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P. I. P.
Packhorse Rant
Paddy Baa
Paisley Weavers
Palace Pier
Palindrome (Sp├Ągele)
Palisades Mermaid
Pandemic Reel
Panta Rhei
Par For The Course
Paradise Dream
Paranoid Jig
Paris Celebration Medley 1
Paris Celebration Medley 2
Partans In His Creel
Party At The French House
Passing Fancy (Watson, Reel)
Passing Fancy (Watson, Strathspey)
Passing The Porter
Passing The Torch
Passion Meets Profession
Pat And Chris's Anniversary
Pat George's Strathspey
Patched Bagpipe
Patricia Reesby
Patron Saint
Pat's Delight
Paula's Pleasure
Paula's Wedding To Lyndon
Pauline's Wedding
Pawling In May
Pawling Mermaid
Pawling Porch
Paying The Piper
Peacocks In The Glen
Pearl Strathspey
Peat Fire Flame
Peat Inn
Peat Road
Peggy Dewar
Peggy Spouse MBE
Peggy's Cove
Peggy's Love
Peggy's Strathspey (Finley)
Peggy's Wedding
Pelorus Jack
Penny Reel
Penny Whistle
Pensioner's Reel
Peony Flower
Perez Hospitality
Perfect Blend
Perpetual Motion
Perth 800
Perth City Charter
Perth Medley
Perth Meets Perth
Perthshire Highlanders
Perthshire Lad
Perthshire Maiden
Pet O' The Pipers
Peter And Madeleine Quince
Peter Hastings' Chocolate Mousse
Peter Knight's Strathspey
Peter White
Petticoat Tails
Peutherer's Garrett

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