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Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams: Bu - Bz

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Bubble Sort
Bubbly And Cake
Buchan Eightsome Reel
Buchan Lass
Buchan Strathspey
Buchan's Country
Buckeye's Reel
Buckie Jig
Buckie Loon
Buckinghamshire Lass
Buck's Reel
Buckshaw Reel
Budapest Birl
Bude's Coming Of Age
Bug (Dawson)
Bug (Neves)
Builders Of Wainfleet
Bung Your Eye
Bunker Hill
Bunting Bee
Bunty's Party
Buoys And Gulls
Burdens Of Bude
Burnaby At Forty
Burnett Strathspey
Burning The Water
Burns Bicentenary Strathspey
Burns' Hornpipe
Burns Night
Burntisland Jig
Bus Monitor
Bus Pass
Busy Ann
Busy Busy Bees
But Carlyn, Who's Counting?
Butter Churn (McKinnell)
Butterfly (Charlton)
Butterfly (Collin)
Butterfly Bride
Butterfly Flutter
Buttermilk Falls
Butterscotch And Honey
Butterscotch And Honey Squares
Button Boy
By Candlelight
By Dundonald
By Invitation
By Sea And By Land
Bye Bye Bluebelle
Byrnes' Reel
Byron Strathspey

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