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In most of these Figures, the Dancers Start Facing alternately clockwise and anticlockwise around either the circle of a Circular set or a rectangle or other quadrilateral forming part of a Longwise set, Take hands (conventionally By the right to start) with the Facing Dancer and Turn halfway so as to Exchange positions, Finishing still Facing in the original direction and repeating this with alternating hands as they proceed round; Right and lefts as well as Grand chain are typical though Right and lefts for 3 couples and for more than 3 Couples are somewhat different in that the path is folded.

Some Scottish Country Dance Figures which include Chain in the name are performed along a line and have a full Turn rather than a Turn halfway at the end of the line so that the Dancers return along the same path; Corners' Chain, Ladies' chain and the similar Men's chain are of this type.

Here are examples of those Scottish Country Dances for which we have instructions on this site and in which the term, Chains, either appears explicitly or is implied; note that for a common term these will be a small selection; for a rare term, these may be all that exist:

Auchindoun Castle
Brooch Of Lorne
Copycat Fugue
Diamond Jubilee Medley
Dunivard Reel
Hope Little's Strathspey
Man's A Man For A' That (Wilson)
New Scotland Strathspey
Tiptoe Jig

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