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DOMINO FIVE (R5x32) 5 person Sq.Set Derek Haynes Carnforth Collection 4
5 person Sq.Set with 5th person in centre facing top looking out between 1 and 4
Start position:
2       3
1       4

1- 8 5+1+2 dance RH across, 5+3+4 dance LH across
9-16 5+1+3 dance RSh reel of 3 on diagonal (5 and 1 pass RSh to start)
17-24 5+4+2 dance LSh reel of 3 on other diagonal (5 and 4 pass LSh to start)
25-32 5 changes place with 1 (pass RSh), 1 change place with 4, 4 change place with 3, 3 change place with 2 and 2 becomes new 5 (similar to Fisherman's Reel)

(MINICRIB, Dance Crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Domino Five
Derek Haynes   Carnforth Collection 4
Reel   5 x 32 bars   5 Single  Repeat   5 Single  Set   Square Set - 5 inside
The dancers are individuals, not couples, 1D2D3D4D forming a square set with 1D at the top and 5D in the centre facing up.

  1-4   5D1D2D right hands across;

  5-8   5D3D4D left hands across;

  9-16 1D5D3D reel of three up and down on the centre line, 5D giving right shoulder to 1D to start;

17-24 4D5D2D reel of three across, 5D giving left shoulder to 4D to start;

25-26 5D1D pass by the right to exchange places;

27-28 1D4D pass by the right to exchange places;

29-30 4D3D pass by the right to exchange places;

31-32 3D2D pass by the right to exchange places, finishing 5D3D4D1D2D.

(MAXICRIB, Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

Although the deviser chose the set format as shown in the MiniCrib, above, the inexperienced dancer will find the alternative layout (rotated 45°, anticlockwise) as defined in the MaxiCrib more intuitive; this is logically consistent with the 5-couple square set and, with only one dancer at the top of the set, it is unambiguously clear that s/he is the 1st dancer.

  1-     5D move right hand diagonally forwards to start.

25-32 Scottish Country Dancers will recognize this figure from Fisherman's Reel. Inexperienced dancers may find it helpful to take hands by the right briefly while exchanging places, thus guiding the dancer approaching the centre to his/her right for the next exchange.

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Domino Five - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video
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