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Dumfries Welcomes Ribble Valley

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Dumfries Welcomes Ribble Valley (J4x40) 4C square set Sue Petyt

1-8 First and third couples, nearer hands joined advance for two steps, set, retire for two steps and set
9-12 Face corners. First man and second lady turn left hand, first lady and fourth man turn right hand, third lady and second man turn right hand, third man and fourth lady turn left hand. (Hint: first and third couples are dancing in to start the turns)
13-16 First and third couples dance half rights and lefts, omit the polite turn and face corners
17-20 All set and change places right hand (first lady with second man, first man with fourth lady, third lady with fourth man, third man with second lady)
21-24 All set and change places left hand (first lady with third man, first man with third lady, second lady with fourth man, second man with fourth lady)
25-28 Second and fourth ladies dance half a ladies' chain (up and down the set)
29-32 First and third men dance half a men's chain (across the set)
33-40 All four couples circle round and back

Repeat from new positions

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Sue Petyt, 2011)

Dance Information

Written to welcome members of the Ribble Valley Branch of the RSCDS on their visit to Dumfries in April 2012.

Dance information by the deviser, Sue Petyt.

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