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14:13 (J32) Round The Room Zoltán Gräff
Couples form big circle Round The Room, Lady on the right of Man

1- 8 All circle left, twirl by pulling back left shoulder on bar 4; circle back to finish facing partner
9- 16 Set to and turn partner RH, men dance anticlockwise 2 places around the circle (pass partner RSh, pass next lady LSH) to meet a new partner
17-24 Set to and turn new partner RH, ladies dance clockwise 2 places around the circle (pass new partner RSh, next man LSH) to meet another new partner
25-32 Both hands joined slip step towards the centre, men turn ladies (clockwise, right shoulder back) under left arms; Both hands joined slip step back out, men turn ladies (clockwise, right shoulder back) under right arms

(Misc. Crib)

Dance Notes

The original dance instruction refers to the last ladies' turn at bars 31-32 as clockwise. You might find anticlockwise (left shoulder back) to be a more natural and comfortable turn.

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14:13 - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This jig, 14:13, was so named because it was finished by the Deviser, Zoltan Gräff at 14:13 hours, on 07/01/2012.

Additional search terms: Fourteen Thirteen.

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