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Alphabetical List Of Index Pages For All Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams: A To Z

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Aa‑k   Al‑m   An‑q   Ar‑t   Au‑z
Baa‑am   Ban‑az   Bb‑g   Bh‑k   Bl‑n   Boa‑on   Boo‑oz   Bp‑t   Bu‑z
Caa‑am   Can‑ar   Cas‑az   Cb‑g   Ch   Ci‑n   Coa‑om   Con‑oz   Cp‑r   Cs‑z
Daa‑am   Dan‑az   Db‑g   Dh‑m   Dn‑q   Dr‑t   Du‑z
Ea‑m   En‑z
Fa‑g   Fh‑k   Fl‑m   Fn‑q   Fr‑z
Ga‑g   Gh‑m   Gn‑q   Gr‑z
Haa‑am   Han‑az   Hb‑g   Hh‑m   Hn‑z
Ja‑g   Jh‑m   Jn‑z
Ka‑g   Kh‑z
Laa‑ae   Laf‑az   Lb‑m   Ln‑q   Lr‑z
Maa‑am   Man‑az   Mb‑h   Mia‑ir   Mis‑iz   Mj‑q   Mr‑z
Na‑g   Nh‑z
Oa‑m   On‑z
Pa‑g   Ph‑m   Pn‑q   Pr‑z
Ra‑d   Re‑g   Rh‑n   Roa‑om   Ron‑oz   Rp‑z
Sa   Sb‑g   Sh     Si     Sj‑m   Sn‑s   St   Sta‑tz   Su‑z
Ta‑g   Th‑m   Tn‑q   Tr   Ts‑z
U  V
Wa‑d   We‑g   Wh   Wi‑z
X  Y  Z

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Key To Symbols Used In Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams

Links to these 'Pillings Style' dance crib diagrams are arranged alphabetically by name on separate pages as indicated above. The following conventions are applied.
Crib titles beginning with a numeral, for example, 1314, are shown in numerical order before all those beginning with A.
The space between words is treated logically as preceding the numeric and alphabetical characters and so Mrs Bunty Somes appears after Mr Wilson's Hornpipe.
All names beginning with Saint, such as St Andrew's Fair, are listed under the abbreviation, St, whatever the actual spelling.
Crib titles containing names beginning with Mac and Mc are indexed strictly alphabetically; if you cannot find a dance under one of these spellings, try the other.
The definite and indefinite articles (The, A, An), of English titles only, are ignored so that:
    The Sailor is shown under Sa;
    A Trip To Bavaria is shown under Tr;
    Le papillon is shown under Lb‑m; and
    An Gearasdan (a Gaelic title) is shown under An‑q.
For more information on the pronunciation and meaning of Gaelic titles, see Gaelic Dance Names.

As an aide-mémoire, every Crib Diagram page has a link to the Key To Symbols Used In Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams.

Permitted Use Of These Dancing Lesson Cribs

Feel free to use these pages to help produce your own dance cribs/programmes (simply copy/paste) but please note these points first.

1. On the 'Dance Crib pages' the MINICRIB dance notes are available FREE but, in recognition of the author (Charles Upton, of the Deeside Caledonian Society) please leave the MINICRIB footnote that appears below each crib (only required once per programme).

2. On the 'Dance Crib pages' the MAXICRIB dance notes are available FREE but in return please leave the MAXICRIB footnote that appears below each crib (only required once per programme).

3. On the 'Crib Diagrams pages' the Keith Rose's Crib Diagrams are available FREE but, in recognition of the author (Keith Rose, of the Bedford Scottish Dance Group) you may wish to add a short note crediting him wherever you use his diagrams in public.

For further copyright details please see our © COPYRIGHT PAGE

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