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Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams: Gn - Gq

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Go West
Goat Fell Gallop
Gobbie Oh!
Going Dutch
Gold And Silver (Birdsall)
Gold In Tassie
Gold In The West
Gold Of Fairnilee
Golden Age Strathspey
Golden Apple Jig
Golden Arc
Golden Bracken (24 bar version)
Golden Bracken (32 bar version)
Golden Castle Of Gifu
Golden Celebration (Murray)
Golden Chain
Golden Chains
Golden Companions
Golden Croydon
Golden Eagle
Golden Gaels Reel
Golden Heather
Golden Hill Fort
Golden Jubilee Quadrille
Golden Moments
Golden Pheasant
Golden Road
Golden Rush
Golden Sands Strathspey
Golden Snitch
Golden Spires
Golden Wedding Strathspey
Golden Wishes
Golden Years (Kent)
Golden Years (Sutherland)
Good Bye To Australia
Good Hearted Glasgow
Good Humour
Good Luck To Thomas
Goodhind Reel
Goodnight And Joy Be With You
Gordon Highlanders
Gordon Strathspey
Gordonian Strathspey
Gordon's Cider Press
Gorgeous Gordons
Gosport Queen
Gothenburg's Welcome
Goulden's Farewell To California
Gowan Hill

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