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Aurora Australis

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AURORA AUSTRALIS (J4x32) 4C set John Drewry Summer Collection 88
3s and 4s start on opposite sides

1- 8 2s+3s set, 2L followed by 2M casts down 1 place and dance LSh round 4M and up to 2nd place opposite sides while 3L followed by 3M casts up and dance LSh round 1M to 3rd place own sides
9-12 2s+1L also 3s+4L dance RH across, 2s and 3s pass RSh as 1L and 4L dance out to place
13-16 2s+1M also 3s+4M dance LH across all back to original places, 1M, 4M, 2L and 3L face out
17-20 1M followed by partner casts down, across set to 3rd place opposite sides while 4M casts up, across set to 2nd place own side
Bars 17-18: 2L dances out/up to 1st place own side, Bars 19-20: 2M steps in/up to 1st place own side
Bars 17-18: 3L dances out/down to 4th place Men's side, Bars 19-20: 3M steps in/down to 4th place Ladies' side
21-24 2s+4s also 1s+3s turn RH on sides
25-32 All circle 8H round and back. 24(1)(3)

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Auroras, sometimes called the northern and southern (polar) lights or aurorae (singular: aurora), are natural light displays in the sky, usually observed at night, particularly in the polar regions. They typically occur in the ionosphere and are also referred to as polar auroras.

Its southern counterpart, the aurora australis or the southern polar lights, has similar properties, but is only visible from high southern latitudes in Antarctica, South America, or Australasia. Australis is the Latin word for "of the South."

Time-Lapse Video Of The Aurora Australis - Information Video

Aurora Australis or the southern polar lights
Aurora Australis In Antarctica

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