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The Braes Of Balquhidder (MacNab)

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THE BRAES OF BALQUHIDDER (S128) Sq.Set Mary Isdale MacNab Dances 1#2

Part A
1- 8 All set to partner, set to corner, set to partner and turn partner 2H to finish in 2 diagonal lines with Men BtoB facing partner (1s+4s and 2s+3s)
9-16 1s+4s also 2s+3s dance diagonal reels of 4. Men end BtoB in centre of diagonal lines again
17-24 Chorus:
 All set to partners Highland Schottische and turn 2H twice to original places

Part B
25-32 1s lead out between 4s while 3s lead out between 2s, divide and cast to 1s facing 3s and all set Highland Schottische
33-40 1s+3s (centre couples) turn person opposite 2H twice, Men lead partners out through side couples back to places
41-56 2s and 4s repeat bars 25-40
57-64 Chorus

Part C
65-80 1s dance to 4s and circle 4H round to left, pick up 3s and circle 6H round, pick up 2s and circle 8H round to end back in places
81-88 1s+4s also 2s+3s dance RH across and LH back
89-96 1s+4s also 2s+3s dance Ladies' Chain
97-104 Chorus

Part D
105-112 All Ladies advance and retire (2 steps each) while Men stand (2 bars) then dance into middle to face partner; all set and turn partners back to places
113-120 All dance Grand Chain
121-128 Chorus

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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The Braes Of Balquhidder (MacNab) - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

Also see the dance The Braes Of Balquhidder (18C Dances) by Anon.

The title of this dance, The Braes Of Balquhither, (pronounced "balwhidder", with the 'wh' being pronounced as in 'what') comes from The Braes Of Balquhither - Song a folk song by Scottish poet Robert Tannahill, a contemporary of Robert Burns, Set to the air "Bochuiddar".

Let us go, lassie, go
To the braes o' Balquhither,
Where the blae-berries grow
'Mang the bonnie Highland heather;

Braes are what the Scottish call the sloping banks of a river-valley, slope or hillside.

Balquhidder is a small village at the head of Loch Voil in Stirling, Scotland, about 50 miles (80 Km) north of Glasgow.

The churchyard at Balquhidder is Rob Roy's final resting place and the seat of the clan MacLaren is the old parish of Balquidder.

The Braes Of Balquhidder Song - Information Video

Balquhidder - Information Video

Braes Of Balquhidder
Braes Of Balquhidder Looking Down Onto Loch Voil

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