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Cockledum Ditt The Feet

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Cockledum Ditt the Feet
Maggie and Duncan Keppie   Haliburton School Of Arts SCD Book 6:
4x64 bar Jig
4-couple longways dance Tandem Reels of 3 2nd and 4th couples start on opposite side

  1-8   CENTRES WHEEL: 2nd and 3rd couples dance right hands across, then left hands across (end facing out the sides);

  9-16 TANDEM REELS OF 3: left shoulder tandem reel of 3 on the side starting with 3rd man followed by 2nd woman, 2nd man followed by 3rd woman (change the lead at the ends of each reel), finish the reels in promenade hold (3rd man-2nd woman, 2nd man-3rd woman);

17-24 PROMENADE REELS OF 3 SWITCHING PARTNERS: 3rd man with 2nd woman, 2nd man with 3rd woman dance left shoulder promenade reels of 3 on the side, on bar 20 as the promenaders dance towards each other they switch partners to complete the reels of 3 on the side (men on same side, women switch sides): end with 2nd couple between 4th couple at the bottom facing up, and 3rd couple between 1st couple facing down, nearer hands joined in lines across set;

25-32 SET, PASS THRO' AND ½ CHASE: all set, pass through the opposite line passing by the right shoulder, and chase halfway clockwise around the dance to flow into:

33-40 CIRCLE AND BACK: all dance 8 hands round and back ending in square nearer Hands joined (3rd couple at the top, 2nd couple at the bottom, 1st man with 4th woman, 1st woman with 4th man);

41-48 ADVANCE, RETIRE, WOMEN ROUND MEN: all advance straight towards the centre (2 bars), switch hands to neighbour and retire on the diagonal (2 bars), women dance clockwise around the neighbouring man (4 bars);

49-56 ADVANCE, RETIRE, WOMEN ROUND MEN: all advance diagonally towards the centre (2 bars), switch hands to neighbour and retire straight back (2 bars), men dance clockwise around the neighbouring woman (4 bars);

57-64 HEAD COUPLES SET, PASS THRO' AND CAST BACK: head couples (3rd and 2nd couples) set, then pass through (3rd couple going through an arch made by 2nd couple), divide and cast back to end places in lines of the sides of the dance, and all set (ending order 3-1-4-2 with those in 2nd and 4th places on opposite sides).

Repeat 3 more times.

(Dance crib compiled by the devisers, Maggie and Duncan Keppie)

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