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The Auld Red Cat

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The Auld Red Cat 8X32 Strathspey for 3C by Sue McKinnell

1-8 1C set and cast one place, 2C stepping up. 1W give RH to 1st corner to form a diagonal line nearer hands joined WHILE 1M give RH to 1st corner to form a diagonal line nearer hands joined. (1C and corners step into the center of the set a bit. Imagine a line from 2W to 3M with 1C and 1st corners joined hands on that line, 1W and 2M facing 1M and 3W.)
1C and 1st corners set (2nd corners setting behind them as well), then 1C and 1st corners set advancing, 1C passing LS, to meet 2nd corners to form a circle.
9-12 1C and corners circle once round and a bit, opening out to form facing lines, 1W and corners on the men's side, 1M and corners on the women's side; 1C in the center with 1st corner RH and 2nd corner LH. (When the circles break, 3M leads the circle followed by 1W and 2M up the men's side while 2W leads the circle followed by 1M and 3W down the women's side.)
13-16 All set in lines, then set advancing to pass person opposite LS and dance out to sides of the set. End in the order 3, 1, 2 with 3C and 2C on opposite sides.
17-24 Six-bar right shoulder reels of three on the sides. 1C giving RS to 1st corners in diagonally opposite positions (1C turn to their right) to start. On the last two bars, 1C dance in the ends of the set (1W from top, 1M from bottom) and turn LH to face 1st corner positions.
25-32 1C dance a half diagonal reel of four with 1st corners, passing RS to face 2nd corner positions. 1C dance a half diagonal reel of four with 2nd corners, passing RS to 2nd place on own sides.


(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Sue McKinnell, Jun 2005)

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Dance Information

This strathspey, The Auld Red Cat, honors my old red cat, Cinnamon (Cinny), who weathered a host of troubles and lived to be 19 years and 3 months before succumbing to old age.

Suggested music is Anna Holden's Strathspey from Dancing Fingers 3.

(Dance information by the deviser, Sue McKinnell)

Auld Red/Cinnamon Cat
Auld Red Cat

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