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Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams: Ln-q

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Loanhead Of Daviot
Lobster In The Pot
Loch Doon Castle
Loch Erichtside
Loch Leven Castle
Loch Michigan Rant
Loch Ness Monster (Boyd)
Loch Ness Monster (McGhee)
Loch Ness Monster Reel
Loch Snizort Beag
Lochalsh Reel
Lochiel's Awa' To France
Lochiel's Farewell To Tony Szeto
Lochiel's Rant
Lochindorb Strathspey
Lochmaben Castle
Lock 3 Jig
Locomotion No.1
Lodge Hill
Logan Bridge
London 1930-4PM
London Reel
London's Burning
Lonely Honeybee
Long Chase
Long Live The Queen
Long Sands
Longfield Reel
Longhope Strathspey
Longwise Eightsome Reel
Looking For A Partner (Haynes)
Loon Mountain Reel
Lord Brownlow's Strathspey
Lord Eglinton's Reel
Lord Elgin's Reel
Lord Hume's Reel
Lord Kilmory's Delight
Lord MacDonald's Reel
Lord Maclay's Reel
Lord Rosslyn's Fancy
Lord Stormont
Lords Of The Wind
Loreburn Reel
Lorn Strathspey
Lost And Found
Lost In Edinburgh
Lothian Lads
Louise Carnegie Gates
Love In The Marais
Love Is In The Air
Love Spoon
Lovely Hall
Lovers' Knot
Lowern Fair
Lowland Lilt

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