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Diamonds Are Forever Dancing 32 Bar Strathspey For 3 Couples In A 3-Couple Set Bruce Herbold

1 - 8 1st and 2nd couples dance the Knot. First couple end facing first corners.
9 - 12 1st couple dance Back to Back with first corners. At the end of bar 11, 1st couple pull right shoulder back to face each other and pass partner's right shoulder
13 - 16 1st couple repeat 9 - 12 with second corners, finish passing partner by right shoulder and facing each other to flow into...
17 - 24 1st couple turn with both hands, then dance up and cast off two places on own sides. 3rd couple step up on bars 23 and 24.
25 - 32 1st and 3rd couples dance Poussette.

Repeat with new top couple

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser Bruce Herbold, 2017 - copyright 2017 by Bruce Herbold. All rights reserved)

Here is the original crib for Diamonds Are Forever Dancing by Bruce Herbold, published in Dance Collections created by members of the San Francisco Branch, also available as a .pdf Diamonds Are Forever Dancing (Portable Document Format).

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Diamonds Are Forever Dancing - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

Diamonds Are Forever Dancing celebrates The 60th Wedding Anniversary Of Janet And Roy Hayter, Founding Members Of The San Francisco Branch Of The RSCDS.

Roy and Janet are well-beloved members of the community. I first met Janet at teacher training in St. Catherine's Ontario in 1986; she and Roy have brightened my dancing life ever since. This dance was written at the request of their children and presented at the April 2017 Scottish Country Dance party in Mountain View.

The dance begins with a knot to commemorate the start of their marriage and continues with diamond imagery to celebrate the 60 years since the knot was tied. The poussette at the end is the most romantic figure in Scottish Country Dance.

Recommended Music: Forever Yours And Love Always by Patti Cobb.

Janet And Roy Hayter
Janet And Roy Hayter

Dance information by Bruce Herbold, 2017 - copyright 2017 by Bruce Herbold. All rights reserved.

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