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Clapping With The Neighbours R3x32 Anne Dejean
32-bar reel for three persons in a line across
1st person stands behind 1st woman's usual place facing in, 3rd person behind 1st man's usual place facing in, and 2nd person in the middle of the line facing 1s person

1 - 8 1st and 2nd persons, giving right hands, turn once round, then 2nd and 3rd persons, giving left hands, turn once round.
9 - 12 1st and 2nd persons set to each other while 3rd person claps the three beats of the two pas de basque, then 2nd person dances two turning pas de basque to the right (as in double triangles) to face 3rd person while 1st and 3rd persons clap.
13 - 16 Repeat bars 9 - 12, 2nd person finishes facing up.
17 - 24 1st and 3rd persons advance and retire while 2nd person retires (downwards) and advances (back to the middle of the line) ; repeat, but 2nd person doesn't dance back to the middle after retiring and stands still for 2 bars.
25 - 32 All dance one step in, then pulling back right shoulder, cast out, chase clockwise once round and then on to the next place, finishing in a line in the order 312, 1st person facing 3rd person.

Repeat from these new places.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser Anne Dejean)

Dance Notes

For the clapping phrase (9-16), I also like the following pattern:
1st and 3rd persons set to each other while 2nd person, facing up, claps, then 2nd person dances two turning pas de basque to the right and finishes facing down while 1st and 3rd persons clap ; repeat with 2nd person finishing facing up.
This pattern allows 2nd person to clap as well.

(Dance notes by the deviser, Anne Dejean)

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Dance Information

This dance, Clapping With The Neighbours, was devised in April 2020.

In France, like in many other countries, we all clap for hospital staff and other carers at a fixed time (daily 8 pm in France).

Dance information from The Stay At Home Book, published 2020, reproduced here with the kind permission of the deviser, Anne Dejean.

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