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The Dance Of The Red Moon

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The Dance Of The Red Moon
A 4 x 32 bar reel for four couples in a longwise set. Cassie Swann.

1 - 8 The first and second couples, and at the same time third and fourth couples, dance a wheel round with the right hand and back with the left.
9-16 The first couple, and at the same time third couple, cross right hand and cast off one place, twos and fours move up on bars three and four of the phrase.
The first and third couples dance a half figure of eight up round the second and fourth couples respectively, to finish in second and fourth places respectively.
17-24 The second and first couples, and at the same time fourth and third couples, circle round and back.
25-32 The first couple set and cast off to fourth place and then turn with the right hand for four steps to finish in fourth place on their own side,
the third couple set and lead up to second place and then turn with the right hand for four steps.

Repeat with a new couple in top place.

(Dance crib compiled by Ruary Laidlaw, 2000)

Dance Information

Cassie was a keen member of the Lochiel Club for a number of years. She, like thousands of other Kiwis, fell in love with the Italian America's Cup team when it was here to contest the Kiwi yacht "Black Magic" for "The Auld Mug" in the year 2000.

Their yacht was called "Luna Rosa" or "The Red Moon", so Cassie wrote this dance to commemorate their bold, but unsuccessful, attempt to take the cup to Italy and the Mediterranean.

She was lucky enough, or cheeky enough, when she visited the cup village to get invited aboard the Kiwi yacht to meet Russell Couts the captain and Sir Peter Blake, the New Zealand syndicate leader, and came away with a number of items that she claims stoutly that she was "given".

(Dance information by Ruary Laidlaw, 2000)

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, originally named Prada Challenge, then Luna Rossa Challenge, is an Italian sailboat racing syndicate first created to compete for the 2000 America's Cup. It won the Louis Vuitton Cup on their first attempt in 2000, but then lost the America's Cup match against the defending champion team, Team New Zealand.

In 2000, skippered by Francesco de Angelis and competing as Prada Challenge, the team won the Louis Vuitton Cup, prevailing 5–4 against AmericaOne. The team earned the right to challenge for the 2000 America's Cup, losing 5–0 to defending Cup champion Team New Zealand, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Luna Rosa
Luna Rosa Challenge - The Red Moon, 2013

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