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The Corner is one of the Supporting Dancers in a Repeat of a dance from the perception of the Dancing man or Lady. See the section, Corner position, for precise details.

Although the term, Corner, which refers to an individual dancer, is used more commonly, the term Corner position, which refers to a Place, is much more precise in the description of a dance. A good teacher will only use the unqualified term, Corner, while that dancer is still in her/his appropriate Corner position; when the dancer is elsewhere, Corner is acceptable only if qualified by the location as for example for bars 21-24 of the Scottish Country Dance Mairi's Wedding:

"1st Couple dance Half diagonal reels of four Giving right shoulders to First corners (in Partners' First corner positions)".

For example, here are some Scottish Country Dances in which the term, Corner, is used in either the MiniCrib or the MaxiCrib Dance instructions or both -
Famous Grouse
Ferla Mor
Floating On Air
King's Causeway
Lantern Of The North
Olive Tree
Our Highland Queen
Tappie Tourie (Priddey)
Thrums Cairn

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Corner in a Longwise Set

Corner Video Clip

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