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Bracken On Broughton Moor

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Bracken On Broughton Moor (R4x32) A 32 bar reel for four couples in a longwise set. Murrough Landon.
The dance starts with two chords: on the second chord 1st and 3rd couples cross over to the opposite side.

1-8 1st and 4th couples take promenade hold and dance reels of three across the dance starting by giving right shoulder to 2nd and 3rd men respectively. 1st and 4th couples end in the centre facing each other while 2nd and 3rd couples end in 1st and 4th places.
9-10 1st and 4th couples dance half right hands across and finish facing the corners: 4th/1st couples face the opposite gender members of 2nd/3rd couples respectively.
11-16 1st and 4th couples turn that corner with the left hand, pass left shoulder on the sides (1st man passing 4th woman, 1st woman passing 4th man) then turn the other corner (same gender person) on the same side with the right hand, retaining hands until the end of the phrase, to finish facing them on the sidelines in the order 2,1,4,3 with 4th and 3rd couples on opposite sides.
17-24 All dance reels of four on the sides starting by passing right shoulder. On the last bar 1st and 4th couples half turn left hand instead of passing left shoulder to help them all end facing clockwise.
25-28 All chase clockwise half way round the set.
29-32 1st and 4th couples dance half rights and lefts in the centre while 2nd and 3rd couples, giving right hands, turn one and a half times at the ends, optionally remaining joined in the centre ready to start again in promenade hold. The final progressed order is 3,1,4,2 with 3rd and 4th couples on opposite sides.

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA Jan 2017)

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Dance Information

This dance, Bracken On Broughton Moor, was loosely inspired by some figures from Pulling Bracken by Anthony Bulteel.

The title comes from a trip back from Wasdale at New Year over Broughton Moor along a lonely road through acres of red/brown bracken, glowingly rendered in an impressionistic drawing by Ivan Cartwright.

Broughton, in Cumbria, rhymes with "Orton".

Recommended Music: As for Pulling Bracken.

(Dance Information compiled by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA Jan 2017)

Memory of Broughton Moor Image
Memory Of Broughton Moor, Ivan Cartwright, c. 2016

Image Copyright Memory of Broughton Moor, Ivan Cartwright (Jan 2016).

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