Dragon's Wing
Draught Dance
Dream Catcher
Dressed In Green And Gold
Drew's Delight
Driving Through Eutaw
Drookit Mousie
Drops Of Brandy
Drowsy Maggie
Drumblair's Reels
Drumduan Cottage
Drumlins Of Down
Drummer And The Dancer
Drummer's Daunder
Drummond Castle
Drumtochty Glen
Drunkard's Dream
Drunken Party
Drunken Sailor
Drunken Sailor (Adapted)
Dubh Gall
Dublin's Delights
Dublin's Farewell To The Boodes
Duchess Of Argyll
Duchess Of Atholl's Slipper
Duchess Of Buccleuch's Favourite
Duchess Of Gordon's Fancy
Duchess Of York
Duchess Tree
Duddingston Loch
Duff's House
Dufftown Twirl
Dufftown's 50th
Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge
Duke And Duchess Of Cornwall
Duke And Duchess Of Edinburgh
Duke And Duchess Of Sussex
Duke He Was A Bonnie Beau
Duke Is Welcome To Inverness
Duke Of Atholl's Reel
Duke Of Gelre
Duke Of Gordon's Welcome To Aberdeen
Duke Of Hamilton's Reel
Duke Of Kent's Waltz
Duke Of Perth
Duke Of Roxburgh's Reel
Duke Of Wellington
Dumbarton Drums
Dumfries Lad
Dumfries Rambler
Dumfries Welcomes Ribble Valley
Dumgoyne (Emmerson)
Dun Alasdair Strathspey
Dun Arisaig
Dunblane Drummer
Dunblane Holiday
Dunblane Reel
Duncan Gray
Duncan MacCalman
Duncan Mackay
Duncan McArthur's Favourite
Duncan's Dance (Duncan)
Duncan's Dance (Veranth)
Duncan's Jig
Dundee City Police Jig
Dundee Civic Jig
Dundee Dragon
Dundee Reel
Dundee Sailor
Dundee Strathspey
Dundee To Malaga
Dundee Whaler
Dundee Wheeler
Dunedin Festival Dance
Dunedin Folly
Dunedin Ruby
Dunfermline Glen
Dunfermline To Sarasota
Dunivard Reel
Dunkeld House
Dunnet Head
Dunnington Strathspey
Dunnottar Castle (Ball)
Dunnottar Castle (Drewry)
Duns 500
Duns And District
Dunshelt Strathspey
Dunsmuir Strathspey
Dunvegan Castle
Duran Ranger
Durian Rant
Dusk To Dawn
Dusky Dolphins
Dusty Miller
Dutch Skipper
Duthie Park
Dyke On The 49th
Dym 180


Eaglesham Fancy
Eagleton Strathspey
Earl And Countess Of Wessex
Earl Of Angus And Arran
Earl Of Errol's Reel
Earl Of Home
Earl Of Inverness
Earl Of Mansfield
Earl Of Northampton
Earlstoun Loch
Early In The Morning
Early Riser
Early Spring
Easily Led
East Coast Fiddlers' Ball
East Meets West
East To The Escarpment
Easter Egg
Easter Reel
Easter Wedding
Eastern Promise
Easy Does It
Easy Peasy
Easy Peasy Rights And Lefts
Ebb And Flow (Kok)
Ecclefechan Feline
Eccles' Rant
Echoes Of Strathglass
Eden Court
Edina's Pride
Edinburgh Castle Reel
Edinburgh Exiles
Edinburgh Jigs
Edinburgh Medalist
Edinburgh Toy Shop
Edinburgh Volunteers
Edmonton Snowball 1
Edmonton Snowball 2
Edna's Farewell
Edzell Arch
Ee Ba Gum Bu'r'am Caud
E'eens Ye Like
Eerie Shores
Eifel Welcome
Eight Men Of Moidart
Eight Of Diamonds
Eighteen Years On
Eighteen! Eighteen!
Eighteenth Anniversary
Eighth Battalion-The Royal Scots
Eights All Round
Eightsome Reel
Eighty Eight
Eighty Not Out
Eilean Ban
Eilean Donan Castle
Eileen Kirk's Reel
Eileen Rumble MBE
Eileen Watt's Reel
Eileen Watt's Strathspey
Ein Tanz Mit Susanne
Elderflower Champagne
Eleanor's First Birthday
Eleanor's Jig
Eleanor's Strathspey
Electric Brae
Electric Pattersons
Elegant Cranes Strathspey
Elegant Gentleman
Elephants Don't Forget
Elephant's Stampede
Eliza Emily's Reel
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson's Strathspey
Elizabeth Hunter's Strathspey
Elizabeth II
Elizabeth Lye's Strathspey
Elizabeth Thomson Of St Andrews
Elizabethan Jig
Elizabethan Reel
Elizabethan Strathspey
Elizabeth's Fancy
Elizabeth's Request
Ellie's Jig
Ellwyn Strathspey
Ellwyn's Fairy Glen
Elma McCausland MBE
Elphinstone Jig
Elsie's Dance
Elusive Muse
Emerald Hills Of Home
Emerald Isle (Clindinning)
Emily's Wedding
Emma And Danielle's Jig
Emma's Delight
Emma's Strathspey
Emmett's Chase
Emmie's Delight
En Tournée Avec Iris
Ena's Strathspey
Enchanted Garden
Enchanted Isle
End Of The Great Bridge
Endless Progress
Endless Summer
Endrick Water
Engine Room
Enid's Welcome
Enniskillen Dragoons
Ennismore Strathspey
Entente Florale
Epping Hundred
Epuni Station
Eric Hill's Reel
Erica's Dance
Eric's Reel
Erika's Way
Erindale Jig
Espie McNabb
Esther's Reel
Eternal Flame
Eternal Friendship
Etta Gibson's Strathspey
Ettrick Water
Euan's Jig
Eva Three Step
Evelyn's Dance
Evelyn's Surprise
Evening Primrose
Evergreen Fairs
Everlasting Flower
Everlasting Friendship
Every Witch Way
Everything Stops For Tea
Ewan Telford's Strathspey
Ewing Fiddlers
Exciseman (Drewry)
Exciseman (Rayner)
Executive Reel
Exeter's Ruby
Expert Dancer
Extra Day
Eyemouth Harbour Reel
Eyrie In The Glen
Ezekiel's Wheel


Fa' This
Faculty Of Actuaries
Fàilte Gu Alba
Fain To Follow
Fair Donald
Fair Enough
Fair Helen
Fair Isle Stacs
Fair Jennie's Jig
Fair Jenny's Jig
Fair Maid Of Perth
Fair Maids Of Lyon
Fair O' Feir
Fair Ronny's Reel
Fair Rosamund
Fairbridge Reel
Fairest Cape
Fairfield Bridge
Fairgrieve's Fancy
Fairly Shot O' Her
Fairy Dance
Fairy Flag
Fairy Ring
Fairyknowe Lodge
Falcon Square
Falconer Hall
Falkirk Bairn
Falkirk Lass
Falkirk Millennium Wheel
Falkland Beauty
Falling Leaves
Fallingbrook Strathspey
Falls Of Bracklinn
Falls Of Clyde
Falls Of Feugh
Falls Of Foyers
Falls Of Lora (Johnston)
Falls Of Rogie
Famous Grouse
Far Cuillins
Far Distant Land
Far Islands
Far North Queensland
Faradh Nam Fidhlearan
Faraway Isle
Fare Thee Well
Farewell To Auchterarder
Farewell To Balfour Road
Farewell To Benbecula
Farewell To Crumlin
Farewell To Fife
Farewell To Finchampstead
Farewell To Forty-Nine
Farewell To Helensburgh
Farewell To Hugh
Farewell To Miller's Forest
Farewell To Peebles
Farewell To Perth
Farewell To Portrush
Farewell To Scotland
Farewell To Tawa
Farewell To The Highlands
Farewell To The Irwell
Farewell To The Island
Farewell To The North
Farewell To The OTC
Farewell To The South
Farewell To Wiston
Farewell To Zakopane
Farm House Jig
Farnham Maltings
Farquharson Fifty
Father Connelly's Jig
Father To Son
Favourite Of Kazue
Favourite Partners
Feilleadh Beag
Feline Friends
Feline Friends Reloaded
Fellowship Reel
Fellside Ramble
Fentham Jig
Fergus And His Ladies
Fergus McIver
Ferguson's Fancy
Fergusson Strathspey
Ferla Mor
Fermat's Bicycle
Ferry Boats On The Mersey
Ferry Louper
Festival Dream
Festival Fling
Festival Interceltique
Festival Man
Fête Champêtre
Fiddle Faddle
Fiddle Sound
Fiddlehead Feast
Fiddler On The Capstan
Fiddler's Bairn
Fiddler's Delight
Fiddlers Of Dunkeld
Fiddler's Wife
Fiddlesticks Frolic
Fiddling In The Pinewoods
Fidgin Fain
Fife Hunt
Fife Meeting
Fife Ness
Fifteenth Anniversary Reel
Fifteenth Anniversary Strathspey
Fiftieth Parallel
Fifty And A' That
Fifty First Highland Division
Fifty First Travellers
Fifty Glorious Years
Fifty Roses For Eva
Fifty Years On
Fifty-Two Summers
Fig Tree Bay
Fight About The Fireside
Figure It Out
Fill The Fetters
Final City
Final Fling
Final Reel
Findhorn Bay
Findhorn In Flood
Findhorn Medley
Finding You
Findlater Castle
Findlays' Jig
Fine Fettle
Fingask Castle
Finlay Stewart Skinner
Finn Gall
Finnan Haddies
Finnish RoMance
Fiona Stapleton's Strathspey
Fiona's Fancy
Fiona's Jig
Fiona's Strathspey
Fire In The Rye 1
Fire In The Rye 2
Firecracker Reel
Fireside Reel
Fireside Strathspey
Fireworks Reel
First February
First Foot And Friend
First Love (Baker)
First Of September (Dix)
First Rain Of Spring
First Ray Of The Sun
First Snowdrops
First Try
Firth Of Beauly
Fisher Blue
Fisherman Ginger's Reel
Fisherman's Reel
Fitzroy Fancy
Five Alive
Five Arrows
Five Couple MacDonald Of The Isles
Five Crossings From Mallaig
Five Penny Ness
Five Row Reel
Five Times Five Makes Twenty Five
Five Times Through, Thank You, Bobby
Five Years On
Fivesome Reel
Flaff Roon
Flakes On The Road
Fleur De Lyon
Flight Of The Falcon
Flight Of The Teale
Flight To Melbourne
Flights Of Fancy
Flirt In Isolation
Flirtation Chase
Flirtation Hornpipe
Flitting Forever
Flitting Of Lorn
Floating On Air
Flock Of Geese
Flodigarry Strathspey
Floozie In The Jacuzzi
Flora Inglis' Strathspey
Flora's Cross
Flora's Fancy
Flora's Journey
Florida Crackers
Florrie's Fancy (Beaney)
Florrie's Fancy (Stewart/Gertz)
Floundering Around
Flower Lady
Flower O' The Quern (Drewry)
Flower Of Forfar
Flower Of Glasgow
Flower Of Portencross
Flower Of The Quern (Boyd)
Flowering Heather
Flowers And Fields
Flower's Favourite
Flowers Of Dunbeg
Flowers Of Edinburgh
Flowers Of Ildikó
Flowers Of Scotland
Flowers Of Sydney
Flowers Of Texas
Flowers Of The West
Fluin Lane
Fly Fishers' Strathspey
Fly Not Yet
Flying Cloud
Flying Dutchman
Flying High (Cannonito)
Flying High (Duewell)
Flying Scot
Flying Scotsman (Original)
Flying Scotsman (Simplified)
Flying Scotsman (Simplified, 3-Couple Version)
Flying Spur
Fog In Summer
Foggy River Reel
Follow Baha
Follow Her Over The Border
Follow Me
Follow Me Home
Follow My Lassokie
Follow My Love
Follow The Knowes
Follow The Piper
Follow Your Love
Following The Deer
Foot It Out
Football Time
For A Special Lady
For All The Days Of Dance
For All The Ladies
For Ever And Aye
For Lack Of Gold
For Old Times' Sake
For Posterity
For The Love Of Scottish Country Dancing
Forbes Rant
Ford Strathspey
Foreoars Lilt
Forever Friends
Forget Me Knot (Ibbotson)
Forget Me Knot (Youngman)
Forres Fancy
Forrest Lassies
Forsake Not The Lomonds
Fort Beauséjour
Fort Langley Hornpipe
Forteviot Jig
Forth Bridge (Stone)
Forth Bridge Jig
Forth Frolics
Forth Railway Bridge Centenary Reel
Fortieth Anniversary
Fortrose Frolic
Forty And Counting
Forty Merks
Forty Shades Of Grey
Forty Years Together (Beaney)
Forty Years Together (Martlew)
Forty-Five Years On
Forty-Five Years Together
Fortypence Wood
Forward To Frankfurt
Foula Reel
Founder's Jig
Founder's Reel
Four Couples' Pleasure
Four Double Six Six Four Jig
Four Ducks In A Row
Four Leaf Clover
Four Minute Reel
Four Of Diamonds (Glasspool)
Four Score Square
Four Scottish Moons
Four Thousand And Seven
Four Three Five Three
Four-Hand Star
Four-Handed Reel
Four's A Score
Fours To The Fore
Foursome Reel
Foursome Reel And Half Reel Of Tulloch
Fourteenth Of July
Fox In The Wood
Fox River
Foxhill Court
Frae A' The Airts
Frae Hough To Hough
Frae Many A Blunder Free Us
Frae Near And Far
Fran MacCulloch
Frances, Our Treasure
Frances's Goat Track
François' Frolic
Frankfurt Fancy
Fraser's Favourite
Fraser's Fiddle
Fraser's Lady
Fred's Fling
Freeman Of Auchtermuchty
French Connection
French Delight
French Knot
Freshwater Bay (Burns)
Friars Reel
Friday Frolics
Friday Night Musician
Friday Night Reel
Friday The Thirteenth
Friday's Child
Friends Across The Ocean
Friends Awa'
Friends For Reel
Friends From Overseas
Friendship Jig
Frimley Green Reel
Frisk O'er The Drum
Frog In The Middle
Frolic For Fred
Frolic In The Poppy Field
From Ochtertyre To Amulree
From Paper To Pearl
From Scotia's Shores We're Noo Awa'
From Shore To Shore
From The Black Isle To The Black Sea
From The Broomielaw
Frontenac Strathspey
Frost And Snow
Fugal Fergus
Full Circle
Full Monty
Fulwood Favourite
Fun And Flirtation
Fun At Fermi
Fun For The Young
Furl About The Feezings
Furth O' Clyde
Fusilier's Dream


