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1955 And All That

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1955 and All That
Jessie Collins
Reel 4 x 48 bars 4 Couple Repeat 4 Couple Set Longwise Set

3s 4s cross on second chord.

  1-2   1s 4s cross by the right;

  3-4   1s cast WHILE 4s cast up WHILE 2s step up WHILE 3s step down;

  5-8   1s cross up, 4s down, into half figures of 8 across, finishing with 1M4L 1L4M taking promenade hold;

  9-12 promenade half reels of 3 on the sides, starting with 1M4L giving right shoulder to 3L (in 4M's place), 1L4M giving right shoulder to 2L (in 1L's place);

13-16 promenade half reels of 3 across, starting with 1M4L giving left shoulder to 2L (in 4L's place), 1L4M giving left shoulder to 3L (in 1M's place), finishing 3s4s1s2s, 1s2s on opposite sides;

17-20 4s1s left hands across WHILE 3s2s half rights and lefts, finishing 4M1M back to back on the first corners' diagonal, 1L4L back to back on the second corners' diagonal;

21-32 all interlocking reels of 4, finishing as at bar 20;

33-34 4M 1L 4L 1M set to the adjacent corner;

35-36 4M 1M turn the adjacent corner by the left, 4L 1L by the right;

37-40 taking nearer hands, 4s lead up between 2s and cast to 2nd place on own sides WHILE 1s lead down between 3s and cast up to third place on opposite sides;

41-48 all 8 hands round and back, finishing 2s4s1s3s, 1s3s on opposite sides.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

12-13 All flow smoothly from half reel on the side to half reel across.

17-20 4s1s left hands across all the way round.

19-20 3L2M 3M2L must exchange places quickly by the left on the sides and finish facing diagonally inwards.

21-32 Phrasing for these 12 bars is as in bars 21-32 of Angus MacLeod:

21-22 4M 1L 4L 1M exchange places with the adjacent corner, giving right shoulder, i.e., as in the first half of an end loop of a diagonal reel of 4 but taking 2 bars;

23-24 2s3s left hands across halfway WHILE 4M 1L 4L 1M dance in, following the path of the second half of an end loop of a diagonal reel of 4 but with no dancer approaching;

25-26 4s1s left hands across halfway WHILE 3M 2L 3L 2M dance out to the diagonally opposite corner position, following the path of the second half of a loop of a diagonal reel of 4 but with no dancer approaching, all finishing diagonally opposite their positions at bar 20;

27-32 repeat bars 21-26 from new positions.

Dance Information

This reel, 1955 And All That, was devised to celebrate the Diamond Anniversary of Newbury and District Caledonian Society by Jessie Collins, a long-time member of this Scottish Country Dancing group; the title is taken from that of a history of the Society by Jim Johnston, another long-time member.

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