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Bangers And Mash

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Bangers And Mash 8X32 Reel for 3C by Sue McKinnell

1-8 1C set, then cross down through 2nd place on opposite sides as 2C step up. 1C cast down behind 3C and dance up the middle, nearer hands joined to end facing up in 2nd place.
9-16 1W with 2M and 3M dance LH across
WHILE 1M with 2W and 3W dance RH across. 1C cross up between 2C and cast behind 2C to end in 2nd place on own sides.
17-20 1W dance a half reel up with 2C, passing 2M left shoulder to start
WHILE 1M dance a half reel down with 3C, passing 3W left shoulder to start.
21-24 1M dance a half reel up with 2C, passing 2W in 2M's place left shoulder to start
WHILE 1W dance a half reel down with 3C, passing 3M in 3W's place left shoulder to start. 1C end facing 1st corners. Note that 1C are dancing Inveran reels
WHILE 2C and 3C are dancing left shoulder reels across the dance.
25-32 1C dance hello-goodbye setting with corners, ending by turning petronella to 2nd place on own sides in the last 2 bars.


(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Sue McKinnell, Oct 2008)

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Dance Information

This reel, Bangers And Mash, got its name because my class refers to Inveran reels as "sausage" reels.

Suggested music is The Reel of the Gordon Highlanders from Gang on the Same Gate by Green Ginger.

(Dance information by the deviser, Sue McKinnell)

Bangers and mash is a colloquialism for sausages and mashed potatoes, a dish that some might consider part of classic British cuisine. It can be served with side dishes and enhancements such as vegetables, mushy peas, baked beans, and onion gravy.

Similarly classic is the 1961 comic song Bangers And Mash by Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren with its refrain "give us a bash at the bangers and mash me muvver used to make".

Bangers And Mash, sausages and mashed potatoes
Bangers And Mash

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