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Ceilidh Dancing

It is convenient to classify dances such as St Bernard's Waltz, The Waltz Country Dance and The Schottische which appear on the programmes of Ceilidhs and other informal Scottish events under the heading Ceilidh Dances; this recognizes that, while they mostly use different tempi and often have a Ballroom rather than a Set format, Ceilidh dancing must not be excluded from the broad church of Scottish Country Dancing.

Ceilidh dancing can provide a bridge from Old Tyme and Sequence Dancing to the wider Scottish Country Dancing répertoire; the dances can often be learnt by watching the experts at an event, such as a Ceilidh or a display with participation, and so can help to attract newcomers to Scottish Country Dancing.

For the musician, for any non-dancing audience and for the more musically aware dancers, Ceilidh dancing can add welcome variety to The music of a Scottish Country Dance Ball programme.

If you reached this page while seeking Dance instructions for those dances suitable for a Ceilidh programme, see Ceilidh Dances.

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