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Circulating Allemande (For 3 Couples)

The Scottish Country Dancing Figure, Circulating allemande (for 3 couples), is a derivative of Allemande for 3 couples which combines the standard form with the Inverted form. 1st and 3rd Couples Dance exactly as they should in Allemande for 3 couples While 2nd Couple Dance as they should in the Inverted Allemande for 3 couples. Like the originals, it requires 8 bars and either the Strathspey travelling step or Skip change depending upon the Tempo of the implementation.

For clarity, it is convenient to number the Couples in the order in which they Start this Figure rather than the order in which they Started the current Repeat of a dance containing it. All must be on the Centre line with each Lady on her Partner's right, in, or about to be in, Allemande hold. 1st and 3rd Couples Face Up, 2nd Couple Down; the last, of course, must be on Opposite sides.

All the Positioning and Phrasing considerations of Allemande for 3 couples apply albeit in the Inverted form for 2nd Couple. A pronounced Diagonal movement on bar 1 is especially important since 2nd and 3rd Couples must be able to Pass By the left on bar 2.

Note that 2nd Couple Finish on Opposite sides.

In the Inverted form, 1st and 3rd Couples Start Facing Down, 2nd Couple Up and it is 1st and 3rd Couples who Finish on Opposite sides.

The following Scottish Country Dances require Circulating allemande (for 3 couples):
Mr David W Mitchell
Flower Of Glasgow.

This example has the Inverted form:
Glenora Ferry.

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Circulating Allemande (For 3 Couples)

Circulating Allemande (For 3 Couples) Video Clip

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