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Circulating Allemande For 2 Couples

This undeservedly rare Scottish Country Dancing Figure, the Circulating allemande for 2 couples, is an elegant derivative of the Allemande for 2 couples combining the standard form with the Inverted form and following the rectilinearity of the originals. Like these antecedents, it requires 8 bars and either the Strathspey travelling step or Skip change depending upon the Tempo of the implementation.

2nd Couple Dance almost exactly as they should in Allemande for 2 couples While 1st Couple Dance almost exactly as they should in the Inverted Allemande for 2 couples; both Dance as the following Couple, i.e., Bottom Couple of the Allemande for 2 couples, Top Couple of the Inverted Allemande for 2 couples.

For clarity, it is convenient to number the Couples in the order in which they Start this Figure rather than the order in which they Started the current Repeat of a dance containing it. All must be on the Centre line with each Lady on her Partner's right, in, or about to be in, Allemande hold, 1st Couple Facing Down, 2nd Couple Up; in detail:

Bar 1
in Allemande hold, both Couples Dance diagonally forwards and to the right so that all Finish in a Line across, the Ladies in the Side lines;

Bar 2
retaining Allemande hold, 1st couple Dance Down The set, 2nd couple Up to Finish with 2nd lady in 1st lady's Place, 1st lady in 2nd man's;

Bar 3
retaining Allemande hold, both Couples rotate one quarter anticlockwise (the Men Turning On the spot in the first half bar) to Face Across The set and Dance Across The set so that they almost reach the Side line;

Bar 4
retaining Allemande hold, continue Across The set to the Side line and rotate one quarter anticlockwise to Finish with 1st man Facing Down in his Original Place, 2nd man Facing Up in his Partner's Original Place (the Men taking appropriately small Steps);

Bar 5
retaining Allemande hold, rotate one quarter anticlockwise (the Men Turning On the spot) to Face Across The set;

Bar 6
retaining Allemande hold, Dance part of the way Across The set and unwind the Hold by passing the right hands over the Lady's head to Finish Facing Partner with arms crossed, right over left, either side of the Centre line;

Bars 7-8
release Hold and individually Dance 2 small steps backwards, Finishing in the Side lines, Facing Partner, 2nd couple in 1st Place, 1st couple in 2nd Place on Opposite sides.

Note that bar 2 is slightly different from that in the standard/Inverted form of Allemande for 2 couples and bar 4 compensates for it; the extent of the Upward/Downward Travelling is reduced to half a Place in order to avoid conflict when adjacent pairs of Couples are performing the same Figure. Otherwise, Positioning and Phrasing considerations of the antecedent forms apply throughout.

The Scottish Country Dance, The Magic Roundabout (Freemantle), includes Circulating allemande for 2 couples (and also the Circulating knot for 2 couples).

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