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Corner Position For 4/2 Couples

In any Figure requiring three adjacent Couples in a Longwise set, Corner position (often shortened to Corner when there is no ambiguity), along with associated terms such as First corner and Diagonal line, provide an immensely valuable shorthand to teachers of Scottish Country Dancing.

This concept has also been applied to the 4 couple, Longwise set and to the 2 couple, Longwise set (or, indeed, to any Figure requiring four or two adjacent Couples in a Longwise set). Most associated terms are valid but note that with four Couples, the Corners' square is extended into a rectangle with its long side Up and down and with two, it is reduced to a rectangle with its short side Up and down.

In some Longwise sets with the 4 couple repeat in 4 couple set format, there are often two Dancing couples; when these have reached 2nd and 3rd positions, it is common to use the term, Corners, to refer to the Dancers in 1st and 4th Places. In Angus MacLeod, 2nd and 3rd couples are the Dancing couples; frequently, they are Back-to-back in the Centre of The set, Facing the adjacent Corner, with all Dancers disposed on either the First or Second corners' Diagonal.

For example, here are some Scottish Country Dances in which the term, Corner Position, is used or implied in this more generalized way in either the MiniCrib or the MaxiCrib Dance instructions or both -
Alex T Queen
Burdens Of Bude
Twixt Don And Dee
Wicked Willy

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