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Dance With Me?

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DANCE WITH ME? (J4x32) 4C set M and D Keppie Dozen Dances

1- 8 All Ladies Adv&Ret, all Men repeat
9-16 1s+2s dance RH across and LH back
17-20 All set twice, 1s cast to the bottom as others step up
25-32 1s dance Fig of 8 around couple above them

(MINICRIB, Dance Crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Dance With Me?
Maggie and Duncan Keppie   Gaelic College SCD Book 6: A Dozen Dances
3x32 4x32 5x32 bar Jig
3/4/5-couple dance in 3/4/5-couple longways set

  1-4   ALL WOMEN ADVANCE AND RETIRE: nearer hands joined;

  5-8   ALL MEN ADVANCE AND RETIRE: nearer hands joined;

  9-16 WHEELS: 1st and 2nd couple dance right hands across and back with left hands across;

17-20 ALL SET TWICE: nearer hands joined;

21-24 CAST TO BOTTOM: 1st couple cast off to bottom as others step up on bars 21-22;

25-32 FIGURE OF 8: 1st couple dances a figure of 8 around the couple above them.


(Dance Crib compiled by the devisers, Maggie and Duncan Keppie)

Dance With Me? Painting Image
Dance With Me?
"Dorothea and Francesca" Cecilia Beaux (1855-1942), Oil On Canvas, 1898

Published in
Image Copyright Cecilia Beaux [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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