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Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams: Con-oz

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Confiture Maison
Connie's Jig
Contrary Kate
Converys Of Clonskeagh
Cool As A Cucumber
Cooper Children
Cooper's Crown
Cooper's Wife (Mitchell)
Copenhagen Strathspey
Corbet's Strathspey
Corian Strathspey
Corn Chowder
Corn Rigs
Corner House Jig
Corners' Hello
Cornish Hospitality
Cornwall Revisited
Corrievrechan (Boswell)
Corrievrechan (Frost)
Corstorphine Fair
Corstorphine Road
Cosmos In The Highlands
Cotswold Cross
Cotton Candy
Countess Of Crawford's Reel
Countess Of Dunmore's Reel
Countess Of Lauderdale's Reel
Countess Of Sutherland's Reel
Courting Couples
Cousin Jim
Couteraller's Rant
Covenanter's Reel
Covered By Autumn Leaves

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