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Autumn In Appin

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AUTUMN IN APPIN (S4x32) 4C set John Drewry RSCDS Book 31
3s and 4s start on opposite sides

1- 8 2s+3s Petronella turn into centre and set to partner (Men BtoB), 2s+3s ¾ turn partner RH and dance RH across ½ way to change places and end with other partner in prom hold (2M+3L facing Men's side and 3M+2L facing Ladies' side)
9-10 1s and 4s Petronella turn into centre while 2M+3L dance out and up on Men's side and 3M+2L dance out and down on Ladies' side
11-12 1s and 4s set to partner while 2M+3L/3M+2L cross to other side passing between 'gates' (1s and 4s)
13-14 1s and 4s ½ turn RH into prom hold (1s facing Ladies' side and 4s facing Men's side) while 2M+3L/3M+2L dance down/up sides
15-16 All Promenade clockwise 1 place to end in square set (1s on Ladies' side facing 4s on Men's side, 2M+3L in 4th place face up as 3M+2L in 1st place face down)
17-24 1s+4s dance ½ Ladies' Chain (across), 2s+3s dance ½ Men's Chain (up/down). 2s and 3s end with Lady on Man's left
25-32 All set in square set and circle 8H round to left, dance into centre, turn right and spiral out to own side lines ending 24(1)3)

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Autumn in Appin
John Drewry  RSCDS Book 31
Strathspey 4 x 32 bars 4 Couple Repeat 4 Couple Set Longwise Set

3s 4s cross on second chord.

  1-4   2s 3s petronella turn into the centre and set to partners (Mn back to back);

  5-6   2s 3s turn partner ¾ by the right;

  7-8   2s 3s right hands across halfway, finishing with 2M3L in promenade hold facing the Men's side and 3M2L in promenade hold facing the Ls' side;

  9-10 1s 4s petronella turn to the centre line WHILE 2M3L promenade out and up on the Men's side WHILE 3M2L promenade out and down on the Ls' side;

11-12 1s 4s set to partners WHILE 2M3L cross between 1s WHILE 3M2L cross between 4s;

13-14 1s turn halfway by the right to face Ls' side in promenade hold WHILE 4s turn halfway by the right to face Men's side in promenade hold WHILE 2M3L promenade down Ls' side WHILE 3M2L promenade up Men's side;

15-16 all promenade clockwise one place to finish in a square set, 3M2L in first place facing down, 1s in second place facing in, 2M3L in third place facing up, 4s in fourth place facing in;

17-20 1s4s half ladies' chain;

21-24 2s3s half men's chain with an extra half turn so that 2L 3L finish on partner's left;

25-26 all set facing the centre;

27-28 all 8 hands round to the left;

29-32 all dance toward the centre and cast to the right, finishing 2s4s1s3s in the side lines of the lengthwise set.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

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Dance Information

This strathspey, Autumn In Appin, was devised by John Drewry in 1982 and published by the RSCDS in their Diamond Jubilee Book in 1983.

The title was suggested to John Drewry in autumn, 1968, by Marie Jamieson at the memorial service for Mrs Ysobel Stewart of Fasnacloich, co-founder of the RSCDS, from Appin.

Autumn In Appin is danced to the tune The Hills Of Lorne, Charlie Hunter's air composed for the Oban and Lorne Strathspey and Reel Society.

Appin is a remote coastal district of the Scottish West Highlands bounded west by Loch Linnhe, south by Loch Creran, east by the districts of Benderloch and Lorne, and north by Loch Leven. It lies north-east to south-west, and measures 14 miles (23 km) in length by 7 miles (11 km) in breadth.

The district is mainly in Argyll and Bute, with a coastal strip to the north, along Loch Leven, within the Highland council area.

The scenery of the coast is extremely beautiful, and inland the country is rugged and mountainous.

The principal hills are double peaks of Beinn a' Bheithir - 3,362 feet (1,025 m) and 3,284 feet (1,001 m)

Appin - Information Video

The double peaks of Beinn a' Bheithir in Appin
Peaks Beinn A' Bheithir In Appin

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