Gábor's Wedding
Gaelforce Wind
Gaelic College Pipe Band's Welcome Home
Gaelic College Strathspey
Gaelic College Twasome
Gaelic Sixsome
Gagt's Reel
Gail's Delight
Gairie Burn
Gairloch Hornpipe
Gala Water
Galbraith Gold
Gallagher's Rant
Gallant Weaver
Galloping Carousel
Galloping Gordon
Galloway House
Galloway Tale
Galloway Tensome
Gang The Same Gate
Gannochy Reel
Garb Of Old Gaul
Garden City Jig
Garden City Jubilee
Garden Party (Ligtmans)
Garden Party (Richardson)
Gardener's Delight (Jennings)
Gardener's Delight (New Forest SCD)
Gardeners' Fantasia
Gardners' Rant
Garple Burn
Garry Strathspey
Gary Scott's Jig
Gates Of Edinburgh
Gateway To Northland
Gateway To The World
Gathering Of The Clan
Gavin's Reel
Gay Gordons
Gay Gordons Two Step
Geburtstag In Wien
Geese In The Bog
Geestland Jig
General Murray's Reel
General Ritchie's Reel
General Stuart's Reel
Geneva Dancers
Geneva Park
Geneviève's Jig
Gentle Annie
Gentle Breeze
Gentle Shepherd
Geoff Of Morland
Geordies' Diamond Reel
Geordie's Tunebook
George Fleming's Tribute To The Timor
George Keith
George Rennie's Rant
George Stirrat's Rant
George Will's Jig
George's Strathspey (Robertson)
George's Strathspey (Webb)
Georgian Earrings
Georgian Strathspey
Georgie's Jig
German Frolic
Get The Feet A'Frisking
Get Up And Rin
Get Weaving
Get Your Skates On
Get Yoursel' A Toyboy
Getting To Know You
GG's Manor
Ghost Dance
Giants Of Foudland
Gibbs' Valentine Party
Gibson's Large And Gibson's Small
Gie Us The Gift
Gie's A Hand O' Thine
Gift From Heaven
Gift To Bo'ness Dance
Gifts (McKinnell)
Gifts (van Maarseveen)
Gillian And Joe Wheadon
Gillian's Strathspey
Gilly Flower
Gimme A Break
Gin And Tonic
Ginette d'Hénonville
Ginzton Frolic
Giradet House
Glacier Express
Gladys McDonald Of Glencoe
Glaikit Gowk
Glasgow 1990
Glasgow Anniversary Jig
Glasgow Assembly
Glasgow Country Dance
Glasgow Flourish
Glasgow Gardens
Glasgow Gold
Glasgow Highlanders
Glasgow Jubilee
Glasgow Lasses
Glasgow Reel
Glasgow Regatta
Glasgow Skye Reel
Glastonbury Tor
Glen Alva
Glen Cairn
Glen Clova
Glen Dochart Reel
Glen Erin Jig
Glen Falloch (Attwood)
Glen Falloch (Boyd)
Glen Feshie
Glen Garry Medley
Glen Grant
Glen Lyon
Glen Mor
Glen Orrin Mixer
Glen Orrin Strathspey
Glen Pavilion
Glenalmond Gamekeeper
Glenbarry Lad
Glenburn Strathspey
Glenburnie Rant
Glenburn's Welcome
Glendalough Strathspey
Glendyke Rant
Glenfiddich (Foss)
Glenfinnan Gathering
Glengarry Homestead
Glenmoriston Ceilidh Special
Glenora Ferry
Glens Of Angus
Glens Of Antrim (Clindinning)
Glens Of Antrim (Smith)
Glenside Welcome
Glenys Pearce's Strathspey
Gliding Into The Sixties
Glint In The Eye
Glint Of Gold
Glittering Caves
Globe Inn
Gloomy Winter (Brockbank)
Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa'
Gloria's Wee Jig
Glorious Twelfth (McGhee)
Glowerin' Coo
Go With The Flow
Go With The Rhythm
Goat Fell Gallop
Goathland Road
Going Dutch
Going For A Spin
Gold And Silver (Birdsall)
Gold And Silver (Drewry)
Gold And Silver Strathspey
Gold Coast's Ruby
Gold In Sydney
Gold In Tassie
Gold In The West
Golden Annings
Golden Anniversary Strathspey
Golden Apple Jig
Golden Arc
Golden Boy
Golden Bracken (24 bar version)
Golden Bracken (32 bar version)
Golden Branch
Golden Castle Of Gifu
Golden Celebration
Golden Chain
Golden Companions
Golden Croydon
Golden Eagle
Golden Eccles Cakes
Golden Fantail
Golden Gaels Reel
Golden Gateway Reel
Golden Girl Reel
Golden Heather Medley
Golden Hills Of Glen Orrin
Golden Hind
Golden Hornpipe
Golden Jubilee Reel
Golden Knot
Golden Memories
Golden Moments
Golden Pheasant
Golden Rush
Golden Snitch
Golden Trilium
Golden Wedding Strathspey
Golden Years (Barbour)
Golden Years (Brown)
Golden Years (Kent)
Golden Years (Sutherland)
Gone Fishing
Good Dance
Good Friends
Good Hearted Glasgow
Good Luck To Thomas
Good Times
Goodhind Reel
Goodnight And Joy Be With You
Goodtime Reel
Goose Burn
Gordon Chase
Gordon Highlanders
Gordon Of Methlic
Gordon Of Straloch
Gordon Strathspey
Gordon Young's Reel
Gordonian Strathspey
Gordon's Cider Press
Gordons Of Kirkcudbright
Gorgeous Gordons
Gothenburg's Welcome
Gowan Hill
Graceful Strathspey
Graham Park
Grampian Strathspey
Grand Hall
Grand MacNish
Grand March
Grandma's Mandolin
Granite City Reel
Granny Kempock
Granny Knot (Boehmer)
Granny Knot (Drewry)
Granny's Jig
Granny's Reel
Grants' New Rant
Grant's Rant
Grant's Reel
Granville Market
Grapefruit On The Hill
Grassmarket Reel
Gravitational Waves
Gravy Train
Great Big Sea
Great Expectations
Great Gable
Great Mandala
Great Permian Mass Extinction
Great Spirit's Voice
Great Teddy Bear Hunt
Green Dragon
Green Grandparents
Green Grow The Rashes
Green Isle Bridge
Green Street
Greenbelt Jig
Greenburn Reel
Greencourt Reel
Greengates Of Fortrose
Greenwich Hill
Greeting Greta
Greeting Jig
Greetings From St Ninians
Greetings From Victoria
Gregorach Reel
Greig's Pipes
Grenoble Gem
Grenoble Walnuts
Gretchen's Fancy
Grey Daylight
Grey Wanderer
Greyfriar's Bobby
Greyfriars Strathspey
Greyfriars' Treasurer
Griffin's Flight
Grimaldi 700
Groam House
Groundhog Day (Eysseric)
Groundhog Day (Kargapoltsev)
Grumpy Gentleman
Grumpy John
Gudeman Of Day
Guests At Mairi's Wedding
Guid Friends
Guid New Year
Guid Tae Ken Ye
Guid To Ken Ye
Guidman Of Balangigh
Guisborough Lassies
Gunns' Rant
Gushet Neuk
Gushic Neuk
Gymnasts' Medley
Gypsy Crown
Gypsy Dreams
Gypsy Girl's Headscarf
Gypsy Girl's Headscarf (3-Couple Version)
Gypsy Glen
Gypsy Rover
Gypsy Shawl
Gypsy Shawl (3-Couple Version)
Gypsy Thread
Gypsy Weaver


H.M.S. Veronica
Ha! Ha! The Wooin' O' It
Haar On Skye
Haar On The Hill
Haddington Assembly
Haddo House
Hadrian's Reel
Hadrian's Wall (Haynes)
Hadron Collider
Haggarty's Brig
Haggis Hunters
Haggis Thrash
Haggis Tree
Haig Of Bemersyde
Hailin' Harris
Hairste'en Jig
Hairy Mary
Hal Robinson's Rant
Half A Century
Half And Half (Petyt)
Half And Half (Riley)
Half Century Jig
Half Crown Jig
Half Measure Reel
Halfway To Silver
Haliburton Circle
Haliburton Tensome
Haliburton Welcome
Hall Change
Hall Of The South
Hallo Hallowe'en
Hallowed Moon
Hallowe'en (Bell)
Hallowe'en (Mitchell)
Hallowe'en Jig (MacLeod)
Hallowe'en Shadows
Hamba Kahle
Hame Came Our Gudeman
Hame O' Mine
Hamilton Ceilidh
Hamilton Hospitality
Hamilton House
Hamilton Rant
Hamilton Welcome
Hamilton's Strathspey
Hamish McIntosh
Hamish McThistle
Hamish Smith's Reel
Hammock Jig
Hana Strathspey
Hand In Hand
Hand Sanitizer Strathspey
Handem Reel
Hand-In-Hand We'll Go
Hands Across The Border
Hands Across The Sea
Hands Free
Hank's Dance
Hanle The Feet
Hanna's Pride
Happiness Is Scottish Country Dancing
Happy 50th Anniversary
Happy Agnes
Happy And Glorious
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary Jig
Happy Birthday, Kennocha!
Happy Christmas
Happy Couple (Avery)
Happy Couple (Mitchell)
Happy Dancers
Happy Ferryman
Happy Fourty
Happy House Martins
Happy Meeting
Happy Potter
Happy Returns
Happy Smile
Happy Tenth
Happy To Meet
Happy To See You
Happy Valentine
Happy Weasel
Happy Weekend
Harbour City
Harcourt Crossroads
Hard Drive
Hare Reel
Harold House Jig
Harold's Strathspey
Harry And The Harem
Hartfell Jig
Harvest Moon
Harwell Caledonian Society
Haste To Hillockhead
Haste To The Wedding
Haste Ye Back
Haste Ye Back To Bonnie Scotland
Hasten To Your Feet
Hastings Welcome
Haughs O' Cromdale
Haunt Of The Gnomes
Have A Bashie
Hawkesbury Rant
Hayford Reel
Hay's Australian Ladies
Haytor Reel
Haywards Hill
Hazel Tree
Hazel's Salute To The Seventies
He Built A Crooked House
Head Of The Pin
Heads And Tails
Heart To Heart
Hearts Content
Heathcote Hall
Heather And Sally's Charity Jig
Heather Bank Jig
Heather Dewar
Heather On The Mountain
Heather Ross MacDonald
Heathery Breeze
Hebridean Weaving Lilt
Hedwig's Reel
Heights Of Rechberg
Helen And Tom Smith's Jig
Helen Brown
Helen Rose's Strathspey
Helen's Reel
Helen's Strathspey
Helen's Wedding
Hello In July
Hello To Stranraer
Hemman Lane Jig
Hen House
Henderson In Hereford
Heptathlon Jig
Her Majesty Is Welcome
Here Comes Santa Claus
Here We Go
Hereawa, Thereawa
Hereford Silver Jubilee
Here's A Hand (Ackerley)
Here's A Hand (Firth)
Here's A Hand My Trusty Fiere
Here's Tae Us
Herstmonceux Castle
Heston Jig
Hey Charlie
Hey For The Hielan' Body
Hey! Jenny, Come Down To Jock
Hey, Johnnie Cope
Hey, Johnny Cope
Hidden Assets
Hidden Heart
Hidden Valley
Hidemi's Wedding
Hielan' Padyane
High Bridge O' Ken
High Close Lassies
High Lodge
High Park Blacksmith
High Road To Wigton
High Society
Highcliff Jig
Highland Brigade
Highland Fair
Highland Gambler
Highland Games
Highland Gathering
Highland Heather Honey
Highland Laddie
Highland Ladies
Highland Lass
Highland Mary
Highland Midge
Highland Plaid
Highland Rambler
Highland Reel
Highland Rose
Highland Tour
Highland Welcome (Forbes)
Highlander In Glasgow
Highlander's Farewell
Highlander's Jig
Highlandman Kissed His Mother (Border Dance Book 9)
Highlandman Kissed His Mother (MMM)
Highlandman's Umbrella
Highveld Storm
Highways And Byways
Hillcrest's Ruby Gem
Hills Of Alba
Hills Of Langholm
Hills Of Nova Scotia
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip-Hop For Hipsters
His Other Wife
History In The Making
HMS Veronica
Hobson's Choice
Hodden Shawl
Hogmanay Jig
Hogmanay Rebels
Hogmanay Strathspey
Holden Lane
Holden My Own
Hole In One
Hole In The Wa'
Holiday Reel
Holland Park
Hollin Buss
Holly Bush
Holly Rigg
Holly's Joy
Holmenkollen Strathspey
Holy Cow!!
Holy Island Reel
Holyrood House
Holyrood Strathspey
Holywood Production
Home And Away
Home Farm Jig
Home Farm Trust Reel
Homecoming 2009
Homecoming Dance
Homecoming Reel
Homemade Jam
Homeward Bound (Boyd)
Homeward Bound (Forbes)
Homeward Bound (Mitchell)
Honest George
Honest Men And Bonnie Lassies
Honeybee Hornpipe
Honeymoon (MMM)
Honeymoon (RSCDS Graded Book)
Honeymoon In Scotland
Honeysuckle And The Bindweed (Bradley)
Honeysuckle And The Bindweed (Wilson)
Honour A King
Honour The Piper
Honour Your Partner
Hooked On Bells
Hoop Her And Gird Her
Hooper's Double Jig
Hooper's Jig
Hope Little's Strathspey
Hope Valley Reel
Hopeful Lovers
Hopetoun House
Horse Isle
Horsewell's Jig
Horton's Fancy
Hospitality Circle
Hot Cross Bun
Hot Cross Buns
Hot Links
Hot Punch
Hot Toddy
Hot Trod
House On Dell Lane
How Are You
How Does It Go?
How Does It Start?
How Many Are There Tonight, David?
Howard McNally's Favourite
Howgate Reel
Hoy Head
Hoy Tensome
Hudson Landing
Hugh Morrison's Delight
Hugh Roberts' Strathspey
Humberstone's Magic Piano
Humming Bird
Hummingbirds In Oldenburg
Humours Of California
Huncote Jig
Hundred And Ninety-Two Miles Home
Hundred Years Behind Us!
Hungarian Bride
Hunter House Mill
Hunter Valley Strathspey
Hunter's Hill
Hunter's Moon
Hunter's Run
Hunterston Brooch
Hunting Gordon
Hunting Horn
Huntly Castle
Hurlingham Quadrangle
Hurricane Watch
Hutton Castle
Hyperactive Reel
Hypochondriac's Delight


I Canna Buckle To
I Can't Make It Any Easier
I Don't Want To Be One
I Love To Wear The Kilt
Iain Campbell's Jig
Iain D MacPhail
Iain MacPhail's Jig
Iain Nixon's Reel
Iain's Obsession
Ian Alexander's Reel
Ian And Joan McKenzie's Strathspey
Ian Cruickshanks Of Kirriemuir
Ian Hasnae Crossed The Braes
Ian Powrie's Farewell To Auchterarder
Ian Powrie's Farewell To Scotland
Ice Cap
Ice Cream With Chopsticks
Ice Crystals
If All The Snow Goes Up In Flames
If At First...
Ilka Joy
Ilkley Gift
I'll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon
I'll Mak' Ye Fain To Follow Me
I'll Ne'er Leave Thee
Illabo Rant
Illusive Eclipse
Immigrant Lass
Imminent Emminent Vet
In Balance
In Campbell Country
In Garb Of Old Gaul
In Mr McGregor's Garden
In Sickness And In Health
In The Buff
In Traditional Mode
Inch Of Perth
Indian Peter's Reel
Indian River Strathspey
Inglesmaldie Strathspey
Ingleton Rant
Inimitable Derek
Inn On The Moor
Innes Dancers' Reel
Inside Oot Fish Eater
Inside Out Promenade
Intellectual Interlude
Interesting Times
Inveran Bridge
Invercauld's Reel
Inverneill House
Inverness (Sixsome) Reel
Inverness Country Dance
Inverness Reel
Inversnaid Reel
Inverugie Castle (Drewry)
Inverugie Castle (Elliot)
Inveruglas Water
Invitation Dance
Iona Cross
Iona Reel
Iona Strathspey
Irene Bennett's Strathspey
Irene's Rant
Irene's Strathspey
Irish Drover
Irish In The Rain
Irish Maid
Irish Rose
Irish Rover
Iron Horse Reel
Iron Man (Mitchell)
Iron Man (Roby)
Iron Piper
Iron Pot
Irwin Reel
Isca Reel
Isla's Fancy
Islay Mist
Islay Strathspey
Isle Of Arran
Isle Of Man Strathspey
Isle Of Skye
Islesburgh Reel
Isobel's Flirty Fancy
Isobel's Welcome
Isolated Weasel
It Flows Nicely
It Should Be Fun
It Wisnae Me
Itchen Abbas
Itchy Feet
Ithaca Reel
It's A Cinch
It's A Dying Art
It's A Reel Thing
It's About Time
It's All Right
It's Fun To Dance
It's In The Bag
It's Just For Fun
It's Nae Bother
It's Not Rocket Science
It's Past Eight 0'clock
It's Reel Life


