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1314 (Thirteen-Fourteen) (M-(S64+R64)) Sq.Set John Drewry Rondel Book

1- 8 All dance interlocking Reels of 4
9-12 1s and 3s ¾ turn RH and promenade clockwise ½ round to opposite side and between setting 2s/4s while 2s and 4s and Petronella turn and set
13-16 1s and 3s curve in towards 3rd/1st place and dance ½ RH across in centre back to places while 2s and 4s Petronella turn to partner's original place and change places RH
17-24 Repeat with 2s and 4s promenading while 1s and 3s dance petronella turns
25-32 All circle 8H round and back
33-40 All set to partner and turn RH and set to corners and turn LH
41-56 All dance full Schiehallion Reel
57-64 All turn partner RH, corner LH, partner RH and corner LH

1-64 Repeat in Reel time but end by turning partners only RH and LH

(MINICRIB, Dance Crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

John Drewry   Rondel Book
Medley   S64 + R64 bars   4 Couple Repeat   4 Couple Set   Square Set

    1-8     All dance interlocking reels of 4 (pass partner by the right, second corner by the left, opposite all round by the right, second corner by the left and partner by the right, finishing in places);

    9-10   1s 3s turn by the right into promenade hold WHILE 2s 4s petronella turn;

  11-12   1s 3s promenade clockwise halfway, passing 1s between 2s, 3s between 4s WHILE 2s 4s set;

  13-16   2s 4s petronella turn to partners' places and cross WHILE 1s3s right hands across halfway, all finishing in places;

  17-24   repeat bars 9-16, 2s 4s dancing as 1s 3s;

  25-32   all 8 hands round and back;

  33-36   all set to and turn partners by the right;

  37-40   all set to and turn first corners by the left, finishing Mn facing in, Ls out;

  41-56   all Schiehallion reels:

  41-42   Mn cross giving left shoulders to second corners' places WHILE Ls cast to partners' positions;

  43-44   Mn cast one place clockwise WHILE Ls cross to the positions vacated by their partners;

  45-56   repeat bars 41-44 from new positions three times, finishing in places;

  57-58   all turn partners by the right;

  59-60   all turn first corners by the left;

  61-64   repeat bars 57-60.


  65-120 Repeat bars 1-56 in reel time;

121-124 all turn partners by the right;

125-128 all turn partners by the left.

(MAXICRIB, Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

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1314 is the year of 'The Battle of Bannockburn' (24 June 1314), a notable and decisive victory of Robert Bruce over English forces in the Wars of Scottish Independence.

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1314 Battle Site, Edinburgh Image
A Hay Meadow On The Site Of The Famous 1314 Battle Of Bannockburn

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