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Don't Worry Medley (S3x32 + J3x32) 6C, Manon Algoud and Lise Marchand, Méaudre Reel 2021
2 chords: 2nd chord 4s+5s+6s cross to opposite sides.

1-8 1s+2s, also 3s+4s and 5s+6s, dance the Espagnole. Dancers on the ladies' side start by giving right hands, dancing towards the men's side passing between their partners, while dancers on the men's side start by dancing across to the ladies' side, passing on the outside of their partners. Finish in the order 21(4)3(6)(5).
9-12 All dance set and link for 2 couples: 2s+1s, also 4s+3s and 6s+5s
13-16 1s+2s, also 5s+6s, dance RH across while 3s dance a RH turn and set while 4s cross over giving RH and set. Finish in the order 1234(5)(6)
17-24 1s set twice, cross between 2s and cast to the bottom of the set. The other couples, giving hands, step up on bars 23-24. Finish in the order 234(5)(6)(1)
25-32 2s+3s+4s, also 5s+6s+1s, dance Inveran Reels, with 2s and 5s crossing down to start.

Dance 3 times as a strathspey, then 3 times as a jig.

(Dance crib compiled by the devisers, Manon Algoud and Lise Marchand)

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Dance Information

As no dancing was allowed in France because of the pandemic, the Méaudre Reel (France) decided to organise a weekly SCD creation workshop to keep its teenagers active. This workshop lasted for 3 months, from February to April 2021.

The teenagers were impressive with their creations, so eager to be dancing again. We thus decided to gather all the Méaudre Reel dances and have a book printed: Dancing In Vercors Book 1.

This medley was created by one of the teenagers' teams during their weekly SCD creation workshop.

Lise and Manon were thinking with nostalgia, back to the time when they danced one of their favourite dances, Iona Cross, a dance for 6 couples. Then they thought it would be a good challenge for them to create a 6-couple dance: no need to worry, a 6-couple dance but not a difficult one, we promise... so Don't Worry!

The suggested tune for the strathspey in this medley, Don't Worry, is Hopes And Dreams - Strathspey By Roddy Johnston - Music Full Size

The suggested tune for the jig in this medley, Don't Worry, is A Wee Jig - Jig By Roddy Johnston - Music Full Size

(Dance information by Sophie Marchand)

Here is the original crib for Don't Worry, published in Méaudre Reel 2021, also available as a .pdf Don't Worry (Portable Document Format).

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