J A G's Welcome To Terremolinos
J.B. Milne
Jack Daniel's Waltz
Jack Gregor's Jig
Jack O' Carron
Jack On The Green
Jack's Delight
Jack's Jig
Jack's Teddy-Bears
Jack's The Lad (Dix)
Jack's The Lad (Goldring)
Jacqui Watson's Strathspey
Jacquie's Fankle
Jag's Jig
Jag's Welcome To Terremolinos
James Carter's Strathspey
James Crichton Of Eliock's Strathspey
James Gray
James Senior Of St Andrews
James's Jig
Jamie's Jig (Buckle)
Jamie's Jig (Rhodes)
Jamie's Jig (St Amand)
Jan Harmon's Reel
Jan Maree
Jane And Alice Have A Birthday
Jane's A Bonnie Lass
Jane's Jig (Hoffman)
Jane's Jig (Petyt)
Janet's Cup Of Tea
Janet's Delight
Janette Bulloch's Strathspey
Janette's Jig
Janice Stevenson's Strathspey
Janis - The Dancing Damsel
January Jig
January Welcome
Jarig Jetje
Jaunty Jack
JB Milne
JB² (JB Squared)
Jean Martin Of Aberdeen
Jean Robertson's Jig
Jean Sim's Jig
Jeanette's Hornpipe
Jeannie O' Langside
Jeannie O' The Witchin' E'e
Jean's Delight
Jean's Frolic
Jean's Jig
Jean's Reel
Jellyfish At North Gut
Jennifer McFarlane's Wedding
Jennifer's Fancy
Jennifer's Itchy Fingers
Jennifer's Jig
Jennifer's Jig (3-Couple Version)
Jennifer's Reel
Jenny Come Down To Jock
Jenny Dang The Weaver
Jenny Freeman's Strathspey
Jenny Pluck Pears
Jenny's Bawbee
Jenny's Well
Jerusalem Farm Youth Hostel
Jessica's Strathspey
Jessie Stuart's Reel
Jessie Wiseman's Reel
Jessie's Fancy
Jessie's Hornpipe
Jess's Jig
Jewel In The Navel
Jig Along Home
Jig For Allison
Jig For Ann
Jig For Charlie
Jig For Corrie
Jig For Denise
Jig For Elizabeth Ann
Jig For Elthea
Jig For Eric And Margaret
Jig For Garry
Jig For George
Jig For Helen
Jig For Jack
Jig For Jane
Jig For Jim And Joe
Jig For Joan (Neill)
Jig For Joe
Jig For John Philip
Jig For Judith Pretty
Jig For Jyllian
Jig For Kay
Jig For Liz
Jig For Marcus
Jig For Midge
Jig For Mrs Dunn
Jig For Nethybridge Dancers
Jig For Robert Black
Jig For Robin
Jig For Sally Peavine
Jig For The Sally Lightfoot Crab
Jig For Yukio
Jig Time
Jig To The Music
Jig With Alexandra
Jiggery Pokery
Jill Wings It
Jill's Delight
Jill's Dental Jig
Jill's Gentle Jig
Jim Dougal Of Eyemouth
Jim Johnstone's Reel
Jim MacLellan's Strathspey
Jim Nicholson's Strathspey
Jim Stott's Reel
Jim The Dancing Janny
Jimmy Frae Dundee
Jimmy Shore's Fancy
Jimmy's Fancy
Jimmy's Strathspey
Jimp Waist
Jim's Circle Of Friends
Jim's Haberdashery
Jim's Tangents
Jindalee Jig
Jingling Geordie's Jig
Jist A Wee Drappie
Jo Mansfield's Rant
Joan Tyler Jig
Joannie's Hornpipe
Joan's Jig
Joan's Joy
Jobelmann Jig
Joe Foster's Jig
Joe MacDiarmid's Jig
Joe's Reel
John And Ruth's Ruby Wedding
John Anderson's Reel
John Black's Daughter
John Campbell's Kilt Pin
John Cass
John Derek Evans
John Duncanson Of Falmouth
John Gibson's Jig
John Henderson's Reel
John Honey's Hornpipe
John Markham's Rant
John McAlpin
John McCormick
John Of Bon Accord
John Of Montrose
John Paul Jones
John Riddet's Rant
John Sinton's Strathspey
Johnnie Cope
Johnnie Walker
Johnnie's Jig
Johnnie's Welcome Hame
Johnny Cope
Johnny Groat's House
Johnny Lad
Johnny McGill
Johnny's New Jig
John's Jig (Keppie)
John's Jig (Reeve)
Johns Sabbatical
Johnsonville Diamond
Johnsonville Gold
Johnstone Jig
Joie De Rire
Joie De Vivre
Jonathan's Wheels
Jones Falls Hornpipe
Jones Falls Jig
Jordanhill Strathspey
Jo's Square
José Soleras Farewell To Aberdeen
Joshua's Jig
Jovial Gentleman
Jovial Jack
Joy Be Wi' Ye
Joy Newman's Jig
Joyce MacLeod
Jubilee Challenge
Jubilee Greeting
Jubilee Jig
Jubilee Line
Jubilee Quadrille
Jubilee Reel (Gillespie-Smith)
Jubilee Reel (Howarth)
Judge's Jig
Judie's Farewell To Spring Creek
Judith's Wedding
Julia Sharp Strathspey
Juliana's Jig
Julian's Jig
Juliet's Reel
Jump For Joy
Jumping Joan
June Shore's Fancy
June's Jig
June's Jubilee Jig
Just A Dance
Just A Dozen
Just Around The Corner
Just As I Was In The Morning
Just Face The Music And Dance
Just For Fun
Just Give Me A Kiss
Just In Time
Just Like Clockwork
Just Like That
Just One More
Just Over The Border
Just Warming Up
Jute Spinner's Reel


Kabin Fever
Kachina's Carousel
Kaiwaka Returns
Kalamunda 25
Kale Pot
Kaleidoscope Reel
Kamo Karousel
Kandahar Reel
Kangaroo Paw
Karen Hamilton's Strathspey
Karin's Strathspey
Kate Kennedy's Reel
Kate McFarlan
Kate's Travels
Katherine's Birthday
Kathleen And Walter McAdam
Kathleen McAdam's Scroll
Kathy Cambell's Reel
Kathy's Fascinator
Kathy's Garden
Kathy's Konundrum
Katie Bairdie
Katie's Ceilidh
Katie's Jig
Katie's Strathspey
Katoomba Mist
Katrelian Strathspey
Katrina's Kapers
Keekit Ben
Keep Calm And Carry On
Keep It Flowing
Keep It Going
Keep On Dancing
Keep Smiling
Keep The Country Bonnie Lassie
Keep The Home Fires Burning
Keep Yer Ribbons Reelin'
Keeper Of The Purse
Keik Ben
Keith's Rant
Kelburn's Reel
Kelley's Aye
Kelloholm Jig
Kelly's Bush
Kelly's Journey
Kelly's Kaper
Kelpie From Wishaw
Kelpie Of Loch Coruisk
Kelso Races
Ken Mill's Reel
Kendall's Hornpipe
Kendall's Jig
Kendoon Strathspey
Kenmure's On And Awa'
Kenora Reel
Keppoch Charm
Keppoch's Rant
Keppock Of Loch Duich
Ketchin Sync
Kettle Drum
Kettle River
Key To The Door
Keyboard Kapers
Khaosan Reel
Kicking Horse
Kids In The Alps
Kildalton Cross
Kildonan Sands
Kildrummy Castles
Kilkenny Castle
Kilmarnock Lad
Kiloran Bay
Kilt Is My Delight
Kilt Maker
Kilts And Posh Frocks
Kinclaven Bridge
Kincorth Ceilidh Capers
Kind Robin (Drewry)
Kind Robin (Little)
Kindred Spirits
Kinfauns Castle
King In The Ring
King Neptune
King Sized Bed
King's Causeway
King's Chapel
King's Highway
King's Reel
Kings Town Spurtle
Kingston Flyer
Kingston Jig
Kingussie Flower
Kingussie Promenade
Kingussie Rant
Kinmont Willie
Kinnaird Head Strathspey
Kinning Park
Kirkbrae Welcome
Kirkgate Reel
Kirkmaiden Strathspey
Kirk's Hornpipe (Drewry)
Kirrie Boys
Kirrie Lads
Kirriemuir Jig
Kirsten's Jig
Kirsty's Ceilidh
Kiss For Nothing
Kiss In Time
Kiss Me Quick My Mither's Coming
Kiss Under The Stairs
Kissing Bridge
Kissing Gates
Kitchen Faerie
Kith And Kin
Kitty Campbell's Reel
Kitty's Happy Return
Kiwi Magic
Knights' Heys
Knit The Pocky
Knocked Sideways
Knot Again
Knot Garden
Knot On A Ferry
Kramermarkt Reel
Kristin Macdonald's Strathspey
Kristi's Conundrum
Kyle Castle
Kyles Of Bute
Kynoch Of Bucksburn


La Baratte Your Way Home
La Bastringue
La Crème De La Crème
La Famiglia Graziani
La Fidèle De Lausanne
La Fleur De Lyon
La Flora
La Maestra
La Maitresse
La Noix De Grenoble
La Russe
La Tempête
La Triomphe
La Valletta
Lacing The Ghillies
Lack O' Men
Lad O' Kyle
Laddies O' Dunse
Ladebraes Jig
Lades O' Treasure
Ladies' Fancy
Ladies First!
Ladies In Green
Ladies Of Banffshire
Ladies Of Berkeau
Ladies Of Brooklyn
Ladies Of Dingwall
Ladies Of Dunse
Ladies Of The Glen
Lads And Lasses
Lads And Lassies Of Livermore
Lads Of Saltcoats
Lads Of Tain
Lady Aberdeen
Lady Auckland's Reel
Lady Baird's Reel
Lady Belhaven's Delight
Lady Breist Knot
Lady Brettle's Strathspey
Lady C Bruce's Reel
Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel
Lady Charlotte Bruce
Lady Crawfurd's Reel
Lady Dumfries
Lady Fenella Fogarty
Lady From Wimbledon
Lady Glasgow
Lady Hamilton's Strathspey
Lady Harriet Hope's Reel
Lady Home's Jig
Lady In Pink
Lady In Red (McMurtry)
Lady In Red (Scott)
Lady Irvine's Jig
Lady Jean Murray's Rant
Lady June Gordon
Lady Liberty
Lady Louisa MacDonald's Strathspey
Lady Lucy Ramsay
Lady Macintosh's Rant
Lady Mary Cochrane's Reel
Lady Mary Hay's Reel
Lady Mary Hay's Scot's Measure
Lady Mary Menzies' Reel
Lady Maxwell's Reel
Lady McGowan's Dream
Lady Nelthorpe
Lady Of The Dance (Howard)
Lady Of The Lake
Lady Of Tokai
Lady Peak's Strathspey
Lady Ryder Of Warsaw
Lady Sophia Anne Of Bute
Lady Sophia Lindsay
Lady Spencer's Wedding
Lady Stoneycroft
Lady Susan Montgomery
Lady Susan Stewart's Reel
Lady Susan Stewart's Strathspey
Lady Wynd
Ladykirk Bridge
Lady's Breist Knot
Lagan Bridges
Lagavulin (Ryer)
Lagavulin (Scott)
Laggan Bay
Laird O' Thrums
Laird Of Achamore's Strathspey
Laird Of Atherton
Laird Of Dalnair
Laird Of Dumbiedykes' Favourite
Laird Of Lochmaben
Laird Of Milton's Daughter
Laird Of Milton's Daughter (3-Couple Version)
Laird Of Oxgangs
Laird Of The Dance
Laird's Levity
Lake Geneva
Lake Macquarie Reel
Lake Shore Jig
Lakeside Kelpie Hornpipe
Lakewood High
Lamb Skinnet
Lammermuir Hills
Lammonbie Mill
Lamp Black Lizzie
Lancastrian Wanderer
Land O' Cakes
Land Of Oz
Land Of The Heather Hills
Land Of The Prince Bishops
Land Of The Rising Sun
Lands Of Haddo
Lands Of Kippo
Landscape Gardener
Lanes Of Au
Lang Rigg
Lang Toon
Lang Whang
Langdon Knot
Langholm Fair
Langleys Road
Langshaw Lassies
Langside Ladies Jig
Langstane Kirk Jig
Lansdown Mirth
Lansdowne Court
Lantern Of The North
Lanterns Of London
Lap-Top Dancer And The Stripper
Large Hadron Collider
Largo Bay
Largo Law
Larkin's Song
Lass And The Laird
Lass From Brittany
Lass O' Livingston
Lass O' Loudon
Lass Of Richmond Hill
Lassie Come And Dance With Me
Lassie Frae Glasgow
Lassie From Stirling
Lassie Wi' The Carroty Pow
Lassie Wi' The Lint White Locks
Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie (Border Book)
Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie (Rutherford)
Lassie, Will Ye Come And Dance
Lassies O' Melrose
Lassies Of Dunse
Lassies Of Moffat
Last But One
Last Day Of Summer
Last Exit To Soquel
Last Of The Lairds
Last Womp
Late In The Day
Latvian Lass
Lauder Legend
Lauderdale Lads
Laufen Reel
Laughing Heart
Lauraine's Delight
Laura's Jig
Laura's Wedding
Laurieston Jig
Lavender Strathspey
Law Society Of Scotland 70th Anniversary Jig
Lawson's Lady
Le Moulin Rouge
Le Moyne And Roger Farrell Of Ithaca
Le Papillon
Le Quatorze Juillet
Lea Rig
Leandor's Jig
Leap Year
Leaping Salmon
Leasowe Castle
Leaving Benbecula
Leaving Lunga
Leaving Of The Rise
Leaving Portree
Leccamore Jig
Left About
Left In Isolation Jig
Left Is The New Right
Left Of Center
Left-Handed Fiddler
Left-Handed Tushker
Legacy (Border Book)
Legacy (Goddard)
Legacy Of Pearls
Leith Country Dance
Lena's Kitchen
Lennox Love To Blantyre
Les Ghillies à Crampons
Les Remparts De Séville
Les Voyageurs
Lesley Nixon's Reel
Lesley's Medley
Leslie's Strathspey (Campbell)
Leslie's Strathspey (Drewry)
Lesslie Jig
Let The Hackles Rise
Let Us Dance At Medowie
L'été à Paris
Letham Ladies
Let's All Join In
Let's Bike It
Let's Celebrate (Petyt)
Let's Celebrate (Wilde)
Let's Celebrate (Wood)
Let's Dance Before It Rains
Let's Dance Together
Let's Get This Sorted!
Let's Go For A Whirl
Let's Have A Ceilidh
Let's Meet Again (Butterfield)
Let's Meet Again (Dewar)
Leven Bridge
Lewis And Colin's Rant
Lewisian Reel
Liam Thomas
Liam's Jig
Librarian's Daughter
Library Of Birmingham
Licence To Reel
Lichted Ha' (Drewry)
Lichted Ha' (Mitchell)
Lieutenant Shortland's Reel
Lieutenant Zachary Hicks
Life Begins
Life Begins At Fifty
Life Begins At Forty
Life With Linda
Light And Airy
Light And Shade (Carter)
Light And Shade (Robertson)
Light As Air
Light Hearted Una
Light Of Hope
Light On The Water
Light On The Waters
Like Ane Bewitch'd
Like Snow On The River
Like The Morningstar
Like To Fa'
Lilburn Tower
Lilian's Wedding
Lilt It Pair On Pair
Lily Amangst The Heather
Lily In The Valley
Lincluden Abbey
Lincoln Imp
Linden's Diamond
Lindisfarne Reel
Lindisfarne Strathspey
Lindsay's Fancy
Linen Looms
Link Aroon
Linked Circle
Linkin' Ower The Lea
Links O' Forth
Links With St Petersburg
Linktown Strathspey
Linlithgow Palace
Linn Of Dee Medley
Linnea's Strathspey
Linton Ploughman
Lion Gate
Lions International
Liquid Assets
Lisburn Lad
Little Bit Of Monty
Little Cascade
Little Girl In Red Shoes
Little Hush
Little Leigh
Little Ross Light
Little Strathspey
Live Long And Prosper
Liverpool Lass
Lobster In The Pot
Loch A' Chait
Loch Doon Castle
Loch Erichtside
Loch Katrine Jig
Loch Leven Castle
Loch Linnhe
Loch Maree Two Step
Loch Michigan Rant
Loch Ness Monster (Boyd)
Loch Ness Monster (McGhee)
Loch Ness Monster Reel
Loch Torridon
Lochalsh Reel
Lochcarron Loom
Lockdown Set
Lochiel Strathspey
Lochiel's Awa' To France
Lochiel's Farewell To Tony Szeto
Lochiel's Rant
Lochindorb Strathspey
Lock 3 Jig
Locomotion No.1
Logan Reel
Loki's Dance
Lomond Strathspey
Lomond Waltz
London 1930-4PM
London Celebration
London Pride (Boyd)
London Pride (Roberts)
London Reel
London's Burning
London's Turning
Lonely Honeybee
Lonely Sunday
Lonesome Reel
Long Chase
Long John's Birthday
Long Live The Queen
Long Pond Reel
Long Sands
Longfield Reel
Longhandled Broom
Longtown Rant
Longwise Eightsome Reel
Look Aboot Ye'
Look No Hands (Johnston)
Look! No Hands! (Phillips)
Look! No Hands! (Prior)
Looking For A Latte
Looking For A Partner (McMillan)
Looping Man
Loralee Hyde
Lord Brownlow's Strathspey
Lord Eglinton's Reel
Lord Elgin's Reel
Lord High Admiral
Lord Hume's Reel
Lord Huntly's Cave
Lord Kilmory's Delight
Lord Lieutenant
Lord MacDonald's Reel
Lord Maclay's Reel
Lord Rosslyn's Fancy
Lords Of The Wind
Lorn Strathspey
Lorna's Dance
Los Molinos
Lossie Lass
Lost And Found
Lost In Boston
Lost In Edinburgh
Lost In The Mist
Lost Legion
Lothian Lads
Lothian Lass
Louise Carnegie Gates
Love And Sunbeams
Love In The Marais
Love Is In The Air
Love Spoon
Love Strichen
Love Weaves The Web
Lovely Hall
Lovers' Knot
Lover's Quarrel
Lowern Fair
Lowland Lilt
Lowp And Fling
Lt Shortland's Reel
Lt Zachary Hicks
Lubina Sol
Luck To Len
Luck To Loyne
Luck To You
Luckenbooth Brooch
Lucky Lady
Lucy Campbell
Lucy Helen's Strathspey
Lucy Serena's Jig
Lucy's Fancy
Lucy's Flittin'
Luke Brady's Reel
Luke's Life In London
Lunar Society Reel
Lundin Links Strathspey
Luss Road
Lyall Bay
Lydia's Lilt
Lyman Hall Reel
Lyne Valley Reel
Lyon Rosette


