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Corners Chain

In the formal RSCDS usage, Corners' chain is the Figure as in bars 9-16 of The Laird of Milton's Daughter: on the first two bars, 1st Couple, Facing their First corners, Turn them halfway By the right, thus exchanging Positions; on the next two bars, the Corners Turn by the left, Finishing Facing their Original Positions; on the next two bars, 1st Couple Turn their First corners halfway By the right, the Corners Finishing in their Original Places and 1st Couple now Facing each other on the First corners' Diagonal; on the last two bars, 1st Couple Turn by the left one and a quarter times to Finish Facing their Second corners. This Figure is usually repeated with the Second corners on the Second corners' Diagonal.

In more general usage, the term covers any Chain-like movement on the First corners' or Second corners' Diagonal, often with half Turns throughout so that the Scottish Country Dancers proceed from one Corner to the other; it is essential to be specific about the extent of each Turn in this usage.

Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Corners Chain

Corners Chain Video Clip

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