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AUCHINDOUN CASTLE (R64+64+32) Sq.Set John Drewry Bankhead Book 3
12 Dancer Square Set, each man between 2 ladies

Part 1
1- 8 All circle 12H round and back
9-16 Men dance RH across with RH partner and next Lady and LH across with LH partner and next Lady
17-24 All Men dance reels of 3 with partners (Men giving RSh to RH partner to start)
25-32 Men dance LH across in centre, pass RH partner and loop round to end outside set behind original positions
33-40 "Wheelie Chain" - Each trio dances ½ RH across, LH, partner followed by Man dances anticlockwise 1 place while RH partners dance clockwise, 3 dancers meet and dance ½ LH across, LH partner followed by Man again dances anticlockwise 1 place while RH partner dances clockwise
41-48 All repeat back to original places
49-56 Each trio dance RH across to end with Ladies in original places and Men outside set to circle 3H round to left, at end Ladies drop hands to open into circle
57-64 All circle 12H round and back

Part 2
1- 8 "Fiddich Formation" - 1M+3M with their RH partners advance setting and dance ½ RH across while 1st LH and 3rd LH partners dance in front of 2s/4s clockwise round their dancing partners to join them on opposite sides of square Repeat 1M+3M with their LH partners to end in original places
9-16 1s and 3s dance reels of 3 on sides (Men giving RSh to RH partner to start)
17-24 1s and 3s advance and retire, 1st RH partner and 3rd RH partner turn Ladies on their right with RH while 1st LH partner and 3rd LH partner turn Ladies on their left with LH while all 4 Men dance RH across to end in middle facing partners
25-32 Men join hands with partners as in Double Triangles and set, Ladies dance in with 2 steps as Men dance out, all turn right and set again in triangular form, Men set to place while Ladies dance to place
33-64 Repeat bars 1-32 with 2s and 4s leading and end Men dancing to a position in front of their original positions

Part 3
1-16 "Wheelie Chain" as in Part 1 but with Men on inside following RH partner clockwise
17-24 Each trio dances RH across to end with Ladies in places and Men in centre, Men dance through place of Man originally on his right and behind his LH and own RH partner back to own place
25-32 All circle 12H round and back

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Auchindoun Castle is a 15th century L-Plan tower castle located in Auchindoun near Dufftown (pronounced "duff-tun") in the Moray region of Scotland.

While there is evidence of prehistoric, probably Pictish earthworks in the grounds of the castle, the remains most visible today are of the castle constructed in the mid 15th century by Thomas Cochran.

Auchindoun Castle, located in Auchindoun near Dufftown
Auchindoun Castle

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