M And M's Fancy
M And M's Jig
MacDonald Of Keppoch
MacDonald Of Sleat
Macdonald Of The Eastern Isles
MacDonald Of The Isles
MacDonald Of The Isles For Five Couples
MacDonald's Double Diamond
MacFarlane's Fiddle
MacFarlane's Geese
MacFarlane's Lantern
MacFarlanes' Strathspey
MacGregor's Gathering
Machine Without Horses
MacKenzie Reel
MacLachlan Jig
MacLeod Of Harris
MacLeod Of Tobermory
MacLeod's Fancy
MacLeod's Silver Sea
MacLeod's Tables (Haynes)
MacLeod's Tables (MacDonald)
MacLeod's Wedding
Mac-Mary Strathspey
MacPhail's Magic
MacPhail's Rant
MacPherson's Jig
MacPhersons Of Edinburgh Strathspey
MacPherson's Rant
MacVicar's Hornpipe
Mad Hatter
Madame De Staël
Madcap Maggie
Madeline's Rant
Madge Wildfire's Strathspey
Maggie Lauder
Maggie O' The Dales
Maggie's Medley
Maggie's Mirror
Magic Airt O' Gow
Magic Carpet
Magic Circle
Magic Moments
Magic Of Merrill
Magic Of Music
Magic Of Summer School
Magic Roundabout (Freemantle)
Maid Of Lorne
Maid Of The Mill
Maid Of The Mist
Maidenhead Golden Medley
Maids Of Currie
Maine Medley
Mairi's Fancy
Mairi's Hangover
Mairi's Wedding
Mairi's Wedding (3-Couple Version)
Mairrit Man's Favourite
Maister's Kilt
Maitland To Manchester
Major Erskine Of Edinburgh
Major Ian Stewart
Make Haste Slowly
Makin' The Tartan
Malcolm Strathspey
Malcolm's Choices
Malcolm's Strathspey
Malt Shovel
Maltings Jig
Mamie's Jig
Manchester Busy Bees
Manchester Medley
Manley Park
Man's A Man For A' That (Wilson)
Mansewood Reel
Mantua Makers
Many Happy Returns (Adams)
Many Happy Returns (Briscoe)
Many Thanks
Maple Flow
Maple Grove
Maple Leaf Rant
Maple Sugar Jig
March Hare (Bentley)
March Wedding
Marchioness Of Blandford's Reel
Marchioness Of Hartington's Jig
Marchmont Eightsome
Mareid's Strathspey
Marengo Blue
Margaree Valley Jig
Margaret Brown's Strathspey
Margaret Carson's Strathspey
Margaret Ewart's Reel
Margaret Ogilvie's Jig
Margaret Parker's Strathspey
Margaret Williams' Strathspey
Margaret's Dance
Margaret's Jig
Margaret's Left-Handed Strathspey
Margarita's Trip To Italy
Margo's Knot
Marian Cook's Strathspey
Marianne's Thistle
Marian's Fancy
Marian's Reel
Marie Curie's Reel
Marie's Farewell
Marie's Jig
Marie's Wedding
Marilyn Thomson's Jig
Mariner's Jig
Marion 70 Years Young
Marion's Fancy
Marion's Welcome (To Ottawa)
Marischal College
Marja's Buns
Marjorie And Brian
Marjorie Crawford's Hornpipe
Marjorie Stewart's Jig
Marjorie's Moments
Marjory's Strathspey
Market Cross Jig
Market Square
Marmalade Maker
Marmalade Sandwich
Marquess Of Hartington's Strathspey
Marquis Of Hastings
Marquis Of Huntly's Highlanders
Marquis Of Huntly's Snuffmill
Marquis Of Lorne
Marriage Made In Dancing
Martello Tower
Martha's Legacy
Mary Branigan Nixon
Mary Come Of Age
Mary Erskine
Mary Hamilton
Mary Helen's Big Day
Mary MacNiven's Sash Pin
Mary Morison
Mary Queen's Strathspey
Mary Rose Hornpipe
Mary Stewart Ashworth
Mary Stewart Strathspey
Mary Summer
Maryland Strathspey
Marylou's Reel
Mary's Delight
Mary's Garden
Mary's Strathspey (Collins)
Mary's Strathspey (Williams)
Ma's Medley
Masako Okada Naitoh
Mason's 80
Mason's Apron
Master And His Lady
Masters Of Art
Mathilde Is A Delight
Matsuri Strathspey
Mattara Strathspey
Mauchline Lady
Maunby Reel
Maureen And Paddy
Maureen Vivino
Maureen's Reel
Maxwell's Fugue
Maxwell's Mirror
Maxwell's Rant
May And Jim's Reel
May In Minginish
May Johnston's Reel
May McGregor's Strathspey
May Morrison Of Inverurie
May Yarker's Strathspey
May You Be Dancing On Air
Mayor And Her Secretary
Maypole Dance
May's 100
McBains' Fancy
McCall's Measure
McColl Strathspey
McCulloch Strathspey
McGhie The Moudie-Catcher
McGhie's Fancy
McGhie's Seat
McGregor's Leap
McKeown's Hornpipe
McLachlan's Reel
McLaughlin's Reel
McMarley's Cross
McNichol Of The Black Isle
McPhee Reel
Me And My Partner
Méaudre Reel
Medley For Maisie And Nellie
Medley For Margaret
Medley For Three
Medley For William And Linda
Meet Linlithgow
Meet Me Mondays
Meet The Corners
Meeting Of The Waters
Meg Merrilees
Meg Tam's Auld Grey Mare
Megan's Favourite
Meikle Twosome
Melbourne Cup
Melbourne Cup (3-Couple Version)
Mell Square
Melville Castle (Gray)
Memories (Burrage)
Memories (Goldring)
Memories Of Arran
Memories Of Mary Ann
Memories Of Skye
Memory Lane
Menzies Rant
Meols Reel
Meols Village Jig
Meopham Green
Mercat Cross (Attwood)
Mercat Cross (Dickson)
Mercat Cross (Priddey)
Mercat Cross (Skelton)
Merchant City
Merchiston Castle Jig
Merlin's Thorn
Mermaid's Choice
Merrick Rant
Merrill Gathering
Merrily Danced The Quaker's Wife
Merry Andrew
Merry Bee
Merry Dancers
Merry Go Round (McLaughlin)
Merry Lad's Affair
Merry Lads Of Ayr
Merry Moores
Merry Oddfellows
Merry Reapers
Merry St Andrews
Merton Court Medley
Mettle In Their Heels
Mettle In Yer Heels
Mhairi And I
Michelle dePledge Of Preston
Michelle's Strathspey
Michigan Reel
Micmac Rotary
Mid Fodderletter
Mid Lothian
Middleton Medley
Middling, Thank You
Mideltone Silver
Midnight Ferry
Midnight Jig
Midnight Oil
Midnight Toil
Midsummer Common
Midsummer Madness
Midsummer Moon
Midwinter Strathspey
Mike Hardie's Reel
Mike's Magic
Mile To Ride
Milky Way
Mill Of Haldane
Mill Of Tifty
Mill Of Towie
Millbrae Station
Millennial Strathspey
Millennium Bug
Millennium Jig (Faulkner)
Millennium Jig (Williams)
Millennium Wedding
Miller O' Hirn
Miller Of Sessnie
Millerton Brig
Milliner's Farewell
Milltimber Jig
Milngavie Circle
Milngavie Strathspey
Milton's Welcome
Mimosa Menagerie
Minard Castle
Mince And Tatties
Minister Of Paradise
Minister On The Loch
Minister On The Mississippi
Miri's Wedding
Mirror Madness
Mirror, Mirror
Miss A O Cumming
Miss Alison Veitch
Miss Allie Anderson
Miss Anderson Of Hobart
Miss Anderson's Bouquet
Miss Baker's Welcome
Miss Bennet's Jig
Miss Betty Boyle
Miss Betty Boyle's Reel
Miss Betty Ferguson Of Dumfries
Miss Betty Stobbie
Miss Brown's Reel
Miss Bunty Beaumont
Miss Burns's Reel
Miss C M Barbour
Miss Cahoon's Reel
Miss Catherine Allan
Miss Catherine Ann
Miss Chirsty Stewart
Miss Clemy Stewart's Reel
Miss Corbett's Strathspey
Miss Cynthia Mackay
Miss Davies' Delight
Miss Devon's Reel
Miss Dorothy Hamilton
Miss Dumbreck
Miss Eleanor
Miss Elizabeth Johnson
Miss Erica Jane Scott
Miss Falconer's Fancy
Miss Fidler's Reel
Miss Fiona MacRae Of Conchra
Miss Flora's Favourite
Miss Florence Adams
Miss Forbes' Reel
Miss Frances L'anson's Strathspey
Miss Francis Martin
Miss Gabrielle's Reel
Miss Gibson's Reel
Miss Gibson's Strathspey
Miss Grace Hay's Delight
Miss Graham Of Dykeside
Miss Hadden's Reel
Miss Harvey's Hornpipe
Miss Heather Bartel
Miss Heyden
Miss Hilary Ann
Miss Irene Whyte's Strathspey
Miss Isabella McLeod
Miss Jacquelyn James
Miss Jane Muirhead Of Dunsmuir
Miss Jane Purves' Delight
Miss Janet Laing's Strathspey
Miss Janet Renton
Miss Jarvis's Reel
Miss Jean Raeburn
Miss Jeanetta McColl
Miss Jeannie Carmichael
Miss Jessie Dalrymple's Reel
Miss Johnstone Of Ardrossan
Miss Johnstone Of Dumfries
Miss Kenyon's Strathspey
Miss Kirkpatrick
Miss Kirsteen Blair
Miss Lesley Taylor
Miss Leslie Cunningham
Miss Lucy Clark
Miss Lucy Fallon
Miss Lyndsey J McCrudden
Miss MacPherson Of Scone
Miss Margaret Bryson
Miss Margaret Hill
Miss Margaret MacIndeor
Miss Mary Ann Baxter Of Balgavies
Miss Mary Douglas
Miss Mary Elizabeth Wessel Walker
Miss Mary Gray's Fancy
Miss Mary Milne
Miss McBurnie's Wedding
Miss McLean Of Inverness
Miss Milligan's Strathspey
Miss Muriel Johnstone's Jig
Miss Murray Of Lintrose
Miss Murray Of Ochtertyre
Miss Nancy Arnott
Miss Nancy Frowns
Miss Nellie Wemyss
Miss Nicholl's Reel
Miss Nidra Aitken
Miss Nora Kindness
Miss Ogilvie's Fancy
Miss Rhiannon's Strathspey
Miss Ross Of Ross
Miss Rough Of Longbank
Miss Sally Ireland
Miss Sara Churchill
Miss Sarah Smiles
Miss Scott's Strathspey
Miss Shaftesbury's Fancy
Miss Shearer's Strathspey
Miss Siobhan's Fancy
Miss Stevenson's Fancy
Miss Stewart's Jig
Miss Welsh's Reel
Miss Williamson's Reel
Misses Cramb Of Linlithgow
Misses Farrell Of Alloa
Missing Turn
Mist O'er The Loch
Mist On The Mountain
Mistress Dean's Rant
Mists Of Thistledoon
Misty Isle In Summer
Mixed Nuts
Mixer Box
Mixter-Maxter Medley
Mo Ghenar Duit
Moderator's Welcome
Modestine's Romp
Moffat Jig
Moffat Weavers
Moggie And The Fish
Moikei Gold
Mo'ili'ili Jig
Moira Mcinnes Of Troon
Moira's Majority
Mole's Frolic
Mollie Shippey's Strathspey
Molly's Mum
Moment Of Coalescence
Moment Of Truth
Monadh Liath
Monday Madness
Monday Night (McDowell)
Monday Night Reel
Monica's Fancy
Monica's Way
Monifieth Star
Monique's Jig
Monmouth Ramble
Monster On The Rocks
Montebello Castle
Montgomeri Strathspey
Montgomeries' Rant
Montgomeries' Rant (3-Couple Version)
Montreal Rendezvous (Birdsall)
Montreal Rendezvous (Campbell)
Montrose Dancers
Montrose Reel
Moorgate Ramble
Morag's Strathspey
Mo-Ranch Special
Moray Firth Hornpipe
Moray House Of Edinburgh
Moray Rant
Moray Reel
More Bees A-Dancing
More For Four
More In Hope
More Than A Spring Fling
More Than Friends
More Than Nothing
Morison Rant
Morland Knot
Morland Reel
Morland Triples
Morning After
Mornins' Awa'
Moroccan Magic
Morris Dancers
Morrison Measure
Mo's Farewell
Mo's Jig
Mosi Oa Tunya
Moulin Brae
Moulin Rouge
Mount Fuji
Mount Maxwell Strathspey
Mount St Helens
Mount St Helens Reel
Mountain Stream
Mountains Of Mourne
Mountains Of The Moon
Move It
Moving Cloud
Moving South
Mr And Mrs Crawford's Strathspey
Mr And Mrs R. J. Ross
Mr And Mrs Richard McLaughlin Of San Diego
Mr Colin Maxwell
Mr David W Mitchell
Mr Donald Davidson
Mr Duncan MacLean
Mr Gallamore's Strathspey
Mr Graham W Donald
Mr Greystoke's Favourite
Mr Iain Stuart Robertson
Mr John Wood Of Bedford, Nova Scotia
Mr Luke's Reel
Mr MacAskill's Problem
Mr Michael Bear's Reel
Mr Morison
Mr Pixton Of Brookline
Mr Robert H Mackay
Mr Smith's Delight
Mr Stackling's Rant
Mr Watson's Favourite
Mr William Brown's Reel
Mr Wilson's Hornpipe
Mrs Annette Cameron
Mrs Betsey Maxwell
Mrs Bingham's Fancy
Mrs Bunty Somes
Mrs Carmichael Of Okataina
Mrs Cholmondeley's Reel
Mrs Clancy's Strathspey
Mrs Doreen Kaye
Mrs Double's Strathspey
Mrs Douglas Of Invergloy
Mrs Elspeth Sinclairs Strathspey
Mrs Ernest Allan's Strathspey
Mrs Erskine's Fancy
Mrs Esther Goodfellow
Mrs Garthland's Strathspey
Mrs Grant's Fancy
Mrs Hamilton Of Eaglemount
Mrs Hamilton Of Wishaw (Drewry)
Mrs Helen Baillie
Mrs Henry's Bonnet
Mrs Hepburn Belches Of Invermey
Mrs Hill's Delight
Mrs Ina Wilson
Mrs Jappy's Measure
Mrs Jay Robertson's Hornpipe
Mrs Leeman Dances
Mrs Lillian Meiklejohn
Mrs Litten's Reel
Mrs MacLeod (Of Raasay)
Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran
Mrs MacPherson Of Logie-Buchan
Mrs Margaret MacWaters
Mrs Mary Cooper
Mrs Mcginley's Strathspey
Mrs Millar's Strathspey
Mrs Milne Of Kinneff
Mrs Muriel More
Mrs Nona Craig
Mrs Rae Of Westerton
Mrs Ruth Housden
Mrs Schneider's Strathspey
Mrs Sommerville's Jig
Mrs Stewart Of Fasnacloich
Mrs Stewart Of Fish Hoek
Mrs Stewart Sinton's Reel
Mrs Stewart's Jig
Mrs Stewart's Strathspey
Mrs Stuart Linnell
Mrs Sybil Shaw
Mrs Walker Of Birklands
Mrs Ward's Fancy
Ms Dean's Fancy
Ms Katy B
Muckle Ado
Muckle Burn
Muckle Mair Than A' That
Muckle Muddle
Muirland Briggses
Muirland Willie
Muirs Of Greywell
Muirton Bank
Mulberry Bush
Mull Of Galloway
Muness Castle
Munro Of Glengarry
Munro Rant
Münster 1200
Muriel Hadden's Strathspey
Muriel's Fancy
Muriel's Magic
Muriel's Strathspey
Murray's Welcome
Muse Cottage (Goldring)
Music And The Dance
Music Makars
Music O' Spey
Music Will Tell You
Musical Page
Musician And The Pilot's Wedding
Musicians' Wedding
My Big Kilmarnock Bunnet
My Cary Valentine
My Friend Jim
My Friend Joe
My Golden Bear
My Heather Hills
My Jo
My Love She's But A Lassie Yet (101 Scottish Country Dances)
My Love She's But A Lassie Yet (RSCDS Book 9)
My Mither's Aye Glow'rin' Owre Me
My Mother's Coming In
My Only Jo And Dearie, O
My Spouse Nancy
My Tocher's The Jewel
My Way, On My Day 160303
My Wife's A Winsome Wee Thing
Mystery Of The Star Sapphire


