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Celtic Capers A 32 bar Reel for 2 couples in a 4 couple set.

1 - 4 First couple set, first lady cross down to second man's place while first man cross over to first lady's place. Second man step up on bars 3-4.
5 - 8 First lady turns second man ¾ with the right hand while first man turns second lady ¾ with the right hand. First couple finish back-to back in the middle, first man facing second lady and first lady facing second man. First and second couples set. First and second couples are aligned between first and second places
9 - 24 First couple and second couples dance 16 bars of the Celtic Reel. To start, first and second couples pass right shoulder to change places, first couple dance a quarter round clockwise while second couple turn left hand ¾ to face first couple. The first and second couples repeat by passing right shoulders, first couple dance a quarter round clockwise while second turn left hand ¾ to face first couple. Repeat another 8 bars to finish, second couple dancing into first place, first couple to face up in the centre in second place, opposite sides.
25 - 28 First lady turn second man left hand while first man turn second lady right hand, first couple finish in second place on opposite sides.
29 - 32 First couple dance a half figure of eight up through second couple.
Repeat having passed a couple.

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Brian Charlton, October 2001)

Dance Information

The dance arose from a discussion at the Sydney Branch Advanced Class, when we had danced The Celtic Reel by Barry Skelton.

Dance Information by the deviser, Brian Charlton.

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