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Belhaven (Reel)
128 Bar Reel For 4 Couples In A 4 Couple Set, Devised By Hugh Foss, Published In "Belhaven", 1963.

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Also see the dance Belhaven (Jig) by Hugh Foss.
Also see the dance Belhaven (Strathspey) by Hugh Foss.

Belhaven is a dance for four couples devised By Hugh Foss as a 360 bar demonstration dance medley, 128 bar reel - 96 bar strathspey - 136 bar jig.

Belhaven is a village in East Lothian, Scotland, and was originally the ancient port of Dunbar of which town the village has always been a part.

Belhaven takes its name from its situation at the mouth of the Biel Water.

Belhaven - Biel Water
The Biel Water At Belhaven

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