Nacton Hall
Nae Bother At A'
Nae Chance
Nae Fantoosherie
Nan's Jig
Napier's Bones
Napier's Index
Natasha's 18th
Naughty Nancy
Neaps An' Haggis
Necklace Of Coral
Needy Kneader
Neidpath Castle
Neidpath Tower
Neighbours' Day
Neil Gow's Farewell To Whisky
Neil M Grant
Neil's Delight
Neil's Reel (Hastings)
Neko's Reel
Nellie Mckenzie's Jig
Nellie's Rights And Wrongs
Nelson's Column
Ness House
Nessie's Neuk
Nessie's Reel
Nether Bow Has Vanished
Netherby Hall
Nethertown Nights
Nethy Bridge
Netley Abbey Ramble
Never At Sea
Never Look Back
New Abbey
New Alliance
New Amsterdam
New Approach
New Ashludie Rant
New Biggin
New Brudenell Jig
New Caledonia Jig
New Elgin
New Forest Circle
New Forest Wedding
New Fowlis Hall
New Galloway Reel
New Highland Laddie
New Home
New Lanark Strathspey
New Opera
New Park
New Parliament House Jig
New Petronella
New Plymouth Strathspey
New Rigged Ship
New River Reel
New Scotia Quadrille
New Scotland Strathspey
New Shepherd's Crook
New Town Of Edinburgh
New Virginia Reel
New Waterloo Reel
New Way
New Way Of Gildon
New Year Jig
New York Fugue
Newark Castle
Newburgh Jig
Newbury's 50th Anniversary
Newby Circle
Newcastle Festival
Newcastle Half Century
Newcastleton Reel
Newcomers' Jig
Newholme Jig
Newington Assembly
Newmachar Jig
Newmachar Reel
Newmachar Strathspey
Newton Park
Next Dance
Nice And Easy
Nice Hands
Nice To See You
Nickie Tams
Niel Gow's Farewell To Whisky
Nifty Ninety
Nighean Donn
Nimble Flower Of Nyon
Nimbus 2002
Nimbus 2017
Nina Foulke's Reel
Nine Glens Of Antrim
Nineteen Fifteen Penny
Nineteen Fifty-Five And All That
Nineteen Sixty-Four
Nineteenth Of December
Ninetieth Birthday
Ninety Six Ten
Ninety Years On
No Hands Dance
No Hands!
No Haste To The Wedding
No L's Strathspey
No Mean Feet
Noah's Ark (Ligtmans)
Noah's Ark (van Maarseveen)
Noble Hill Jig
Noces d'Argent
Noli Me Tangere
None So Pretty
Nor' Loch
Norah Link
Nora's Fandango
Norfolk Broads Hornpipe
Normal For Norfolk
Normandy Jig
Norma's Garden
North Ayrshire Welcome
North Grove
North Lea
North To Inverness
North Walls Quadrille
Northampton Jig
Northampton Welcome
Northern Harmony
Northern Lights
Northern Lights And Melting Snow
Northern Meeting
Norwegian Wooden Chairs
Norwich Assembly
Not I
Not Over The Hill
Nothing In Common
Nottingham Lace
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Nights
November Wedding
Nur Gucken, Nicht Anfassen


O Wha's At The Window
O! For An Eagle
Oakbank's Tribute To Christian
Oban Reel
Ocean Frolic
Ocean Voyage
Och, Aye
October In Rechberg
October's Party Reel
Octogenarian (Churnside)
Octogenarian Dancer
Odd Couple (Laidlaw)
Odd Man Out
Odd Thoughts
O'er The Border
O'er The Forth To Fife
O'er The Hills
O'er The Mountains
O'er The Muir Among The Heather
Off She Goes
Off She Goes In The North
Off To Pastures New
Off To Speyside
Off To Tunbridge
Off With Their Heads
Officer And A Gentleman
Ogden Of Greenhow
Oh Canada
Oh My America!
Oh Whistle And I'll Come Tae Ye, My Lad
Oh! Brother Dominic
Oidhche Chaluinn
Old Acquaintance (Priddey)
Old Alliance
Old And Dangerous
Old Bailey Bridge
Old Davie McClemmet's Fiddle
Old Fairy Bridge
Old Friends Meet
Old Grey Cat (Boyd)
Old Grey Cat (Mitchell)
Old Harbour
Old Kirk
Old Koofie
Old Lang Syne
Old Mahoun's Revenge
Old Man Of Hoy
Old Man Of Storr
Old New Year
Old Newton
Old Nick's Lumber Room
Old Packhorse Bridge
Old Red Cat
Old Reekie Hornpipe
Old Rigg
Old Robin Gray
Old Rustic Bridge
Old Snuff Mill Bridge
Old Spedling Castle's Ghost's Dance
Old Toon Of Ayr
Old Urray Reel
Old Waterwheel
Old Way Of Killiecrankie
Olive MacNeil Of Hayes
Olive Mitchell
Olive Tree
Oliver's Fifth
Olive's Return To Old Scotia
Olwyn's Reel
Olympic Treasure
On DC's Roads
On Hudson Creek
On Our Way To Javea
On Suilven In Summer
On The Banks Of Spey
On The Fly
On The Morning Tide
On The Quarter Deck
On The Toe
On The Wings Of The Morning
On Tour
On Yer Bike
Once Upon A Time
One Fine Day
One For All
One For The Millennium
One For The Road
One Hundred And Ninety Two Miles Home
One Hundred Years
One Hundred Years Behind Us!
One More Time
One O'Clock Canon
One Of A Kind
One Pair Of Hands
One Set Short Of A Hundred
One Step Forward
Ones With Twos, Threes And Fours
Onesome Reel
Only Vacant Place
Ooh Chihuahua
Oompah, Oompah, Shove It Up Your Joompah!
Oo'r Aileen's Reel
Oor Betty's 80th
Oot And Aboot
Oot O' World And Into Kippen
Oot Wi' The Auld
Open Road
Open The Door To Three
Opera Reel
Opo's Frolics
Orage à Lyon
Orange County Welcome
Orange To Aotearoa
Orcadian Strip The Willow
Orchards Of Co. Armagh
Ord Arms Medley
Oregon Rant
Oriel Strathspey
Orion's Dance
Orkney Reel
Ormonde Castle
Orpington Caledonians
Orwell Lodge Strathspey
Osborne Percentage
Osgood MacKenzie Of Inverewe
Osprey Glen
Other Left (32 Bar Version)
Other Left (40 Bar Version)
Otters In Kenick Burn
Ottery St Catchpole Reel
Our Dancing Queen
Our Dancing Soutar
Our Friend Bill
Our Friend Robert
Our Good Friend Tom
Our Highland Queen
Our Key To Florence
Our Lady Of The Snows
Our Nancy
Out And About
Out Of Africa
Out Of The Blue
Out Of Thin Air
Outer Circle
Over The Heather (Keppie)
Over The Heather (Watson)
Over The Hill (Drewry)
Over The Hill (Haynes)
Over The Moon
Over The Volcano
Over The Water To Charlie
Over The Waves
Overdue Jig
Owl And The Pussy Cat
OXO Reel
Oxtail Soup
Oxton Reel
Oyster Girl


Packhorse Rant
Paddy In The Car
Paddy's Milestane
Pair Of Jeans
Paisley Mondays
Paisley Weavers
Palace Of Atholl
Palace Pier
Palindrome (Drewry)
Pandemic Reel
Pandora Way
Paradise Dream
Paranoid Jig
Paris Celebration Medley 1
Park Hotel Dunoon
Parking Lot
Parliamentary Reel
Partans In His Creel
Parting Glass
Partner Race Strathspey
Party At The French House
Pas De Basque It
Passing Fancy (McKinnell)
Passing Fancy (Watson, Reel)
Passing Fancy (Watson, Strathspey)
Passing In The Night
Passing The Porter
Passing The Torch
Passion Meets Profession
Pat George's Strathspey
Pat Houghton's Reel
Pat Morrison's Delight
Patched Bagpipe
Path Of Life
Patricia London
Patricia Reesby
Patron Saint
Pat's Delight
Pau Hana
Paula's Wedding To Lyndon
Pauline Cathcart's Strathspey
Pauline's Promenade
Pauline's Red Robbins
Pauline's Wedding
Pawky Duke
Pawling In May
Pawling Porch
Pawling Reel
Paying The Piper
Peachtree Reel
Peacocks In The Glen
Pearces' Gold
Pearl And Jack Sinclair
Pearl Of Scotland
Pearl Strathspey
Peat Fire Flame
Peat Inn
Peat Road
Peep At The Jubilee
Peerie Towers
Peggy And Arnold Strathspey
Peggy Dewar
Peggy McGhie's Reel
Peggy Spouse MBE
Peggy's 100th Birthday
Peggy's Eightieth Birthday
Peggy's Joy
Peggy's Love
Peggy's Strathspey (Finley)
Peggy's Wedding
Pei Link
Pelorus Jack
Penny Reel
Penny Whistle
Penny Whistle Hornpipe
Pensioner's Reel
Pentland Hills
Peony Flower
Perez Hospitality
Perfect Blend
Perfect Ending
Perpetual Motion
Perpetuum Mobile
Persian Dance
Perth 800
Perth City Charter
Perth Medley
Perth Meets Perth
Perth Mirage
Perthshire Gentleman
Perthshire Highlanders
Perthshire Maiden
Pete And Marilynn's Welcome Home
Peter And Madeleine Quince
Peter Elmes' Strathspey
Peter Hastings' Chocolate Mousse
Peter Knight's Strathspey
Peter Price's Compliment To Geoff And Pat Walshe
Peter Price's Strathspey
Peter White
Peterhead Express
Peterhead Lassies
Peter's Pride
Petit Suisse
Peutherer's Garrett
Phantom Piper
Phina's Fling
Phoenix Strathspey
Phyllis Dixon Ivory
Picardy Jig
Piccadilly Circus
Pictish Scroll
Picton Tartan Tea Dance
Piece O' Cake
Piece Of Cake
Pieces Of Eight (Downey)
Pig Farmer's Wife
Pigeon On The Gate
Piggy Bank
Pika's Revenge
Pillar Box Reel
Pin The Kilt
Pinball Wizard
Pinehills Strathspey
Pines Of Pitlochry
Pines On Parade
Pinewood Place Rant
Pinewoods Medley
Pinewoods Reel
Pinewoods Transitions
Pinewoods Two-Step
Pink Panda
Pink Roses
Pink Triangle
Pint O' Ale Is Fain
Pipe Opener
Piper And His Lass
Piper And The Fiddle
Piper And The Penguin
Piper Of Drummond
Piper Of Dundee
Piper's Brae
Piper's Glen
Piper's Leg
Piper's Reel
Piper's Wedding (de Vroome)
Piper's Wedding (Johnstone)
Pipped At The Post
Pitlochry Celebration
Pitlochry Tryst
Pittencrieff Panic
Pitter Patter
Plantation Reel
Plate That Came By Itself
Platinum Orb
Platinum Pair
Platinum Skies
Platinum Strathspey
Playford's Ceilidh
Pleased To Meet You
Pleasure Is Mine
Plessey Woods
Plethora Of Piñatas
Plum Tree Jig
Pluto's Head
Poet And His Lass
Pole Star
Polharrow Burn
Polharrow Burn (3-Couple Version)
Polka Country Dance
Polka Dot
Pond Place
Pontcharra Chaser
Pool Of Connla
Pop! Goes The Weasel
Pope Street
Poplar Brides
Porchester Hall
Porter Is Passed
Portincaple Oak
Portland Mermaid
Postie's Jig
Posting Round The World
Post-Pandemic Reel
Potten End Reel
Potter's Pairs
Potter's Wheel
Poussez Et Tirez
Powder Monkey
Prairie Crocus
Premium Bonds
Preparation Reel
President Stuart's Jig
President's Quadrille
Preston Mill
Pretty Face
Pretty Ladies
Pretty Peggy
Pretty Polly
Pride Of Dunblane
Pride Of The Murray
Priest And His Books
Prince Charles Of Edinburgh
Prince Charlie's Quickstep
Prince Edward
Prince Edward Assembly
Prince Edward Island
Prince O'er The Water
Prince Of Orange
Prince Of Sutton Coldfield
Prince Of Wales
Prince Rupert's Fancy
Princess Margaret's Strathspey
Princess Royal
Priorsford Bridge
Priory Jig
Priory Street Strathspey
Professor's Nightmare
Professor's Wife
Proitzer Mühle
Promise Of Spring
Proof O' The Pudding
Proud And Saucy
Proud Father
Provost Wynd
Provost's Chain
P's And C's
Ptarmigan Reel
Pudding Mixer
Pudsey Bear
Pudsey's Reel
Puffin's Reel
Puggy 1
Puggy 1 (3-Couple Version)
Puggy 2
Pulling Bracken
Pump Room
Pumpkin Pie
Punch Bowl
Purdy Pink Shoes
Purley's 30th Anniversary
Purple Heather Jig
Push About The Jorum
PZ 40


