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The Cadies Lady

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THE CADIES LADY (R8x40) 3C (4C set) Alexander Bowman RSCDS Book 30

1- 8 1s set, 1M followed by partner casts and crosses to 2nd place opposite side, 2s+1s set. 2(1)3
9-16 1s set, 1L followed by partner casts and crosses to 3rd place own side, 3s+1s set. 231
17-24 1s dance up to top and cast, dance down between 3s and cast up to face 1st corners
25-32 1s set to 1st corners and turn 2H, set to 2nd corners and turn 2H
33-40 1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides (1s giving LSh to 1st corner to start) and cross back to own side 2nd place

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Dance Information

The Cadies Lady is the name given to a Scottish dance tune.

The name 'Cadies' was taken from the 18th-century Edinburgh 'Caddies'.

A caddie, also spelt "cadie", was an urban occupation in 18th century Scotland, best described, albeit inadequately, as a "messenger-boy". It is neither clear exactly when it originated, nor when it ceased to exist. Although the Scottish National Dictionary states its occurrence "in Edinburgh and other large towns", printed sources refer specifically to Edinburgh.

The name appears to have been a borrowing of the military term 'cadet', though pronounced as the original French word cadet. While the historical record provides no explanation for the choice of that particular term, it may be that a caddie's relationship to his employer was seen as resembling that of a military cadet attached to an officer, whose commands he was expected to obey.

"Heart Of Midlothian" W and A K Johnston, Lithograph, c. 1852
A 'Cadie' (All-Purpose Hireling), Employed As A 'Waterman', With A Water-Barrel On His Back Stands Beside The Water Pump To The Lower Right Of The Picture

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