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Circulating Knot (for 3 Couples)

The Scottish Country Dancing Figure, Circulating knot (for 3 couples), is superficially a derivative of the Knot for 3 couples combining the standard form with the inverted form but it deviates significantly from the rectilinearity of the originals. Like the originals, it requires 8 bars and either the Strathspey travelling step or Skip change depending upon the Tempo of the implementation.

For clarity, it is convenient to number the Couples in the order in which they Start this Figure rather than the order in which they Started the current Repeat of the dance. All are in their Places in the Side lines, 2nd Couple on Opposite sides. In detail:

Bars 1-2
All Turn By the right halfway, each Lady continuing to Turn on the spot, clockwise, under her Partner's arm, Finishing on the Centre line in Allemande Hold, 1st and 3rd Couples Facing Down, 2nd Couple Facing Up;

Bars 3-5
retaining Allemande Hold, all Chase halfway around the Corners' square, 1st and 2nd Couples Giving left shoulder to Start and Finishing with 3rd man in 1st Lady's Place Facing Up, 2nd man in his Original Place Facing Down, 1st man in 3rd Lady's Place Facing Up;

Bar 6
releasing Allemande Hold, all Turn By the left one quarter, Men Turning on the spot to Finish with 3rd Lady Above Partner in the Ladies' Side line, 3rd Lady Below Partner in the Men's Side line, 3rd Lady Above Partner in the Ladies' Side line;

Bars 7-8
retaining the Hold, and making it as Open as possible, all Turn By the left releasing the Hold to Finish on Own sides, 3rd Couple in 1st Place, 2nd Couple in 2nd Place, 1st Couple in 3rd Place.

Note that 1st and 3rd Couples Turn ¾ in bars 7-8, 2nd Couple Turn 1¼ times.

Covering is important in bars 1-2 and bar 6; these are the only parts of the Figure which are as they would be in either the standard or inverted form of the Knot for 3 couples.

The following Scottish Country Dance requires Circulating knot (for 3 couples):
Round And Roundabout

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Circulating Knot (For 3 Couples)

Circulating Knot (For 3 Couples) Video Clip

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