Quadrille Country Dance
Quaker (Davison)
Quaker (Levy)
Quaker Meeting
Quaker's Daughter
Qualicum Bairns Hornpipe
Quantock Hills
Quarries' Jig
Quarries' Procession
Quarry Bank Weavers
Quarry Triumphant
Quatorze Juillet
Queen Anne's Lace
Queen City Salute
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth Of Mey (Boswell)
Queen Elizabeth Of Mey (Petyt)
Queen Margaret's Crown
Queen Mary Of Scotland
Queen Of Hearts (McEdward)
Queen Of The Seas
Queen Of Torquay
Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria's Visit, Quadrilles
Queen's Bridge
Queens Jig
Queen's Quadrille
Queen's View
Queen's Visit
Queen's Welcome
Queensferry Crossing
Quick And Easy
Quick And Quicker Flew
Quick Shot
Quicksilver Reel
Quiet Achiever
Quiet And Snug
Quinary Strathspey
Quincentenary Jig
Quincentenary Reel
Quinte Gathering


Rab The Ranter
Rabbie's Rant
Rabbie's Reel
Rachael Rae
Rachan Mill
Rachel And Tom Fenwick
Racing In Spa
Radcliffe Square
Radcliffes Of Dilston
Radical Road
Radyr Welcome
Raiders Road
Railway 4 Meeting
Railway Reel
Rainbow Fairy
Rainbow Nation
Rainbow Of Saitama
Rainbow's End
Rainy Sunday Strathspey
Raise The Roof
Raising Of The Mary Rose
Raising The Anchor
Rakes Of Auld Reekie
Rakes Of Glasgow
Raki Mountain Trail
Rakish Highlandman
Raleigh Reel
Rambling Pitchfork
Rambling Rose
Rambling Round The Raith
Rampant Lion - After 10am
Rampant Unicorn Jig
Rampant Unicorn Strathspey
Rannoch Moor
Rantin' Kirn
Rantin' Rovin' Robin
Rantin, Raving Raymond
Rare Bird
Raspberry Ripple
Ratcatcher's Reel
Ratty's Hornpipe
Ravelston Rant
Ravelston Reel
Raven's Dance
Ray Milbourne
Razzle-Dazzle Reel
Reading Round Reel
Real Gem
Real McGhie
Real Wedding Reel
Recumbent Stone
Red Arrows
Red Balloon
Red Doublet
Red Dragon
Red Flower
Red Ghillies
Red House
Red House Revisited
Red Joan Of Big Harbour
Red Kites Over The Black Isle
Red Lion Of Stow
Red Nose Jig
Red Poppy
Red Red Rose
Red River Welcome
Red Rose
Red Rose And White
Red Rose Of Dunoon
Red Rose Of Lancaster 1
Red Rose Of Lancaster 2
Red Rubber Ball
Red Rum
Red Squirrel (Collin)
Red Squirrel (Johnston)
Red Squirrel Reel
Red Wine And Straight Lines
Redbud Reel
Redundancy Dance
Redwood Arbor
Reel Archie
Reel Challenge (Attwood)
Reel Challenge (Bradshaw)
Reel Dozen
Reel Duine Na Marachan
Reel Easy
Reel For '88
Reel For Alice
Reel For Bill And Mary Cant
Reel For Brenda
Reel For Chris
Reel For Cosmo John
Reel For Davina
Reel For George
Reel For Jeannie
Reel For Lyn
Reel For Margaret
Reel For Maria
Reel For My Spouse
Reel For Pania
Reel For Rajiv
Reel For Rick
Reel For St Columba's Church
Reel For The Ridings
Reel Friends
Reel Good Time
Reel Nightmare
'Reel' Nuisance
Reel O' Deans
Reel Of Dunans
Reel Of Five
Reel Of Four Diamonds
Reel Of Glamis
Reel Of Mey
Reel Of The 51st Division
Reel Of The 51st Division (3-Couple Version)
Reel Of The 51st Division (5-Couple Version)
Reel Of The 51st Division (Alternative 3-Couple Version)
Reel Of The A68
Reel Of The Gordon Highlanders
Reel Of The Pinehurst Eight
Reel Of The Puffins
Reel Of The Royal Scots
Reel Of The Sound
Reel Of The Transvaal Scottish
Reel Of Tulloch
Reel On
Reel Or Two For Sheila
Reel Pets
Reel Seahawks
Reel Tay Dancers
Reel Thing
Reel Wheel Chase
Reeling In The Annex
Reeling On
Reeling Roy
Reeling To Kirriemuir
Reels Aplenty
Reely Easy Strathspey
Reflections In The Lake
Reflections On Woodhall Loch
Regent's Favourite
Reids O' Monymusk
Reill O' Life
Reinventing The Wheel
Remembering Abbotsford
Remembering Miss Cameron
Remparts De Séville
Renaissance Man
Renali Strathspey
Rendez-vous à Vichy
Rennie's Bridge
Rennie's Rant
Renwick Reel
Rerr Terr Jig
Rest And Be Thankful
Restless Ghost
Return To Benbecula
Return To Broadford Bay
Return To Saint Martins
Return To Shieldaig
Return To Thimble Cottage
Reuben Freemantle's Jig
Reunion Jig
Rev Peter Ives
Reverend John MacFarlane
Reverend Ron Lewis
Reverend Sandy Mailer
Reversal Of Fortune
Reversing Falls
Rhinns Of Galloway
Rhodes House Reel
Rhododendron Strathspey
Ribble Link
Ribblesdale Strathspey
Ribbons And Rings
Rice And Lefse
Richard The Third
Richardson's Rant
Ricki Robb's Reel
Rick's Delight
Riddlers Rant
Rideau Reel
Rider Hall
Riders Of Rohan
Riding The Border Marches
Riding The Wave
Rifleman (Border Book)
Rifleman (Keppie)
Riggs Of Corn
Right And Left
Right Partner
Right Way Up
Rigmarole (Keppie)
Rimes Close
Rin The Reel
Ring In The New
Ring Of Brodgar
Ring Of Friendship
Rinty's Rant
Rio (Tous) Reel
Rising Sun
Rita's Ramble
River Cree
River Dee Strathspey
River Hutt
River Jumped O'er The Mountain
River Mourne Strathspey
River Ness
Riviera Reel
Road To Alhambra
Road To Auchnafree
Road To Banff
Road To Blantyre
Road To Bluff Hill
Road To Dundee
Road To Glasgow
Road To Kingoldrum
Road To Mallaig
Road To McGregor
Road To Mod
Road To Rannoch
Road To Ronda
Road To Rothesay
Road To Scurdie Ness
Road To The Border
Road To The Isles
Road To Tigh-Na-Dal
Road To Tomintoul
Road To Washington
Road To Wigan Pier
Roaring Jelly
Rob Of Balbeggie
Rob Roy
Rob Roy MacGregor
Rob Roy Rant
Robbie Over The Waves
Robert Little's Strathspey
Robert The Bruce
Roberta Buckel's Strathspey
Roberton Law
Robertson Rant
Rob's Delight
Robyn And Brian's Wedding
Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow
Rockcliffe Rant
Rocking Horse
Rocks Of Gibraltar
Rocks Of Solitude
Rocky Mountain Reel
Rocky Road Reel
Rod And Julia
Roddy's Reel
Rodney Rooms Rant
Rodney's Rant
Rogues' Gallery
Roller Coaster
Rolling Dancers
Rollright Reel
Rolverdon Reel
Roman Holiday
Romance At Raddery
Romance In Ireland
Ronda Blue
Rondel In Waterloo
Ron's Favourite
Room One
Ropemaker's Reel
Rory O' More
Rosalie's Birthday Reel
Rose Acre
Rose Bouquet
Rose For The Cobbler
Rose Garden (Wendell)
Rose In The Valley
Rose Jacob's Reel
Rose Of Cambridge
Rose Of Dunure
Rose Of Glamis
Rose Of Kilravock
Rose Of St Andrews
Rose Of The North
Roseberry Ridge
Roselath Cross
Rosemary's Retirement Reel
Rosetta Stone
Rosette Stone
Rosewood Jem
Roslin Castle
Rosnor Abbey
Ross Creek Mixer
Ross In Bloom
Ross Meor
Ross Reel
Ross Strathspey
Rossington Strathspey
Rosslyn Castle
Rosss's Reel
Rotherham Romp
Rothesay Country Dance
Rothesay Rant
Rothesay Rant (Revised)
Rothiemurchus Rant
Rougemont Castle
Rouken Glen
Roun We Go
Round About Hullachan
Round And Round The Radical Road
Round And Roundabout
Round Arran Jig
Round Churn
Round Hay Of Six
Round House Reel
Round Reel Of Eight
Round Reel Of Six
Round The Set
Roundabout (Gordon)
Roundabout (Keppie)
Roundabout Hullachan
Rounder Reel Of Eight
Rover's Rant
Rovin' Robin
Rowan Tree
Roxburgh Castle
Roxburgh's Fancy
Royal Albert Country Dance
Royal Deeside
Royal Deeside Railway
Royal Edinburgh
Royal Exchange
Royal George On The Tay
Royal Gordon
Royal Mile
Royal Navy Hornpipe
Royal Patron
Royal Scot Northward Bound
Royal Stirling Square
Royal Town
Royal Visit
Royal Wedding
Royal Yacht Britannia
Rubber Duck's Jig
Rubies And Thistles
Rubik's Cube
Rubislaw Jig
Ruby Celebration Strathspey
Ruby Rant
Ruby Red
Ruby Reel
Ruby Ribbon Reel
Ruby Strathspey (Barnes)
Ruby Strathspey (Moore)
Ruby Strathspey (Waddell)
Ruby Wedding (Clark)
Ruby Wedding Strathspey
Ruby Wilkinson's Farewell To Cranshaws
Ruby Years
Rudha Dubh
Ruffian's Rant
Rug Beater
Ruislip Reel
Run Rigg
Run-Deil Dance
Rural's Jubilee Strathspey
Russian Fly
Rustington Reel
Ruth Jappy's Delight
Ruth Jappy's Return To Glen Ravine
Ruthin Ladies
Ruthin Square
Ruth's Jig
Ruthven's Fancy
Rutland Reel
Rye Twist


