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Alternative Dance Selections

A Scottish Country Dancing teacher or programme compiler (or, indeed, anyone with interest in depth) may want to see those dances, available on this site, which have a relatively unusual characteristic. Links to lists of dances suitable for Ceilidhs and for Children, for those by the more prolific devisers and for those published in RSCDS Books are available as the fifth to eighth buttons on the navigation bar of every page; these are subsets of the full list of those dances for which we have a written crib, available via the second button (Dance Instructions A-Z Dance Cribs).

This page covers dances having some of the rarer set formats; the more common formats (the 2-, 3- and 4-Couple Repeat in a 4-Couple, Longwise Set and the 4-Couple Square Set) are not included here because each would have many hundred examples. The indexes available are listed below.

Note that where a dance could be categorized under another heading as well as being a Medley, it is shown only under the appropriate Medley heading; note, also, that all Medley Dances in Longwise (and Square) Sets are listed here even though the much more common 4-Couple Jigs, Reels and Strathspeys in those set formats are not.

Dances in Longwise Sets

Dances in Circular Sets

2 Couple Square Set Dances - Square Sets with a single dancer at each corner.
Triangular Set Dances - For Couples, only.
5 Couple Square Set Dances - Square Sets with an extra couple in the centre.
6 Couple Square Set Dances - Square Sets with two extra couples in the centre.

Dances in Round the Room Sets

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