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Cast Down

To Cast down, Dance Down Outside a Longwise set for one Place or the specified number if different. When starting from a stationary Position Facing Partner or another dancer, first Pull the left shoulder back if on the Men's Side or, if on the Ladies', Pull the right shoulder back so as to Turn on the spot and then Dance away Outside The set, i.e., go the long way round, as in the following diagram; this shows the start of many dances including The Hunting Horn and Gothenburg's Welcome.

If more music than necessary is allowed (see Timing), start by first dancing toward the Opposite Side and make Eye contact with the other dancer before Pulling the left/right shoulder back.

The following diagram shows the Figure for the Man when starting from Facing Out, as in bars 7-8 of The Montgomeries' Rant. Note that, although the instructions for the dance specify, or imply, Casting one Place, that Place is occupied (by the 3rd Man) and so he must Cast downPlaces.

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