S S Johnstone
Safe Anchorage
Safe Journey Hame
Saga Strathspey
Sage And Salsa
Sailing Days On The Penobscot
Sailing On Shawnigan Lake
Sailing To Saltspring
Sailors Guide
Saint John River
Salley Gardens
Sally Lightfoot
Sally's Army
Sally's Fancy
Salmonfield Poacher
Salt Of The Earth
Saltire Medley
Saltire Society Reel
Saltire Strathspey
Saltire, Unsullied
Saltspring Strathspey
Salut Angers
Salute To Alison
Salute To Bath
Salute To Glasgow
Salute To Ian Robertson
Salute To Lark Hill
Salute To Miss Milligan
Salute To Mrs Mac
Salute To Robert Burns
Salute To San Diego
Salute To Summer
Salute To The Borders
Sam The Man
San Diego Welcome
San Francisco Surprise
Sandbach Society Reel
Sandra Mollison's Jig
Sandra's 60th
Sands Of Asilomar
Sands Of Forvie
Sands Of Morar
Sands Of Seamill
Sandwood Bay
Sandy Butterly
Sandy Nixon's Reel
Sandy O'er The Lea
Sandy's Reel
Sandy's Scotch Broth
Sanquhar's Cornet Lass
Sansum Narrows
Sapphire Strathspey
Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Reel
Sarah Anne Cheyne
Sarah Elizabeth's Jig
Sarah's Favourite
Sarehole Mill
Sark Bridge
Satin And Lace
Saturday Market
Saturday Morning
Saturday Strathspey
Sauchie Haugh
Sausage Machine
Savage Cavy
Save The Children
Saw Ye My Wee Thing
Sawney Bean's Reel
Saxie's Baa
Saxonia Express
Scarborough Castle
Scarborough Holiday
Schauchlin Jamie
Scholars' Bus
School At Home
Schoon's Bairn
Scotch Broth
Scotch Circle
Scotch Eggs
Scotch Mist
Scotch Mixer
Scotch On The Rocks
Scotia Sea
Scotia Swing
Scotia Threesome
Scotian Sixsome
Scotian Twasome
Scotland For Ever
Scotland's Gardens
Scotland's Thistle
Scots Bonnet
Scots Brigade
Scots Circle
Scots Gate
Scots Guards
Scotsman In America
Scott Meikle
Scottish Accent Reel
Scottish Butterfly
Scottish Castle
Scottish Covenant
Scottish Jaunt
Scottish Jig
Scottish Man Of War
Scottish Midge
Scottish Ramble
Scottish Reform
Scottish Response
Scottish Roulette
Scottish Werewolf
Scotts Of Torrisdale
Screaming Eels
Sea Caves
Sea Dog Bamse
Sea Tangle Of Skye
Sea‑Horse Frolic
Seann Truibhas Willichan
Searching The Archives
Seasons End
Seattle Landing
Second City Strathspey
Secret Garden
Secrets Of Callum McCallum
See A Man Sae Happy
See The Cuddy Kick
See This
See You Again
See You Down Under
See You In Arran
See You Later
Seeing Spots
Selkirk Reel
Selkirk Settlers
Senate House Square
Senior Citizen's Reel
Seniors Be Full Power!
September 1st
September In Skye
September Strathspey
Serpent Of Loch Nell
Set And Drink
Set Cross And Cast
Set In Roosendaal
Seton's Ceilidh Band
Seven To Seven
Seventh Wonder
Seventieth Anniversary Celebration In Dumfries
Seventy Fifth Anniversary Reel
Seventy Five Years On
Seventy Five Years Young
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Medley
Sgurr Alasdair
Shades Of Cape Breton
Shadows On The Scores
Shake A Foot
Shake Da Foot
Shake The Pudding Down
Shakin' The Bottle
Shambellie House
Shamrock Girl
Sharon's Strathspey
Shauchlin Doon
Shawlands Cross
Shaws Of Cambridge
Sheena's Buckle
Sheena's Fancy
Sheena's Saunter
Sheffield Castle
Sheila Gardiner's Strathspey
Sheltered Cove
Sheltie Reel
Shene Gate
Shepherd's Crook (MacNab)
Shepherd's Crook (RSCDS Book 10)
Shepherd's Delight
She's A Fine Wee Lass
She's Ower Young To Marry Yet
Shetland Fiddler
Shetland Shepherdess
Shetland Welcome
Shiel Bridge
Shiftin' Bobbins
Shine On Scotland
Ship In Full Sail
Ship O' Grace
Ship Of Dreams
Shire Of Air
Shirley's Strathspey
Shoplifting Seagulls
Shores Of Solway
Short And Easy Dance For Six Couples
Short And Sweet
Short And Very Sweet
Shortbread Fingers
Shortfield Jig
Shortness Of Breath
Shoulder To Shoulder
Sic A Ewie
Sich A Caper
Side By Side
Sidney's Reel
Siege Of Buda
Sierra Trails
S'il vous plaît
Silken Knot
Silver Anniversary
Silver Arrow
Silver Birch Strathspey
Silver Branch
Silver Buckle
Silver Castle Reel
Silver Celebrations
Silver Chains
Silver City
Silver Dancers
Silver Glen
Silver Grey
Silver Halsway
Silver Hamer
Silver Jubilee Reel
Silver Knot Reel
Silver Lambourne Square
Silver Link (Clark)
Silver Memories
Silver Penny
Silver Penny-Farthing
Silver Roses
Silver Safari
Silver Sails
Silver Sands Of Islay
Silver Spirtle
Silver Square
Silver Star
Silver Strathspey
Silver Targe
Silver Tassie
Silver Thistle
Silver Thistle Ball
Silver Threads
Silver Walk
Silver Wedding (Ferguson/Noden)
Silver Wedding (Muir)
Silver Wedding Jig
Silver Wedding Medley
Silver Wedding Strathspey
Silver Woods
Silverdale Strathspey
Simmer Dim
Simon Barbour's Rant
Simon Brodie
Simone's Serendipitous Meeting
Simon's Dance
Simon's Petronella
Simple Delights
Simple Little Strathspey
Sinclair's Chief
Singing Sands
Sir Andy Murray Of Dunblane
Sir Barry Pipes
Sir David Lindsay Of The Mount's Strathspey
Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair's Jig
Sir J. M. Barrie Of Thrums
Sir James Baird's Strathspey
Sir Murdoch MacDonald's Strathspey
Sister Blanche Of St Andrew's
Sisters Of The Heart
Six Belles Of Bon Accord
Six Mile Road From Pitlochry
Sixteensome Reel
Sixth Of August
Sixty And Still Going Strong
Skagit Strathspey
Skagits In Stockbridge
Skater's Strathspey
Skatie Shore
Skeely Skipper
Skeen's Medley
Skerry Reel Of Eight
Ski 'N' Do
Ski Tow
Skibo Castle
Skip Change Only
Skippin' Barfit Thro' The Heather
Skipping Rock Reel
Skippit A Wee
Skylarks Reel
Slàinte Mhath
Slàinte Mhòr
Slante, Austro-Alba
Sleeping In
Sleeping Warrior
Sleepless In Brentwood
Sleepless In Normandale
Sleepless Night
Sleepless Nights
Sleepless Reel
Sleepy Maggie
Slip Knot
Sloane Square
Slytherin House
Small Gym Romp
Smiddy Jig
Smiling Lila
Smiling Sally
Smith At His Anvil
Smoke Rings In The Night
Smouldering Teapots
Snake Bit
Snake Pass
Snakes And Ladders
Snibbet Bibliotheck
Snow Angels
Snow Butterfly
Snow Flurries
Snow In October
Snow In Summer (Bell)
Snow In Summer (Boyd)
Snow On The Mountain
Snow Wave
Snow White Strathspey
Snowball Fight
Snowball Reel
Snowdonia Reel
Snowdrops In The Glen
Soaring And Swooping
Soaring Dragon
Social Butterfly
Society Piper
Sodger Laddie
Soldier's Joy
Solway Firth
Solway Reel
Solway Sunset
Somerled Square
Somerset Children's Reel
Something Knotty
Sonas Le Sith
Song Of The Sea
Song Of The Waves
Songs And Tunes
Songs Without Words
Sons Of The Rock
Sophie's Farewell
Sophie's Sand Castle
Sorbie Tensome Reel
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Sound Of Cara
Sound Of Harris
Sound Of Harris Ferry
Sound Of Harris Ferry
Sound Of Iona (Craig)
Sounding The Deep
Souple Jade
Sour Lemon
South From Oban
South Inch House
Southern Cairn
Southern Cross
Southern Lights
Sow's Tail
Space Coaster
Spaegeles' Jig
Spaghetti Junction
Spanish Dance
Spanish Four
Spanish Ghost
Spark O' Water
Sparkenhoe Circle
Sparkle In Her Eyes
Sparkling Eyes
Sparkling Loch
Sparkling Shores Of Kamagari
Sparks Fly
Special Occasion (Brenchley)
Special Occasion (Clark)
Speed The Plough
Speedy Thomas
Speirs Bruce
Speirs Wharf Hornpipe
Spencer Noble's Strathspey
Spey In Spate (Haynes)
Spey In Spate (Keppie)
Speyside Reel
Spice It Up
Spiced Wine
Spin Doctor
Spindles And Whorles
Spinkie Den
Spinnaker Hornpipe
Spinnaker Tower
Spinner And The Weaver
Spinney Strathspey
Spinning Stones
Spinning Wheel
Spirit Of The Dance
Splat The Tattie
Sport Of The Chase
Spot Of Bother
Spread Eagle
Spreading The Soul Of Scotland
Sprig Of Heather
Sprig Of Ivy (Dickson)
Sprig Of Ivy (Mitchell)
Spring Chick Waltz Mixer
Spring Chicken
Spring Daffodils
Spring Fever (Kowalczik)
Spring Fever (Lataille)
Spring Fling Reel
Spring In Helensburgh
Square Cut Diamond
Square Petronella
Squared Away
Squashed In The Kitchen With Bonny
Squeezebox Saunter
Squinty Bridge
SS Johnstone
St Abb's Head Reel
St Aidan's Church Hall
St Andrews 600
St Andrews' Castle
St Andrew's Chase
St Andrew's Course
St Andrew's Day (RSCDS Book 24)
St Andrew's Day (Sutherland - 64 Bar Version)
St Andrew's Fair
St Andrew's Flag
St Andrew's Gardens
St Andrews Links (Finlay)
St Andrews Links (Sheffield)
St Andrew's Nicht
St Andrew's Of Brampton
St Andrew's Platinum Reel
St Andrews Society Of Denmark
St Andrew's Square
St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh
St Andrews Welcomes Prince William
St Anne's Reel
St Ann's Fair
St Ann's Twasome
St Bernard's Waltz
St Catherine's Strathspey
St Chad's Jig
St Chad's Strathspey
St Columba's 60th Anniversary Reel
St Columba's Reel
St Columba's Strathspey
St Ebba's Strand
St Edmund Strathspey
St George's Cross
St Giles
St John River
St John Strathspey
St John's Jig (Derrick)
St John's Jig (Drewry)
St John's Of Abbeydale
St John's Road
St John's Strathspey
St Johnstoun Reel
St Kilda Jig
St Lawrence Court
St Lawrence Jig
St Machar Strathspey
St Magnus Quadrille
St Margaret Queen Of Scotland
St Margaret's Inch
St Margaret's Jig
St Margaret's Knot
St Margaret's Loch
St Margaret's Strathspey
St Mark's Celebration Jig
St Martin's Strathspey
St Michael's Well
St Mungo's City
St Nicholas Boat
St Nicholas Gardens
St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Jig
St Piran's Cross
St Ronan's Strathspey
St Valentine's Chase
Staffin Harvest
Stafford Knot
Staircase In Styria
Stan And Janet's Jig
Stand Pretty
Stanford Swing
Stanhope Park
Stanley Mill
Stanley Reel
Stannary Jig
Star Trek
Starry Eyed Lassie
Stars Of The South
Start Your Engines
Starter For Ten
Startled Rabbits
State Of Grace
Steeple Rock
Step Forth
Step Forth (3-Couple Version)
Stephen Black Of Banchory
Stephen's Strathspey
Stephen's Web
Steppe Dance For Olga
Stepping It Out
Stewart's Lassie
Stirling Castle (Dingley)
Stirling Castle (Laidlaw)
Stirling Millennium Reel
Stockholm Ceilidh
Stone Court
Stone Mountain Reel
Stone Of Destiny
Stonehaven Lassies
Stonehaven Strathspey
Stoner House
Stoorie Miller
Storybook Glen
Stow Alert
Strachan Rant
Strangeness And Charm
Strathaven Rant
Strathcona Reel
Strathgade Reel
Strathglass House
Strathspey For Bar
Strathspey For Cis Wood
Strathspey For Eric
Strathspey For Helen
Strathspey For Jayne
Strathspey For John
Strathspey For Kieran
Strathspey For Mr And Mrs John Day
Strathspey For Shelley
Strathspey For The Black Watch
Stratton Street
Strawberry Blonde
Streets Of Milan
Striding Sharply Along The Edge
Striking Gold
Strip The Willow
Stroll Round Nerja
Stroller In Hades
Strome Ferry
Struan Robertson's Reel
Stuken Rant
Sturt's Desert Rose
Stuttgart Strathspey
Suas E!
Subarashii Saitama Strathspey
Sue Meek's Strathspey
Sueno's Stone
Suffolk Lanes
Sugar Candie
Sugar Loaf Jig
Sugar On Snow (Burrage)
Sugar On Snow (McKinnell)
Sultan's Signature
Sum Of All The Parts
Summer Assembly
Summer Bunting
Summer Festival
Summer Gathering
Summer In Assynt
Summer In Gothenburg
Summer In Paris
Summer Meeting (Townshend)
Summer Of '94
Summer On The Beach
Summer On The Clyde
Summer On The Neckar
Summer Party
Summer Rain
Summer School Peregrinations
Summer Social
Summer Sun Days
Summer Sunday Strathspey
Summer With McKinnon
Summer Wedding
Summer Wooing
Summers End
Sunday Morning
Sunlit Square
Sunningdale Strathspey
Sunrise On Craig Bay
Sunset On The Tay
Sunset Over Connel Bridge
Sunset Over Solway
Sunshine And Sweetie's Jig
Sunshine In Lagos
Sunshine Reel
Sunshine Sally
Sunshine Village Ramble
Surbiton Frolic
Surprising Hannah
Survivor From St Andrews
Susan Scott Of San Rafael
Susanne's Strathspey
Susan's Jig
Susan's Souvenir
Susie From Penilee
Sutherland Rant
Sutherland Reel
Sutters Of Selkirk
Suzanne Barbour
Swan And The Tay
Swan On The Lake
Swans Of Salt Spring Island
Swans On The Tweed
Swashbuckling Iain
Sweet Basil
Sweet Surrender
Swinging Braes
Swings And Roundabouts
Swirling And Twirling Leaves
Swirling Snow
Swirling Spey
Swirling Stream
Swirling Waters (Drewry)
Swiss Chocolate
Swiss Lassie
Swithland Woods
Sydney's Reel
Sylvan Strathspey
Sylvia Full Of Grace
Symmetrical Jig
Symphony Hall Strathspey


Tablet Maker's Reel
Tae Fife And Back
Tae Gar Ye Loup
Taigh Mhicleod
Taigh Nan Gaidheal Srathspeidh Agus Ruidhle
Tailored For Christine
Tak Me Awa
Tak Tent
Take Care
Take Five
Take It Or Leave It
Take Wing
Talisker (Eddershaw)
Tall Guys' Strathspey
Tallahassee Reel
Tam O' Shanter (Keppie)
Tam O' Shanter (Malley)
Tam O' Shanter (Priddey)
Tamburin Jingles
Tammie Norie Jig
Tamworth Chase
Tandem Reel
Tandem To Anvil
Tangle O' The Isles
Tanglewood (Collins)
Tantalizing Treats
Tantalus Jig
Taobh Ri Taobh
Tap Ta Tae
Tap The Barrel
Tapadh Leibh
Tappie Toorie (Drewry)
Tappie Toorie (Goldring)
Tappie Toorie (Priddey)
Tapsalteerie (Clowes)
Tapsalteerie (Duigenan)
Tapsalteerie (Mitchell)
Tapsalteerie (Turner/Fogg)
Tarbert Fair
Targaid Danns
Tarry A While
Tarry Hat Jig
Tarry Woo'
Tartan Baggies
Tartan Bows
Tartan Buckle
Tartan Fling
Tartan Plaidie
Tartan Rainbow
Tartan Ribbons
Tartan Shawl
Tartan Waistcoat
Tattie Bogle
Tatties 'N Neaps
Taunton Capers
Tayport Beauty
Tayside Ladies
Tea Time
Tea With Sylvia
Teacher's Pet
Teachers' Twin Birthday
Teanlowe Strathspey
Teddy Bears' Picnic (Collin)
Teddybear's Picnic (Leyffer)
Ted's Flying Shuttle
Teifi Jig
Telford Anniversary Jig
Telford Hornpipe
Tempest In A Teacup
Ten Beach Dancers
Ten Ladies Dancing
Ten O'Clock Reel
Ten Up For Kingston
Ten Year Reel
Ten Years On
Ten/6 In This Style
Tensome Reel
Tenth Frolic
Terrace Loggers' Jig
Tête à tête In Paris
Teviot Bridge
Teviot Bridge Reconstructed
Tey Medley
Thank You Bob
Thank You Jack
Thanks For All The Dancing
That Glaikit Waste Of Space
That's All You're Getting!
That's My Jo'
Theeket Hoose
Their Secret
Thelma's Jig
There And Back
There And Back Again (Malley)
There Are No Kangaroos In Austria (Advanced)
There Are No Kangaroos In Austria (Basic)
There Be Dragons
There Cam' A Young Man (Boyd)
There Cam' A Young Man (Mitchell)
There's Nae Enough Bodies
There's Nae Luck Aboot The Hoose
There's Something About Thirty
They Reel'd And Set
They Stole My Wife From Me Last Night
Third Man
Thirteen Fourteen
Thirteenth Of September
Thirty Five Years And Still Counting
Thirty Isnae Enaw
Thirty Third Priest's Street
Thirty Years On
This Is No' My Ain Hoose
This Is No My Ain Lassie
This One's Four Isobel
This Way Up
Thistle And The Columbine
Thistle And The Trillium
Thistle Dancers' Waltz
Thistle Down Reel
Thistle Dubh
Thistle Reel
Thistle School Jig
Thistle Welcome
Thither And Yon
Thomas Glover's Reel
Thornham Reel
Thornhill Strathspey
Thorntonian Jig
Thor's Hammer
Those Endless Winding Roads
Those Eyes
Thoughts Of Romance
Thousand Islands Hornpipe
Thread The Loom
Thread The Needle
Three "E"s
Three And One
Three And Two Is Five
Three Bonnie Maidens
Three Cornered Hat
Three Fathom Harbour
Three Feisty Women
Three Js' Jig
Three Kings Of Cullen
Three Oaks
Three Reel Four
Three Rivers Reel
Three Rs
Three Score And Ten (Harriman/Torf)
Three Score And Ten (Sim)
Three Score By Four
Three Score Years And Ten
Three Sheepskins
Three Shires
Three Sisters
Three Sisters Of Glencoe
Three Square Strathspey
Three Squared
Three Wild Lads
Three-Legged Cat
Three's A Crowd
Three's The Charm
Threesome Jig
Threesome Reel
Thresher Round
Thro' The Sma' Glen
Through The Looking Glass (Billmers)
Thrums Cairn
Thurling Strathspey
Thursday Night Ladies
Tiaras And Teapots
Tibbie's Jig
Tibby Fowler O' The Glen
Tibby Walker's Jig
Tickle My Fancy
Tides Of Solva
Tie-Dyed And Gone To Heaven
Tigger Bounce
Time To Meet
Tin Medal
Tine's Jig
Tinto Hill
Tipsy O'er The Glen
Tipsy Vicar
Tiptoe And Sway
Tiptoe Jig
Tir Nan Og
Tirl The Sneck
Tis Nice Tae See You
Tittle Tattle
Tizzy Of Tadpoles
To Be A Wind
To Have And To Hold
To Honour A King
To Karin
To Pennsylvania And Back
Toad Of Toad Hall
Toast Of Bon Accord
Toast To Aberdeen
Toast To Meike
Toast To St Andrews
Toast To The Millennium
Toast To The Mousies
Toast To The Stewarts
Toast To Tobie
Tobermory Bay
Tocher Band
Toddle Wi' Joy
Todlen Hame
Todlin' Athegither
Toe And Heel The Reel
Tofino Strathspey
Together In Kippo
Toll House
Tolsta Rant
Tom And Anja's Silver Wedding
Tom Steele
Tommy Ford's Fancy
Tom's Friends
Tomtain Brae
Tonbridge Castle
Tony And Judith Of Formby
Tony's Trauma
Topsy Turvy
Torf's Watching
Toronto Volunteers
Toronto Waltz
Torque Back
Torridon Cross
Torridon Lassies
Torry Quine
Torryburn Lassies
Toss Your Head
Tosson Hill
Touch And Go
Touch Me Not (Drewry)
Touch Not The Cat
Touch Of Disblair
Touch Of Tartan
Touch Of Wales
Tough Love
Tourists In Cambridge
Tower Of London
Town Of Flowers
Townsend's Farewell To Sidholme
Toyboys Of Toowoomba
Toyshop Of Europe
Tracey's Wedding Jig
Trail Of The Swan
Train Journey North
Transition Teacher
Tranter's Rant
Traquair House (Houston)
Traquair House (Stein)
Travelling Dancers
Travelling Men
Travelling Procters
Travelling Tinker
Travelling To America
Travelling Triangles
Tread We A Measure
Tread Ye Lightly
Treasure Island Jig
Treasure Of Kennington
Treasured Cove
Tree Fern
Treeple Bob
Treeple On The Square
Trefoil Badge
Trek To Kyrgyzstan
Trew Fidelity
Tri Fichead
Tri Mariner
Tribute To Alba
Tribute To Amanda
Tribute To Barb Bolin
Tribute To Bunty
Tribute To Drummond Cook
Tribute To Euan
Tribute To Glasgow
Tribute To John Drewry
Tribute To John Middleton
Tribute To John Wilkinson
Tribute To Max And Anne
Tribute To Miss Frances Martin
Tribute To Mrs McAulay
Tribute To Patsy Rennie
Tribute To Peter McBryde
Tribute To Talent
Tribute To The Basques
Tribute To The Black Watch
Tribute To The Borders
Tribute To The Ladies
Tribute To Trish
Tricky Troika
Triggs Lock
Trimple Tumble
Trinity Tensome
Trip Around Salt Spring
Trip Around The World
Trip O'er The Tweed
Trip Over Tweed
Trip To Aberdeen
Trip To Aphrodisia
Trip To Applecross
Trip To Austin
Trip To Bavaria
Trip To Belgium
Trip To Blairgowrie
Trip To Coupar Angus
Trip To Crinan
Trip To Disney
Trip To Edinburgh
Trip To Fanwood
Trip To Gatlinburg
Trip To Glasgow
Trip To Gretna Green
Trip To Holland
Trip To Hopetoun House
Trip To Japan
Trip To Lorient
Trip To Lunenburg
Trip To Maney
Trip To Monymusk
Trip To Nerja
Trip To Newfoundland
Trip To Orlova
Trip To Paradise
Trip To Ravenscar
Trip To Scotland
Trip To Sucker Bay
Trip To The Drakensberg
Trip To The Netherlands
Trip To The Trossachs
Trip To The Vineyards
Trip To The Weald
Trip To Timber Ridge
Trip To Tobermory (Allen)
Trip To Tobermory (Drewry)
Trip To Wetwang
Trip To Windsor
Trip To York
Tripitup Troupe
Triple Happiness
Trippit Cantily
Trippit Lightly
Trixi's Favourite Toy
Troublesome Threesomes
Troy's Wedding
Trysting Place
Tudor Rose
Tullich Hornpipe
Tulloch Burn
Tulloch Circle
Tulloch Gorm
Tulloch Rant
Tullynessle And Forbes Hall
Tumbling Waters Of Unich
Tungsten Turkey
Turkey Trot
Turn For The Better
Turnberry Tensome
Turning The Key
Turtle Shells
Tuther Gait
Tutsham Mill
Twa Auld Hens
Twa Bonnie Lassies
Twa Corbies (Boyd)
Twa In Clover
Twa Meenit Reel
Twa Rogueish E'en
Twa Sparkling Een
Twa Thistles
Twalsome Reel
Twasome Reel
Tweedbridge Court
Twelfth Night Ball
Twelfth Night Revels
Twelve 1314
Twelve Coates Crescent
Twelvesome Reel
Twenty At First
Twenty Candles For Iberia
Twenty Years Of The Burdens Of Bude
Twenty-Fifth Reel
Twenty-First Of September
Twenty-Four Seven
Twenty-Ninth Of June
Twenty-Seventh Of December
Twenty-Three Two Ninety
Twenty-Twenty Vision
Twin Cities Farewell
Twinbairn's Reel
Twine Weel The Plaiden
Twinkle In His Eye
Twinkling Star
Twins' Delight
Twirl Of The Kilt
Twirling Circle
Twisted Rights And Lefts
Twisted Then Chaperoned
Twisted Yet Again
Twixt Don And Dee
Twixt Keir And Kent
Twizell Bridge
Two And Two
Two Auld Hens
Two Bonnie Lassies
Two By Two
Two Corbies (Boyd)
Two Furlongs
Two Gray Cats
Two Hornpipes
Two Hundred King Street North
Two In Clover
Two Meenit Reel
Two Of The Best
Two Peas In A Pod
Two PM
Two Rogueish E'en
Two Roses
Two Sparkling Een
Two Thistles
Two Thousand A And D
Two To One
Two Towers Reel
Two Up, Two Down
Two Wise Old Owls - Female
Two Wise Old Owls - Male
Two-Inch Race
Two's Company Three's A Crowd
Twosome Reel
Twyford Down
Tying Ribbons
Tying The Knot (Glasspool/Hall)
Tying The Knot (Keppie)
Tying The Knot (Maarseveen)
Tyneside Schottische
Tyneside Tribute To Ian Thow
Tyrella Homestead


Uddingston Fair Uilliam Dona
Ullapool Ferry
Ullswater Way
Uncle Bill's Jig
Uncle George
Uncle Isaac
Under A Shady Tree
Under African Skies
Under The Trees
Unfancy Bean Shee
Unicef Circle
Union Jig
Union Of The Crowns Reel
Unit 5
United In Harmony
Unsullied Saltire
Unsung Hero
Until We Meet Again (Quinnell)
Until We Meet Again (Shaw)
Up A Notch
Up And Coming
Up And Doon The Gallowgate
Up And Down Ben Nevis
Up Helly' Aa
Up In The Air
Up The Downs
Up The Pond
Upper Tarr
Uppies And Doonies
Upside Down
Upstairs Downstairs
Urquart Castle
Ute And Tris


V And J's Maggot V C Jig
Vagabond Jig
Vale Of Atholl
Vale Of Strathmore
Valentine For Vanessa
Valentine Special
Valentine Strathspey
Valerie And Bill's Wedding
Valerie Craig's Reel
Vallay Sound
Valley Full Of Tree Tops
Valley Over The Hill
Valley Spinners
Val's Fancy
Val's Juniper Strathspey
Van Riel's Reel
Vancouver Island Reel
Vancouver Welcome
Variations On A Theme
V-C Jig
Vi MacPhail
Victoria Plums
Viking Ship
Viking's Sheepskin
Village Reel
Vin Tyndall Of Forfar
Vintage '62
Vintage Simon
Virginia Jig
Virginia Reel
Virginia Reel (3-Couple Version)
Virtual Happiness
Visit In Rome
Visit To Japan
Visit To Kelburn
Vital Spark (Duncan)
Vital Spark (Holdsworth)
Vive la danse
Voortrekker Monument


W. James
Waggle O' The Kilt
Wagons West (Saul)
Wagon's West (Smith)
Waiting For Joyce
Waiting For The Daffodils
Wake Up Ones
Wakey Wakey
Walk Round
Walker Strathspey
Walkers O' Banchory
Walkers Of Avonlea
Walking On Clouds
Walking Thru' The Bracken
Walled Garden
Walnut Cake
Walnut Cake With Chocolate Spread
Walnut Chaser
Walnut Orchard
Walnut Pie
Walnuts And Honey For Breakfast
Walnut Schiehallion Reel
Walnut Tree
Waltham Ladies
Waltz Country Dance
Wandering Drummer
Wandering Eggplant
Wandering Piper
Wandering Wallaby
Waratah Weaver
Warbarrow Bay
Warden's Wife
Warm Me Up Scottie
Warm Up
Warm Up 2
Warm Up Jig
Washing Line
Washington's Ways
Wasn't It A Party
Wasps Of Mulben
Watchmaker (Cannell)
Watchmaker (Downey)
Watchmaker's Wife
Water Kelpie
Water Of Dryfe
Water Of Fleet
Water Of Leith
Water Ways
Waterfall Gill
Waternish Tangle
Water's Edge
Watson's Reel
Waverley Station Jig
Waverley Whispers
Waves Of Moray
Waves Of Tory
Waves On The Sea
Wavre Adieu À La Saltarelle
Waxing Of The Moon
Way Ahead
Way Out West
Waylen Bay Jig
Wayne Robertson's Reel
Ways In New Hall
We Are Tying The Knot
We Twa
We Twa Encore
We'll Dance, And Sing, And Rejoice, Man
We'll Meet Again (Uren)
We've Nae Electric
Weakest Link (Rigby)
Weary Willie's Reel
Weather Permitting
Weave The Basket
Weave The Plaid
Weaver Strathspey
Weaver's Bonnie
Weaving Dreams
Weaving The Plaid
Weaving Together
Wedderburn's Reel
Wedding At Roche Harbor
Wedding Breakfast
Wedding In August
Wedding In The Glen
Wedding Link
Wedding Medley
Wedding Reel
Wedding Ring (Keppie)
Wedding Ring (Laidlaw)
Wedding Walk
Wednesday Welcome
Wee Bairn's Noo Awa
Wee Bit Fu
Wee Bit O' Fun
Wee Bus
Wee Butt And Ben For Colleen
Wee Cooper O' Fife
Wee Croft
Wee Doc And Doris
Wee Dram Before Tea
Wee Giant
Wee Green Book
Wee Jessie Cooper
Wee Lassie Fae Gourock
Wee Mary's Jig
Wee Millie
Wee Mousie
Wee Nothin'
Wee Three
Wee Touch O' Class
Wee Willie's Jig
Weekend Celebration
Weekend Strathspey
Weekends In Oban
Weel Bobb'd
Weel Danced Lucky Hare
Weel Done Cutty Sark
Weel Met
Weel's Me On The Birl
Weird Sisters
Welcome Aboard
Welcome All
Welcome Home
Welcome Home The K.O.S.B.
Welcome In Oak Park
Welcome In Tokyo
Welcome Reel
Welcome Spring
Welcome To Ashmerg
Welcome To Ayr
Welcome To Bluebell
Welcome To Beaumaris
Welcome To Callum
Welcome To Claggan
Welcome To Dufftown
Welcome To Dunblane
Welcome To Glasgow
Welcome To Kilmorack
Welcome To Lymm
Welcome To Mull
Welcome To Nerja
Welcome To Nova Scotia
Welcome To Queen's Cross
Welcome To Skye
Welcome To The Ball
Welcome To The Dance
Welcome To Witney
We'll Dance, And Sing, And Rejoice, Man
Well Done Bernard!
Well Done Jack
Well Kent
We'll Meet Again (Downey)
We'll Meet Again (Uren)
Well Met In Paris
Well Mixed
Wellington Street
Wellingtonia Reel
Wells House
Wells Of Dee
Wembley's Gem
Wemyss Place Hornpipe
Wes Clindinning's Hornpipe
Wesley Harry
West Camel Reel
West End Strathspey
West Head
West Highland Line
Westcott Reel
Westminster Reel
West's Hornpipe
West's Hornpipe (3-Couple Version)
Westward Ho!
We've Nae Electric
Whale Rock
Wha'll Be King But Charlie?
What A Beau My Granny Was
What You Please
What You Will
What's In A Name?
What's New Pussy Cat
What's Not To Like?
Wheatly Hills
Wheel Done
Wheel Of Time
Wheelie Reel
Wheels Around The World
When Dancers Meet
When Harry Wed Meghan
When Hearts Meet
When In Doubt Dance Petronella
When The Tide Comes In
Where Are We Going?
Where Friends Meet
Where My Whimsy Takes Me
Where No One Has Gone Before
Where The Almond Meets The Tay
Where The Snowflake Reposes
Where Would Bonnie Annie Lie
Wherever She Goes
While Grumpy Rested
Whimpey The Clown
Whippety Stourie
Whirligig Jig
Whirling Dervishes
Whirlwind (Haynes)
Whirlwind Affairs
Whisky Association Reel
Whistler's Jig
Whistlin' In The Kitchen
Whistling Wind
Whitby Wedding
White And Purple Heather Jig (Anon)
White And Purple Heather Jig (Cosh)
White Cart
White Cockade
White Gull Of Tay
White Heather Jig
White Heather Jig (3-Couple Version)
White Heather Strathspey (Bell)
White Heather Strathspey (Gillespie-Smith)
White Rabbit (Boyd)
White Rabbit (Skelton)
White Rock
White Rose (Of Christmas)
White Rose And The Yellow Waistcoat
White Rose Of Scotland
White Rose Of York
Whiteadder Jig
Whitesands Jig
Whitewater On The James
Who Cares
Why Not?
Wi' Cutty Steps
Wi' Mirth And Glee
Wicked Willy
Widdershins (Ferguson)
Widdershins (Martlew)
Wife She Brewed It
Wig‑Maker's Son
Wigtown Cross
Wild Geese
Wild Geese Tamed
Wild Goose Chase
Wild Mountain Thyme (Paterson)
Wild Rose Strathspey
Wilds Of Wannie
Wileycat Wood
Wilf's 80 Strathspey
Will Starr
Will Ye Go And Marry Ketty
Will Ye No' Come Back Again
Willesden Park
William Elphinstone
William Wallace
William's Jig
William's Strathspey
Willie With His Tartan Trews
Willie's Little Jig
Willie's Rare And Willie's Fair
Willow Strathspey
Wilma's Hornpipe
Wiltshire Walk
Win Thompson's Chase
Wind Dragon
Wind In Our Sails
Wind On Loch Fyne
Wind On The Heath
Wind That Shakes The Barley
Winding Nith
Winding River Of Glen Coe
Winding Road
Winding Spey
Windings Of The Forth
Windmill Of Croydon
Windmills Are Turning
Windmills Of Spain (Modified)
Windmills Of Spain (Original)
Winds Of Lanzarote
Windsor Welcome
Windswept Moors
Windy Lane
Windy Strath
Wing'd Minute
Wing'd Wi Pleasure
Winged Messenger
Wingrove Strathspey
Winsome Reel
Winter Garden
Winter In Wasdale
Winter Park
Winter Wanders
Winter's Ride
Wirral In Gladenbach
Wirral Rambler
Wishing Tree
Wishing Well
Wisp Of Thistle
Witches Score
Witching Hour
Witch's Rant
Wither Turns The Wedderburn
Within A Mile O' Edinburgh Toon
Wolf's Return To Badenoch
Wonderful Time In The Warenar
Woo'd And Married And A'
Wood Of Fyvie
Wooden Horse
Wooden Legged Whistler
Woodland Assembly
Woodland Reel
Woodland Wedding
Wootton Bridge
Worbarrow Bay
Worcester Permain
World Turned Upside Down (Boyd)
World Turned Upside Down (McKinnell)
World's End Close
Wortham Manor
Wrexham Ladies
Wyches Of Cheshire
Wyn's Fancy


Xs And Os
Xylem And Phloem


Y Ddraig Goch
Y Not 2K
Yan Tan Tethera
Ye Olde Pussy Cat
Year Of Dance
Ye'll Aye Be Welcome Back Again
Yellow-Haired Laddie
Yellow-Haired Laddie Quadrille
Ye're No Awa
Ye're Welcome, Charly Stuart
Yes - I Do
Yet Another Birthday
York And North Humberside Strathspey
Yorkshire Lasses
Yorkshire Man
Yorkshire Rose
You Are Not Alone
You Must Stir It And Stump It
Young At Heart (Rankin)
Young At Heart (Rintoul)
Young Chevalier
Young Moira's Real (And Alive)
Young Nick's Junk Yard
Young Pretender
Young Wilson's Reel
Ysobel Stewart Of Fish Hoek
Ythanside 1
Ythanside 2
Yukio's Reel
Yvonne's Lasses


Zeal Of The Joyous Scots
Znojmo Sixsome
Zurich Celebration

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